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What Are the Odds of Finding Mr. Right Online?

Updated on May 4, 2011

Find Love On the Internet !

What are the odds of finding love from the online dating sites? Does Mr. Right exist somewhere in cyber-space?

Internet dating is not really taboo anymore as more and more people are doing it. A lot of people actually succeed in finding friends and even lovers using the internal personals sites. However, one has to be methodical when one approaches online dating.

If you really want to succeed at finding a new romantic interest online, you need to be very deliberate in the way you conduct your search. Know what you are looking for before you even begin.

Beware Of Cheaters!

Men do lie and this is something you have to watch out for. The majority of profiles on any internet personals site are honest. Some guys  may cheat a little bit on things like weight, height and physical appearance, but most of the time you'll find most men describe themselves fairly and honestly.

However, there will also be a small percentage of men who are simply cheating liars. There is a fair chance that you could come across someone who lied about practically every single details in their online profile. You can do yourself a big favor by taking the time to get to know your matches a little better before going out on a real date.

Stick To Quality Online Dating Sites!

Not all online dating websites are the same. Some sites do a better job of analyzing and matching than others. However, an initial fit on a superficial level is not necessarily going to turn into a love connection.

In order to turn the tides in your favor, it's very important that you should select a reputable match-making site that asks its members to go into deeper detail on issues of compatibility. Stay with quality. Stick to the bigger and established sites such as, and You will have better chance of finding Mr.Right there!


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