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Earn Online Money - By Writing Articles.

Updated on August 16, 2012

Turning Articles Into Cash!

There are many ways to earn online money…And writing articles is the best way. So why would I choose to write articles to earn money? Well the first and most important reason is it is ZERO cost to the writer. I’m going to talk about how I earn online money by simply writing and posting articles. I’ve been doing this now for over 5 years and am earning $500.00 a month on average. That was my goal at the time!

So where does my earnings come from? My main earner is from Clickbank…My second main income source is from AdSense….And my third source is from Amazon. In order to keep my costs from low to ZERO I use free sources to post articles and set up landing pages to pre-sell a product or to do a review site.

A quick overview of the resources I use. First I begin with a free blog…I choose to use Blogger. It’s easy to set up and add affiliate links and pictures. I use Hubpages, infobarrel , squidoo as my main article directories. These are the ones that make the most for me with their revenue sharing. I also use seekyt, topicspotter and streetarticles as article backlinks. I also use twitter, digg, delicious, sys360, folkd and stumbleupon.

So how do I earn online money by writing articles? I like to write about stuff I’m interested in and love doing. You can do the same thing too. Is there anything that you love to do? Could you write a how to article about it? Or maybe you love doing crafts or are into sports. Whatever it is….Use it to make money!

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O.K. Let’s begin. I will use steps as to exactly how I make money today.

Step 1. Research…

- What am I going to write about? Is there clickbank products to promote? How much does the keyword pay through AdSense? Are there some Amazon products that I can review?

- Is the keyword I will be using searched for? Is it low competition? Can I write a 500 word article about it?

Step 2. Finding a product or paying topic…

- Head over to clickbank and find any products about my topic.

- Use Google’s free keyword tool to find good keywords that are highly searched and pay at least a dollar a click.

- Use Google to find out how many pages are competing for the keyword.

Step 3. Setting up the landing page…

- Use blogger and build a blog on my keyword.

- Write unique [not copied content] about my topic.

- Add a few photos [some clickbank products have real good affiliate resources]

- Add my affiliate links.

Step 4. Backlink the blog…

- Write 5 articles and post them to infobarrel. Link them to one another and send one link to my blog using anchor texts.

- Write 5 more articles and post them to Squidoo. Link them to one another and send one link to the blog and one link to the affiliate sales page.

- Write 5 more articles and post them to hubpages. Link them to one another and send one link to one infobarrel article and one link to one squidoo lens.

Step 5. Seo…

- Add each article link to twitter, digg, delicious, sys360, folkd and stumbleupon.

I like to wait a few weeks to see how things do. If I get lots of traffic and earn some money I will pick another keyword and repeat the process. If it’s not earning I forget it and move on to the next topic.

Any Questions? Leave a comment.


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