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Find your Hub Karma

Updated on February 12, 2017

Build a better and improved publishing platform for everyone

Diligence is on the list of resources needed to craft the right Karma needed.
Diligence is on the list of resources needed to craft the right Karma needed. | Source

Having strong pieces of a whole make for an entirely different picture than going it alone.

Everyone connected to the Hubpages community is responsible for the work he or she personally produces. Wherever a writer puts an individual attribution a feeling of personal accomplishment is apt to follow. Though, combining these all together means a much higher level of principles and ideas in overall material located in one place. The Hub brings all of these wonderful authors together under one roof. When this happens a reader finds so much more than a single piece of extraordinary material at this one site.

This is a platform encouraging members to band together with the same level of integrity when it comes to creating content. Most people see a piece of the pie instead of the entire pie. While putting intense scrutiny on private material there is also a sense of coaching which comes with feedback given while reviewing another person's work. Both of these work to a writer's advantage. A higher quality of work is built because of these two factors.

It is a gauge for the work located here and another analytical tool in the arsenal of measurements for this particular type of work.

HubKarma is a number between 1 and 100. The goal is 100. Therefore, the higher the number the better. The numerical evaluations are bestowed on writers by editors of the site. The item is similar to a moving and breathing thing.It is capable of changing based on the influx of material written and read. Just like the name karma suggests, what is given is received in return. Quality is rewarded on more than one front.

A complete algorithm established by website owners with a combination of more than a few factors assigns a writer the score. It has the ability to connect with the material owner as well as fellow members. The importance of this figure is undervalued. There is a need to understand why this is a vital key to a winning strategy at HubPages.

A better HubKarma is not awarded relative to the amount of articles published. A writer is capable of having hundreds of articles and a Karma of 71 while a fellow Hubber has only 40 of the same, but is worth an outstanding accomplished numerical value of 88. That being said, find out how to get one equivalent to a writer's worth.

The goal

As a supporter of this freelance writing community there is a goal to reach the ultimate place of 100. Most people will admit this is capable. Though, there are few to disagree with this statement.The right formula is characteristic to success. This is also true of this pursuit.

How to get there

Getting the combo of factors right goes a long way toward reaching 100. Goals are achieved by means of a variety of things. The following actions never guarantee the score of 100, but get an individual pretty darn close if done correctly

  • Add relevant comments to other fellow associates articles

Leaving feedback like "great job" or "love it" is not enough. Contribute something with the effort. The best ones actual use this for sharing tidbits which encourage, educate or give a genuine personal pat on the back. Readers as well as other community members look at comments. Think of this as a place to help a reader when adding something more to a fellow writer's work.

  • Hop other content around the site.

Rating and scoring new material helps out both the writer and also is a factor in growing a personal HubScore. It is highly encouraged and enthusiastically embraced. This is an editing tool.

Used as a tool is lets a writer target personal work. Things such as uneven paragraphing or sentence structure as samples of feedback. This is crucial for improving both reader and writer. This is not a penalty area and never use it to purposely find errors. The rule of thumb is making work better

Most writers admit to enjoying the feedback. Editing in this manner becomes a tool for teaching. There are more than a few admit to receiving more honesty from associates versus site managers. Colleagues appear to be more closely related to readers than editing staff which is a plus.

  • Leave a personal point of view or thought on content discovered around the site.

Was it helpful? Funny? Reveal these in the comments segment. Even in times when the answer is opposite to the publishing work. Not being honest has the tendency to become a hindrance and holds back great works.

This is not an opportunity to bash another, but to come together as colleagues.

  • Written work is supposed to be full of useful and relevant subject matter.

Is the piece worth a reader's time of day? Take a subjective view to find out. A great point to write from is always giving expert advice on subject matter. Make it worthy. Do research and ensure each piece published under a personal byline follows this ethical guideline

  • Dress up the work with things such as pics, images and video

The visual point of view is important. Admittedly a quality piece is capable of having awful pictures, it does not have to be this way. What an item looks like it key to a good strategy for readers.

At a glance a browse turns into a read. This means stay on topic with the imagery and make it appealing.

  • Link are wonderful when the prospect arises.

There is a responsibility to ensure the phrases and keywords are connected to similar content which adds to an enjoyable experience. Use these for tying together terrific articles/Hubs with one another. Readers are entitled to read more great work whenever following a link'

HubPages has developed a link suggestion tool which actually makes the act of linking to other content around the site almost effortless. Simply click on the word or phrase, click on the link icon and the tool actually reveals links available around the site. Select which one to connect by clicking on the title. Remember, this is where it is very important to add great work from other writers.

  • Participate in forums or discussions

This is not an easy task. Busy writers are limited by production time. There are also commitments to other sites, some personal. A few minutes several times a week to connect via discussions with fellow members is a good thing.

It gives ideas for articles, let's individuals know what is a hot topic at this time as well as finding some excellent writers to follow. It gets creative juices flowing in a new way.

  • Ask questions which add something to the conversation

This is typically practiced in questions and answer episodes. Though, comments have been known to start a conversation as well. Promote a healthy discussion among writers around the site.

Stay away from anything offensive or purposely negative in nature.

  • Vote on a poll

Easy and simple. Thousands exist. Most are there for this purpose. It is nice to know what a reader thinks, but other sources are useful too.

The results do more than imaginable. Polls are used in countless cases to build series or more content of the same.

  • Create an excellent bio to share with newbies, veterans and even visitors who occasionally drop by to read it

The bio is a section characteristically skipped by most. Though, the select few who do like to investigate further into a writer are deserving of quality.

More than a few people find distaste when asked to talk about themselves. It is not an easy task, but no one knows more about the subject than the writer.

Amazon sells great advice on writing for a living

Getting the right ingredients to make it work is a delicate process.


Is the the right place to put down roots as a writer? A Hub score gives off the Hub Karma.

Some writers get into a community of peers and do well at mingling among one another at the start of the relationship. In fact, part of getting familiar with a site includes lots of participation for the majority of new affiliates.

Making new friends is easy as colleagues reach out and fellow writers send a warm welcome. Most associates admit this as a time to discover if this is a good fit or a not. Is the time and work ratio worth the amount of money received back in return, is there a sense of comfort and even an area for growth. One of the best gauges is the Hub score. This is a two ( or for some three digit) number which reflects where among the masses an individual and personal work is rated.

The work needed to become a part of a writing community is daunting at first. Building up wonderful material and even an audience means rolling up the sleeves for hard work. Niches are created, links are added and rising in the search engines is the goal. This is also seen with blogs or personal sites, but there is also the sense of community which comes with membership.

This typically tapers off as a newbie becomes a veteran. There is a hot period in the beginning with tons of focus and production and then things cool off. This cooling off period is where comparable sites have died. Without new work being constructed and a community growing, there is nothing on the horizon but death for a wonderful source of passive income. Knowing and understanding where a person sits as a participant is greatly appreciated.


Spread the word about what factors are included.

What is this mystery figure?

It is a gauge for the work located here and yet another analytical tool in the arsenal of measurements for this particular type of work.

This site is one of the few who help rank members against one another for the sole purpose of quality improvement. The goal is to assist with increasing readership for every piece of material, not just a single author.

What makes this a unique site?

Think of it as a tracking token or way to follow and analyze things like things, in this case articles. Although there are certainly other methods of achieving similar comparison models, this is one readily available. It is a for the writer and fellow associates as well. This says to colleagues at a glance where any particular author lies in the overall scheme of things at the Hub. Nearly each and every one of the members chase the elusive 100.

The Hubbers community is different. The score makes certain the influx of communication and participation continues throughout the entire relationship of a writer and platform.

Wrapping it up

Finding Hubkarma is actually simple in technique. It takes only moments of personal time to build a better community overall. Lots of users admit it also makes members more responsible for the platform. Take these techniques and put them to good use.

Crafting improved karma at the Hub is more than just a number. The more feedback provided to authors the more terrific the overall content. Better material generates more reads and more traffic. Linking brilliance together as an agenda is wonderful. Stimulating discussions with others makes a writer grow personally and professionally. At times these are even sources for more knowledge on any subject matter.

© 2011 smcopywrite


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    • kieranharrod profile image


      6 years ago from Kilburn, Derbyshire

      Took a good few days to discover hubkarma, thanks for the help in demystifying it.

    • Romano Arnesto profile image

      Romano Arnesto 

      7 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks for the info! My hub karma is increasing because I actively participate on the Hubtivities here.

    • swedal profile image


      7 years ago from Colorado

      A great explanation of hub karma and how it works! Personally I don't worry too much about the hub karma score. For me it is what it is.

    • Eiddwen profile image


      7 years ago from Wales

      Another great hub to bookmark.

      Thanks for sharing.



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