What do you do when you see a hub with a lot of grammatical errors?

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  1. ccornblatt profile image90
    ccornblattposted 12 years ago

    What do you do when you see a hub with a lot of grammatical errors?

    Do you alert the author? If so, how?

  2. nochance profile image88
    nochanceposted 12 years ago

    I will usually check their profile first to see where they are from. If English is their second language I'm a bit more forgiving.

    I'll comment on their hub and start by trying to say something nice about their content and then go on to say that their grammar could use some work. Usually giving suggestions about shortening sentences and reading their work out loud.

    I have no problem giving suggestions to others about their writing. I hope they will give me suggestions as well. Nothing written is ever perfect. There is always something that can be changed and improved.

  3. Kathleen Cochran profile image75
    Kathleen Cochranposted 12 years ago

    I guess I'm a combination of these two previous answers.  Because I care about HubPages reputation since I'm investing myself here I can't do nothing when I come across seriously low quality hubs, not just an occasional misspelling or incorrect verb tense.  But I don't feel it's my place to make a judgement call on another writer either, so I'll flag the hub for review, hopefully by someone whose job it is to do that.

  4. Marsei profile image90
    Marseiposted 12 years ago

    Since my sister occasionally emails me with a list of errors I've made, I'll be careful here.  Although I do try to catch everything, I don't always.  The key word is "try."  When I read a hub that is full of careless spelling and grammatical errors, I vote it down.  If there are a few, I ignore them because I know everyone can overlook a few things.  I have a friend on hub pages who tells me things I've screwed up and I tell her, but that's a different matter.  I would not dream of offering criticism to someone I don't even know, not only because it might offend them but also because their work is not my responsibility. My sister is a huge help because she takes my stuff apart when she has time and her criticism is awesome.  I'm so bad about placement of prepositions and she nails me on it.  Everyone should be so lucky to have a former English teacher read through their work.   Anyway, I agree with Arlene, I would do nothing -- except vote it down if it's riddled with errors.

  5. cryptid profile image96
    cryptidposted 12 years ago

    When I see a Hub with a lot of grammatical errors I immediately hit the Edit button and fix my mistakes!

    Just kidding.  Sort of.

    If I see a lot of errors, really bad errors, I'll just flag it.  If someone wants to write online they should at least have a fair command of the English language.  I'm all for learning and letting people grow, but it doesn't help HubPages (that means any of us) when people post garbage.  We all make mistakes, so if it's an error or two by a competent author I have no right to say anything.  But if it's really egregious I do feel it deserves a flag.  Flagging awful content helps the site and every writer here.

  6. Steven Gray profile image71
    Steven Grayposted 12 years ago

    If the hub contains engaging content, I can forgive grammatical errors.  But when it is obvious the the writer was just plain lazy in both content and presentation, I move on and look for a different hub on that topic.

  7. relache profile image69
    relacheposted 12 years ago

    When I find a hub with a lot of grammatical errors, I flag it for the moderation team to review.  As a site user, the mods want me to point out things that look like poor quality (especially now that Google looks for and ranks down poor grammar) and it's their job to verify if there really is a problem and notify the author.


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