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eBay in Pakistan

Updated on April 17, 2011

eBay is an easy way to earn tons of money by displaying your items and selling them to your buyers. But it’s not that easy in Pakistan. There are millions of internet users in Pakistan, but PayPal is still not available here. There may be some discrimination factors involved behind this. PayPal can increase its revenue by providing their services to more countries like Pakistan.

Almost 95% of eBay users rely on the payments using PayPal in eBay. Unfortunately PayPal service is not available in Pakistan. Many of us has written to eBay about this problem but have got no response from eBay about PayPal. Fortunately there are some methods by which you can sell your items and earn money from eBay in Pakistan.

Buying from eBay in Pakistan:

However you can buy things in eBay from Pakistan using transaction via money bookers like Western Union and Money Gram. But most of the sellers in eBay only trust in PayPal for their transaction because it is a secure, quick and cheap method of payment provided by eBay and they will hardly accept payments using methods other than PayPal. Best method to buy things from eBay in Pakistan is that you bid in eBay for your required item, if you win the bid, contact the seller and request him to accept payment using Western Union. It is more likely that he will agree. BUT beware that seller’s previous record is excellent and check the comments and records of selling in his profile. If he is new to eBay or his record is bad, never trust on that seller. You can trust on sellers of eBay with excellent previous records.

Selling from eBay in Pakistan:

You still CANNOT sell anything in eBay from Pakistan without PayPal account and PayPal service is not available in Pakistan. For selling, you must have a PayPal account. Here are easy tips to use PayPal in Pakistan for selling purposes;

You can use third party PayPal account. If you have friends or family in any European country, China, India or in the country where PayPal is available, you can use their account for business in eBay and then your friends or family will send that money to you by bank wire transfer or by Western Union or Money Gram. Technically it is nearly impossible to use PayPal account in Pakistan.

Some people offer 3rd party PayPal accounts but there are risk factors involve and you can loss your money. 3rd party PayPal accounts in Pakistan charges very high rate too. So it is better for us to use alternatives of eBay and PayPal.


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    • profile image

      Ali Raza 3 years ago

      Can we sell on Amazon as Pakistani seller if we have an US bank account or PayPal. Please share your knowledge about it and describe the full method to create an Amazon store in Pakistan by using US bank account or PayPal.

      Your quick response would be appreciated.


      Ali Raza

    • profile image

      immi 4 years ago

      the best only option is ti use ur relative paypal account ,well pakistani can take start from olx & there are many local classified sites now avaialable in pakistan

    • profile image

      janvanravenstein 4 years ago

      i want to bay textiles and rubber compounding ingredients from pakistan

    • profile image

      gunga din 4 years ago

      since pakistan and some extent india is full of lying cheating, backstabbing, scumbags who would sell their grandmother on ebay.

      It probably for the best.

    • mariasial profile image

      maria sial 4 years ago from united kingdom

      thanks for your hub and if i already have paypal account i can than sell on Ebay .... what about amazon?

    • profile image

      Rizwan 5 years ago


    • profile image

      shaukat hayat khan 6 years ago

      it is injustice that eBay did not take serious action for papal in Pakistan.why Pakistan is being treated on this way

    • Kamran100 profile image

      Kamran100 6 years ago

      good informative hub. it is serious issue about ebay in pakistan.