Can I paste my hub poems in blog posts

  1. moneycop profile image76
    moneycopposted 6 years ago

    Can I paste my hub poems in blog posts

    will it be safe and not count to duplicacy .Because I have my original poems but after hubbing when I have blogged it shows like a new post in blog and a link too. But  not as a link only. So shall I paste my entire poem as a new post in blog and add pictures making it a post.
    will it be taken as duplicate by hub

  2. dilipchandra12 profile image77
    dilipchandra12posted 6 years ago

    You can just take some lines from the poems you have written in here are hubpages and paste them in your blog followed by a link 'Read More'. But , do not paste the entire poem in your blog, that will become duplicate.

  3. JEDIJESSICUH profile image78
    JEDIJESSICUHposted 6 years ago

    I wouldn't if I were you. Even if it's your own blog, you will get flagged for duplicate content. I had to take a hub of mine down completely because I submitted the same article to a blog site on the same subject and they refused to take it down after it got posted. So HubPages flagged my hub and even though I tried to change it, it was too similar to the original and kept hitting the duplicate content trigger.