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Can someone tell me how to blog your way to bank?

Updated on February 8, 2012

If you have had a chance to step out of New Delhi railway station, the chances are you were mobbed by touts pulling you away in different directions claiming to land you in the best and cheapest hotel. You were left utterly confused and the one with the dominating vocal chord, presence, and even charm pulled you away in his direction. I see the same scenario as a novice blogger on the internet.I have been trying to get information on how to blog successfully and there are tons of information cajoling and tempting me to do what they have to offer. They ask me to link to their blog, or bookmark and do everything that may help me get more information on blogging. They are actually trying to drive traffic of which I and you represent just numbers.

These guides and hubbers or content producers present the situation I described above. In the end I turn out less enlightened and more confused on the issues on blogging because I am a beginner.

I can write articles, or blogs and post them to my blogs I am registered with but that’s the easiest part of it. I need to monetize my blog and the others that guide me have the same goal.

The two basic things I have learned from these sources are (i) you must write lots and lots of content; the more you write the better and (ii) you must drive the traffic to your blog.

While I can produce content, the goal of producing enormous amounts of content that can feed the giant search engines; can address the needs of over 2 billion information seekeers on this platform can be daunting. My blogging career can be truly disastrous if I feed information without heeding to quality of content.

This is exactly what is happening. The information I garner are often contradictory and unverified. There are however, few good guides and blog writers few and far between but a majority among them leave me more confused and unenlightened than I began with.

There are more unanswered questions on blogging to me. This is a positive indication in a way. You cannot have questions unless you have interest, and you cannot have interest or motivation unless you there is a reward in blogging.

You cannot begin to think of blogigng seriously unless you are convinced of monetary gains you can make writing blogs.

However, like everything with great rewards, blogging too requires strategy, hard work, discipline, patience, and every other thing that takes to succeed.

Having said that I am in fact not qualified at this stage to say anything more as you can notice my personal blog site appears devoid of embellishment, comments, looks, and what is even more significant traffic and I have no clues to checking how much traffic am I getting on my blog I also need to learn how do I create links to words so that I don’t have to copy and paste the URL. Can somebody teach me? I guess I need to learn web designing or at least be familiar with text codes.

For now, I am learning everything about blogging through articles and blogs on internet. I wish someone taught that to me through structured lessons.


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    • A_K profile image

      Ajit Kumar Jha 8 years ago from Delhi

      I found out yesterday that you can track visitors to your blog with google analytics. If you have an adsense account you can integrate analytics with adsense.