Ad Program help for newbie

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    LisaKeatingposted 3 years ago

    I read somewhere you could apply to Google AdSense through your blog. I did. I guess I was accepted because I now see an ad on my blog. Under Earnings in Hubpages, it says Active for the HubPages Ad Program, eBay, and Google AdSense.

    Does that mean I was accepted? I did not get an email or anything.

    Do I want to be in both HP Ads and AdSense? All of this is new and hard for me to understand. Thanks.

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      Marina Lazarevicposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Hey Lisa! Welcome to HubPages!

      Yes, it looks like you have an approved Google AdSense account linked to your HubPages account. Your approval email from Google may have gone to your spam folder, by the way. You also have the HubPages Ad Program enabled. As far as monetizing your Hubs with ads (i.e., not talking about Amazon or eBay products), your options are AdSense only or the HubPages Ad Program. The main differences are:

      -Number of ads: in the AdSense-only arrangement, you get four ads and two link units. In the HubPages Ad Program, you get up to six ads - five Ad Program Ads and one AdSense-only ad. This FAQ entry explains this in more detail:

      -Reporting and Payment: HubPages provides reporting and pays you for any money earned through the HubPages Ad Program. With AdSense-only, reporting and payments will come from Google.

      Here are a few more beginner resources I highly recommend reading: … y-HubPages

      Feel free to ask questions in the forums (Getting Help from the HubPages Community is super helpful) or use our help wizard.