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can you make a living out of Hubpages

Updated on April 21, 2012


Can you make a living out of writing articles in different sites like hubpages?. This is a first question that comes to the mind of everybody when somebody thinks about making some money from internet. The answer is yes, but the problem is that you have wait for some time.
From the first day itself you cannot make a living out of it. It will take a minimum of one year to earn something considerable by writing articles unless you have some exceptional ideas.

Consider the case of using hubpages to make al living. Adsense is themain way to earn considerabe money for a fresh starter. But in adsense terms and conditions it is said that your blog or website needs a minimum of 6 months age to get an adsense account. Also your site
needs to have some considerable traffic(number of visitors) also to get adsense. To get traffic
In your site the best way is to have good quality content that no none else have. For that you need to write about new and unique things. Other one thing that you can do to get traffic is to do online promotion through internet resources like digg, facebook etc. Also you can do some offline promotion like saying to your friends. But if you check the statistics of any of the hubpage user the main source of traffic will be hubpages only. So the first thing to do is to attract the  maximum amount of traffic from the hubpages itself.

Tips for using hubpages

The main advantage of hubpages is that the only thing that you need to do is to write good quality hubs. You may think that for getting good traffic you need to do additional things like search engine optimisation. you can do optimization activities inside hubpages also. If you are using hubpages currently you can see that your main source of traffic is other users and visitors that coming through hubpages only. So in order to get more traffic the first way you have to look for is hubpages only. To improve the traffic that you are getting through hubpages there are two things that you can do.

1. Write contents that a user of hubpages want to read
2. Try to get high hub score. The higher your hub score higher will be your visibility in hubpages. This is true even in case of the hubs that you are creating. Suppose one of your hub has higher hub score compared to other hubs on same topic. So as a result when that topic is searched in hubpages your hub will be the first one,resulting in increased traffic to your hub giving more income

Now let us discuss how to get a higher hub score. Hub score is a direct indication of how active you are in hubpages. All activities like publishing more hubs, actively participating in discussions by asking questions and answering existing questions, reading hubs of others (but never make it unrelated to the topic), following good hubbers(never follow too much this will affect hub score negatively). By carefully doing all these you can attract more traffic to your hub.
In this way after making your presence in hubpages making strong you can apply for adsense. Also you can try other earning resources in the earning tab of your account page like contera, amazon, ebay etc


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    • charmingfox profile image

      Henrico Botha 5 years ago from South Africa

      Thanks, I will take your advice :)