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ChemKnits' RocketMoms Spring Session 2011

Updated on November 29, 2012

I am a RocketMom!

I was invited into the RocketMoms soon after joining Squidoo (November 2010), but I didn't get involved until the Spring 2011 Session. I enjoy the challenge of writing a lens on a particular topic. I've found that it helps me grow as a writer, because I am able to find a personal spin to almost any topic.

Now I've had a semester of Graduations (my official PhD graduation is May 26), and this lens is the last thing I need to complete my first RocketMom session!

Tell me what you think!

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    • profile image

      GiftsBonanza 6 years ago

      Congrats on completing your first session :)

    • MelRootsNWrites profile image

      Melody Lassalle 6 years ago from California

      Congratulations on the Spring session! I enjoyed your top 10 lenses very much. Might have to try some ideas out.

    • Vikk Simmons profile image

      'Vikk Simmons 6 years ago from Houston

      Congratulations on both fronts. You've done a stellar job. Enjoyed reading your other lenses, too.