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Baby Squid in the Squidoo Mansion

Updated on March 28, 2015

Lonely Baby Squid in the Squidoo Mansion

I was just walking my dog the other day and saw this huge and magnificent mansion in the neighborhood with a welcome golden sign and as kids love discovering, I decided to venture inside and find out what goes on there. Just like I expected, everyone was busy doing their chores uninterrupted; squids making lenses! It is unbelievable how a baby squid in the Squidoo mansion can become confused and at the same time happy!

Squidoo Family

Just like in any other family, babies are always welcome and taken care by other members from feeding, bathing and being taught the basics of being part of the family. As they grow so are their responsibilities. Squidoo is no different from other natural families and the first thing that you learn is how to move around the vast mansion and what to do just in case you land into problems whether technical or otherwise and they tell you to do this through feedback or just reporting a bug! Making Squidoo lens can not be this easy I thought.

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Squidoo family Members

Squidoo family members do not leave you to just roam the Squidoo mansion but give you guidelines under TOS and emphasize that you do not need to be like any other Squidoo member but give you the room to grow and surpass other member's contribution through the culture of originality. It even gets better when it comes to learning the basics and putting them down to writing, they let you choose what you want to write about and in fact they let you do what you love most. People here have the quest to excel and day by day, you learn more and more to become a better lensmaster.

Working in the Squidoo team

I also came to learn that people working in the Squidoo team mansion get paid to do what they love most and some contribute their earnings to charity! Once you are in the family, by default you automatically become a lensmaster, of course after being vetted and declaring your identity. The wonderful Squidoo family does have relatives who also help you to make more money and these include and not limited to Amazon and eBay. Once you are in you earn commissions and loyalties and the limit is usually your ability to work. Just learning how to earn on Squidoo and perhaps become a giant squid.

Are you a lonely Squid?

Are you a lonely Squid?
Are you a lonely Squid?

Squidoo: write for fun

Squidoo is fun from day one as activities are unlimited and once you create the first lens, you get awarded with trophies, participate in quests and much more. As I grow to a teen squid am sure there will be more in store for me and I will keep updating you on my work in progress but am still a Baby Squid in the Squidoo Mansion and am enjoying every bit of it.

Duel Debate

What makes you tick in Squidoo?


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