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Christian Origins and Ancient Myths

Updated on December 14, 2014

Putting the Pieces Together

When telling a story as detailed as the origin and progress of religious behavior the lenses constructed for this purpose are like chapters in a book. So they deserve to be listed as in a volume where one can go from section to section to follow the story. That's what this lensography hopes to achieve.

It starts from the basics and works through the progress of such activity until it arrives at the final piece, which may not have been written yet and which can always be added later. If you have a curious mind and wonder what religion is all about and how God fits into it, if at all, then start at the first and work your way through them.

You won't be disappointed as every section is packed by research of over 20 years, and irrefutable evidence in archaeology, anthropology, linguistics, public and private records, letters and diaries, as well as scholarly works.

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Why do people believe what they do?

This debate opened with a Monkey Brain lens which may not be too well received. People don't like to be told that they are liars or that those they trust are misleading them. That's what this lens does. It asks the difficult question Why do people tell lies?. But the even more difficult question is why do people believe lies

If they believe strongly enough they are capable of becoming suicide bombers or antagonists who set themselves up as authorities of an organisation that will discriminate, abuse, persecute and terrorise. Mass murder of thousands at a time have been credited to religious establishments who used fire as its chief weapon against non believers. So why do people accept this and wash the past away through more lies?

We learn from history that those who murder the most are the big heroes. They are titled 'Great' and if Hitler had won WWII he would now be titled Hitler the Great. That's how human behavior works and why these lenses are important.

The policies used by religion to ensure that children are reared in the faith of their parents and are sent to religious schools,where dogma is reinforced and the teachings and religious classed leave children with little option but to go along with it. Of course we all know that what is put in by the age of 7 is hard to remove. Get children young enough and you usually have them, at least in part, for life.

Religious groups use this strategy as an investment in the future of their organisations.

The story progresses through a series of lenses where each point raised is examined in detail based on substantial evidence. It is hoped that readers will follow through from lens to lens to receive the entire picture of how religious lies and a giant conspiracy is currently affecting the world.

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Then Comes the Big Ones

Out with the big guns

Having now made readers aware that there is something fundamentally wrong with religion the debate widens with mistakes in the Old Testament and into the identity of the one who set it up. But he used the principles and policies of one who had gone before. While he is called 666 in Revelation he is also described as the Second Beast. The horror inflicted byt eh first had been healed.

So did God bring this about? Of course! It was meant to be as part of the Grand Plan designed to bring forth the Spiritual people of God. They were expected to be tested in the face of the lies. They know in their inner being what is right and what is wrong and they can escape the prisons of religions.

The Research

The reason for it

With full memory of my reincarnation I am a spiritual person to whom the commission was given to undo the lies of religion. That led to the following list of lenses on spirituality and how it works within to bring things about.

Not many will understand this because not everyone is spiritual, in fact very few percentage wise, probably no more than 10%, are of the Spirit. That means they have no connection with reality and seek to find ways that they can be seen to be of God and yet they destroy everything that is of the Spirit. The conflict is quite severe and can lead to death, as has been the case in the past.

If you are spiritual you protect your body, you don't damage it with tattoos, shafts, rings, pins or anything else. You are content within so you don't seek drugs and rushes of adrenalin to substitute for it. You are never bored or lonely because you are fulfilled within and know what is expected of you. In other words you are peaceful, content, loving, giving and an example to others to follow. On the other hand people may despise you for the confidence you exude. They will hate you for being 'different'. They will attack you through jealousy. And they will ridicule you to make themselves look good.

Since 1984 when first called by God the research has gone on. Over and over things were tried and tested, research and visions proved the prophecies and now the work is done, except to get the knowledge out there. This is happening piece by piece, here a little, there a little

Nearing the End

The Spirit warned that a noise will come to the end of the earth and that all who are wicked will be given to the sword. The sword is here in the form of global warming, climate change, terrorism, drugs, alcohol, greed, and soon to be extreme hunger and unbearable temperatures. The earth will wither and most species will disappear, including man. It is inevitable,

The will to change behavior is not there because the need to earn money, man's invention to replace God, is all paramount. No one wants to alter their life style, to give up their cars, to return to nature to depend on it for food, etc.. So God is wielding the big stick and we are in for what is coming.

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    • sierradawn lm profile image

      sierradawn lm 4 years ago

      OK. You have captured my attention. So I am off to read your chapters.

    • GetFactsnotHype profile image

      GetFactsnotHype 6 years ago

      Added this lensography also to one of my pages. I may end up swapping it out later after looking over more of your work.

      This is the 3rd page of yours I added to my Missing Document Q page in the related lenses section using the discovery toolbar. It's for my 6th installment on Christian Myths.

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      I have visited a lot if lensographies, but this one is unique in its own right. I'm going to add it to Choose It Spirituality. This will give my lens a real nice update. Nice resource of information and inspiration Norma.


    • mysticmama lm profile image

      Bambi Watson 8 years ago

      Well done!