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Computer Problems - A Day In My Life

Updated on April 14, 2018
Gloriousconfusion profile image

I love to share the experience I have gained over three quarters of a century, be it useful tips, love, jokes or technology.

Fixing my Norton Symantec antivirus security programme

This is about a tedious day spending hours fixing my antivirus security programme instead of getting on with adding to my website


Yesterday morning I was having a bit of trouble with my Symantec Norton 360 Version 2.0. security system on my pc. It was showing a message saying Symantec Service Framework has encountered a problem and needs to close, and whatever I was doing on the computer, the message kept on flashing up on my screen and wouldn’t be silenced. 

 I found that the Forum and online advice was free but that if I wanted support by phone, it would cost me, so I decided to go it alone. I discovered a string of about 200 comments (honestly, I’m not exaggerating) about this exact problem on the Forum, many by the same person, who had clearly tried everything from FAQs to detailed assistance by other Forum users and technical support over the phone.  I had a sinking feeling that all was not well in the state of Denmark, and that if this poor man had had such trouble, what hope was there for me, a non-techie?


Looking for Free Technical Advice

I spent ages trying to find free technical advice


So at lunch time I emailed Technical Support and received an immediate acknowledgment that they would reply fully within 48 hours.

To Uninstall or Not to Uninstall my Norton Firewall Programme

Well, who wants to wait 48 hours when you're in the middle of doing something? So, being impatient, I decided to fiddle.

According to the Norton Forum thread, it didn't sound as though it was worth spending time trying to fix the Norton problem, because nothing seemed to work. I pondered over whether I should uninstall and then re-install the programme. It felt like taking an awful risk leaving my computer exposed to the elements if it didn't go well. But I reasoned that I could always download a free firewall like AVG or Firefox to tide me over, and I found a Norton webpage which reassured me that if I uninstalled I would not lose my year's membership licence which still had six months to run.

Tea-Time: Back to the Job in Hand – the Back-up

Disaster Threatens When Even the Backup is Playing Up:

I abandoned the cassettes to insert a disc in the computer. I was a bit disconcerted that the disc tray had not opened automatically when I ran the back-up programme, but shrugged it off as a random quirk.

After another hour of fiddling about and getting the same failure warning flashing up on the screen , closing the sign, and getting it replicating several more times, and having the whole back up programme freezing on me, I took out the DVD, closed down the computer and started it up and ran the back-up again and after a suspenseful hour got a message that it was only partially completed, because I had left my Outlook programme switched on.

I didn't know how to do an incremental back-up, or indeed whether it was even possible to do this on a used DVD, so I ran the whole thing again, and this time everything ran smoothly.

tapes and cat
tapes and cat

Afternoon Diversion

A jolly afternoon sorting out ancient cassette tapes

Afternoon Diversion:

I ran a backup on to a DVD and that took me several hours, because I couldn't find the DVD's and after looking in various biscuit tins and boxes I discovered lots of my old cassette tapes, and many of my partner's too, and lots of empty plastic cases; so almost seamlessly I found myself matching tapes to boxes, and sorting them alphabetically as they had lain all jumbled together for years and I could never find anything - indeed I had acquired so many from other people that I didn't even remember what I had.

By the time I had organized them, which included reviving many memories (not all of them romantic) and my room in chaos for a couple of hours, a vision of the location of the pack of blank DVD's suddenly flitted through my mind.

Evening - Uninstall Norton

Then, quaking in my virtual boots, I uninstalled Norton, my friend of three years' standing,

I reloaded it, restarted the computer and waited to see whether it had interfered with any of my settings. Remarkable - even Identity Safe was unscathed. BUT - the original warning message still kept flashing. I couldn't believe my eyes. By this time it was about 10.00 pm. I closed the warning messages two or three times and then, wonder of wonders, everything seemed to be in working order.

metal bead earrings
metal bead earrings

Night-Time: Return to Work on building my Earrings Web Pages

- Carrying on Where I had Left Off:

I returned to amending my various Earrings web pages Glorious Confusion - Earrings on Etsy to tally with what I had actually got - I didn't want to offer my wonderful hand-crafted earrings for sale if they were no longer available. That sort of went all right. I have been carrying the earrings round quite a bit on a big cork notice board wrapped up in red satin to trade at North London Local Exchange Trading Scheme socials and trading nights, and apart from those I have actually traded for pledges (the NLLETS local currency), I was shocked to find out how many earrings I had actually lost - they must have dropped off in the street or at the venue, leaving me with the other half. And of course, I now had to check every single earring entry on my website, Glorious Confusion - Earrings to find out what was missing. I'm a bit new to all this as I have only just started selling them, and haven't got an organized system yet. Indeed, as I am more of a hobbyist than a serious merchandiser, I may never get round to it.

computer question
computer question

Midnight - a Bonus from Norton Support:

Then, just after midnight, what do you think happened?

You'll never guess, so I'll tell you:

I received an unimaginably helpful email from Norton Support. Without any ifs or buts, they offered me a free upgrade from Norton 360.02 to Norton 360.03 which came out this March, and told me how to do it.

I must confess that once I had got over the pleasure of a productive response and the annoyance of having mucked about all day for nothing trying to fix it, my first thought was:

"why would they want to do that?"

It's not easy being a cynic

Googling comparative websites

This train of thought led me to Google various websites to compare the two programmes including the price, benefits of the upgrade, and why there might have been a problem fixing Norton 360 Version 2 for me.

During the course of my investigation, I found something much more interesting than that. And what I found is the subject of my next article, blog, lens or what-have-you.

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    • profile image

      GrammieOlivia 3 years ago

      Spent a day at work with computer issues, so I feel your pain. I fiddled and fiddled spent 30 minutes listening to crappy MUZAC wantabee, and then found out the issue was across the whole area where I work. They will fix it! Dagnabbit! After all that time I spend futtzzering about!

    • Projectlazy profile image

      Projectlazy 5 years ago

      We've all been there

    • profile image

      poutine 5 years ago

      Sounds like a day in hell.....

    • profile image

      RedSportNiac 7 years ago

      Something helpful regarding Norton. Hope it'll turn out okay for you.

    • sciencefictionn profile image

      sciencefictionn 8 years ago

      Nice lens, enjoyable to read! 5 stars.

      Good luck!

    • SoyCandleLover profile image

      BW Duerr 8 years ago from Henrietta, New York

      @SoyCandleLover: BTW- I scrapped Norton long ago. Now I use AVG and Ad-Aware. Both free. :D

    • SoyCandleLover profile image

      BW Duerr 8 years ago from Henrietta, New York

      I love it. :D You need to check out my time management lens. Just a little familiar, but off if 10 directions. 5 stars and Fav, and lensrolled.

    • profile image

      domi74 8 years ago

      Hi, very good. I enjoyed reading this very much!