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Review of Being Paid on HubPages Without Ad Program For One Year

Updated on June 5, 2016

HubPages is a quality place to write articles about basically whatever you'd like. The first hub I wrote here was in December of 2013, and now I have 41 hubs in all. The last hub I've written was September 2015, so about 9 months ago. I thought dropping by would be a good idea.

This article will be interesting to those who've thought about or tried getting paid directly through Adsense, instead of by HubPages' Ad Program. I've been doing this now since May 1, 2015, which is about 13 months now. I wanted to share with you the results of doing this and why I did it.

Why I Switched Over

I have received one $50 payout from HubPages in my writing career here, even if it took me a year and a half. At the peak of my prowess here money wise, I was making around $5/month. When I drifted off and started working on my 5 Blogger blogs more, my earnings went to about $1.50/month.

What happened in my case, was my biggest Adsense earner took a dive and was wiped off the Internet: Webanswers. I was making around $30-50/month from this site alone. Without that money coming in, my Adsense was only being contributed to with my blogs and YouTube, which amounted to pennies each day. I thought it would be better to combine my pennies from HubPages to Adsense directly, so I could get to the $100 payout before I retire.

Also, the thought of waiting til my $50 payout here at HubPages was a bit arduous as well. Making $1.50/month meant it would take me years to get there. Although, remember these pennies come without even writing or working the site. If a writer finds the time to work this site and has some crafty marketing ideas, this $1.50 could easily be more like $30/month or more.

So, the reason why I switched off the Ad Program and wanted to get paid directly to Adsense, was to combine my efforts with my blogs and YouTube. This way I could get to my $100 payment quicker, and I was interested to see the results. This was also caused by my decision to work more on my blogs than on HubPages.

The Results

Looking at Adsense for the numbers of visits and money made, these are the figures:

  • 1,455 views, 112 views/month
  • $6.67, .51 cents/month
  • .0046/ view
  • $4.58/ RPM

Now, if I would have stayed on the Ad Program, I would have made an estimated $16 in this time period. Although the per view amount is about the same, the views are nearly double at HubPages.

How Do You Get Paid at HubPages?

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Although the results indicate HubPages Ad Program is better money wise, the switch has added at least nearly $7 to my efforts of reaching an Adsense payout eventually. If I did stay with the Ad Program, I'd have $16 now and still be $34 short of a payout. So, for this reason the switch has worked for me and I'll continue to do it this way.

One other factor in the results is the fact I haven't written a real article here at HubPages since October, 2014. The four articles I wrote during this test period of 13 months, were simply experimental hubs. These were basically a featured poll/discussion with a summary question. These didn't perform very well, because really there's no substitute for quality substance at HubPages.

What I'm saying is whether we chose to use the Ad Program or not, the amount we earn mostly has to do with our efforts here. It's been difficult for me to find the time to write in my blogs and here, so I've neglected HubPages, but if we can find the subject matter and time to write here, the results are generally pleasing money wise.

That's not to say we're going to make enough to work full-time, but if we work this site well enough we could make a good $5-$10/article over time on average. These are at least my conclusions, hope they brought you some insight into writing here at wonderful HubPages.


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 21 months ago from Oklahoma

      Interesting analysis.