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eBay Listing Help

Updated on September 21, 2010

eBay Listing Help/Tutorial

So when doing an eBay listing there are 4 things you need to focus on:

1) Title
2) Image
3) Price
4) Description

Listing Titles: You are given 55 characters for your listing title. You want to use each character extremely wisely. Use only the best keyword phrases for your listing title, because grammar and punctuation don't matter!

ex. Here are two actual listings I found on eBay:

They used exactly 55 characters, but who is going to search: F43596. Not that many people! What I would have done with this listing instead is this:
New Coach polka dot pleated handbag purse shoulder bag

That title only used 54 characters but it had actual keyword people use in their search. No one searches for handle or pouch etc!

b) Paolo Masi black leather mink fur handbag..beautiful... Although they use the ... and waste space this is actually a better title then the last! Handbag is actually in the title! Not only that but they tell you exactly what the item is in the title. Granted I wouldn't use the word beautiful, but it is a lot closer to a better listing title.

The results of the two listings was the first didn't sell, and the second did. You can still improve upon the second's title though!

Listing Image: Your listing needs to be clean, and clear. It needs to be easy to see what you are selling. In addition to this it needs to be different! Below are pictures of a good example and a bad example

Good Example

Bad Example

Listing Price: For the listing price just with any business you need to be competitive. If everyone is selling their item for a BIN (Buy it Now) for $50 and you are selling yours same condition for $100, yours isn't going to sell! If you check the completed listings on eBay (the items that have finished on ebay...also the best way to do research) you can see what the items are selling for and be competitive with the sale price.

Listing Description: Your description is extremely important, it is the difference between selling your item for $30 and $130.

Imagine yourself going into Sears going to buy a new appliance. You find the one that fits your budget but you want to make sure it fits your needs also. The first thing you will do is either read the tag or look for a sales clerk. If you can't find a sales clerk and the tag reads "Happy Buying" YOU WOULDN'T BUY THE ITEM! Your question went unanswered.

The description should do the following:
- Brief paragraph about the condition of the item
- List the Features and Benefits
- Tell the Measurements
- Why the customer should buy yours over another (Emotional and Logical sale)
- Tell what the Shipping, Returns, Payment Methods are
- It should also be entertaining or easy to read

You are now ready to list an item on eBay!


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