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Updated on July 17, 2013

About Dinosaur Egg

DinosaurEgg is a writer and Giant Squid on Squidoo. I joined in late July 2010 and quickly got addicted. I became a Giant Squid in January 2011 when you needed 50 great lenses.

My main niche is dinosaurs. I have two sons. As of June 2011 they are aged 4.5 and nearly 3. They are dinosaur mad! They love toy dinosaurs, dinosaur clothing, dinosaur books, dinosaur facts and dinosaur TV shows. And they really love making dinosaur crafts.

My older son asks lots of great questions about dinosaurs. I often have to do some research to give him a proper answer. That research goes into making lenses to help other parents who have curious kids.

Random fact: My favorite theme is Gone Camping because it's a great dinosaur green color.

Why DinosaurEgg?

You might think that I use the name DinosaurEgg because I write about dinosaurs. That would make sense wouldn't it. But no, it's the other way around. I write about dinosaurs because my lensmaster name is DinosaurEgg. Let me explain ...

I signed up to Squidoo to write about solar power. I'm a techie and a gadget fan and we have a lot of home automation. We had just got solar panels for our roof in the UK and I wanted to write about the advantages of solar power and point to the solar power calculator website that my partner and I had built.

I needed a username and the variations on the one I usually use were taken. I looked up to and my children were playing with a dinosaur egg. A modern take on the Native American approach to naming! That morning we had bought some craft paper because it looked like dinosaur skin, I used some to create a dinosaur egg logo.

I enjoyed writing my first article and decided that Squidoo would make a good hobby. Everytime I logged in I saw that dinosaur egg and started thinking about dinosaurs and how fascinated my children are with them. And a few months later, I had an account full of dinosaurs!

I do write about other subjects too, but currently my top 10 lenses are all about dinosaurs.

I Love Gadgets!

I'm a techie by background and I love gadgets. I have a great collection of kitchen gadgets, fitness gadgets, craft gadgets, tablets and other tech.

And now my kids are getting older they're starting to use technology which is great fun. I love writing about gadgets for kids. It can be tricky for non-technical parents to work out which tech toy makes sense for their kids and enjoy analysing the tech specs and features and turning it into something that's meaningful to ordinary parents.

2013 Update

Writing on Squidoo and elsewhere online is allowing me to take a career break from my professional job - I have a computer science PhD and work in IT.

I'm loving being able to be around for my kids when they finish school and managing to attend events like sports day and special assemblies which are important to them.

I also volunteer at their school twice a week to help out with activities in the classroom. As my kids get older I'm hoping to be able to get involved helping bring technology into their school with activities like learning to code.

DinosaurEgg 2012 Update

I'm enjoying writing and marketing online so much that I'm taking a career break from my professional job. I enjoy my job but it's a bit much with two small kids and I've always fancied working for myself.

I'm enjoying writing online and it's enough to justify a career break and possibly even not returning to work.

Best Dinosaur Toys

Everyone knows a small boy or girl who loves dinosaurs. Here are some gift ideas for next time you need to buy for a dinosaur fan.

Yes, we own every single one of these dinosaur toys (and lots more besides!) If you want to see personal reviews then you'll have to check out some more of my lenses ;-)

I'd love to know you dropped by.

Say Hello - to DinosaurEgg

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    • LMWhip profile image

      LMWhip 4 years ago

      Great bio - I stumbled across you via the Oeuf crib lens - I loved the cribs AND the stylish lens! cheers

    • catherinelovestv profile image

      catherinelovestv 6 years ago

      my kids are the same age, but they are Thomas the tank engine mad! great lensography!

    • EMangl profile image

      EMangl 6 years ago

      nice to read about the background