Have you achieved your hub goals for the year and have you set any for the new y

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  1. cuttler profile image60
    cuttlerposted 10 years ago

    Have you achieved your hub goals for the year and have you set any for the new year?

    My goal was to achieve 10 hubs by end of this year, which I surpassed. For next year, I have set a monthly goal of 5 hubs per month, totaling to 60 hubs by the end of the year. Hope I make it. What are your Targets?

  2. gags3480 profile image58
    gags3480posted 10 years ago

    I am new to Hubpages & have set a target to get approved for Adsense in 6 months (which is minimum for an Indian). I hope I achieve it.

    1. cuttler profile image60
      cuttlerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      That's great...am also new in HP and I am yet to get an Ad-sense account. Matter of fact, you have given me another goal for the new year. Cheers and all the best.

    2. CyclingFitness profile image91
      CyclingFitnessposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      You won't make any month on hubpages through adsense- if you have offer personal sites you can but the adverts don't take priority on hubpages to make any real money

    3. BlossomSB profile image85
      BlossomSBposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Sorry to be so dumb, but why is it important to have an Adsense account?

    4. CyclingFitness profile image91
      CyclingFitnessposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      On hubpages an adsense account is a small bonus to get extra money from advertising on hubs. It's more applicable to blogs and websites in terms of earning money

    5. cuttler profile image60
      cuttlerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      @Blossom Well without an Adsense account you can't take advantage of all earning programs available on hub-pages except amazon. The HP ad-program, E bay and Google are all linked to ad-sense. So in simple terms, no ad-sense no money.

  3. AlexK2009 profile image85
    AlexK2009posted 10 years ago

    To find why, despite following all the advice available on hub pages, my traffic has crashed and to fix the problem.

    1. cuttler profile image60
      cuttlerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      I thought I was the only one...seems there is a serious downtime on traffic these. Hope you get to the bottom of this and when you do, please share. Cheers

    2. mattforte profile image90
      mattforteposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      What advice? If you read the forums, or check Quantcast - you will see that traffic for the entire site has crashed. There is no advice I know of that is going to enable you to bring HP traffic back up. That's the nature of Google updates.

  4. safiq ali patel profile image70
    safiq ali patelposted 10 years ago

    I wouldn't say that I have achieved all my goals this year for hubs. But I have learnt a  little more each day. I am going to set some new goals for next year mainly to focus on optimizing my internet and hub pages activity

    1. cuttler profile image60
      cuttlerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      All the best with your new goal Safiq...wish you all the best.

  5. LauraD093 profile image75
    LauraD093posted 10 years ago

    My goal was to improve on my writing and learn about web-based publishing...this I've done. I too have been having traffic problems (mainly unable to access approved hubs to "featured" I have already followed all advise set preference to see all hubs/ checked pic size  contacted hub direct and still all newly published and 5 or six old hubs (edited and approved) just not in drop downs...my goal to increase hubs and correct this problem. Happy Holidays to all.

    1. cuttler profile image60
      cuttlerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      That is a great goal. Getting a hub featured is one of the greatest morale boosters. It is an indication of people appreciating you as a writer. I hope you achieve this in the coming year. All the best, and, Happy Hubbing

    2. LauraD093 profile image75
      LauraD093posted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks cuttler-this is like an early Christmas gift. Have a great holiday. Keep those hubs coming.

    3. cuttler profile image60
      cuttlerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks...Merry Xmas.

  6. Novel Treasure profile image90
    Novel Treasureposted 10 years ago

    I think I achieved my goals for this year. I didn't really do much the first year I was on hubpages. Read more than I wrote, so in March of this year I was determined to increase my earnings and get monthly payouts. I was successful in 6 months time. So for 2013, I want to continue to increase my monthly payout each month and hopefully by this time next year I will have doubled my payout.

    1. cuttler profile image60
      cuttlerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Payouts...so far down my goals...Gotta get that Adsense account first. I hope you achieve this target. With effort and determination you can achieve it.  Congrats for achieving your goals and All the best. next year

  7. CyclingFitness profile image91
    CyclingFitnessposted 10 years ago

    At the start of the year my main target was to hit a hubpages earnings of a minimum of $50 a month to achieve a payout. I've achieved that. This time next year I would love to be hitting over $150 a month

    I've been on HP now for over 18 months and am starting to get an idea of what works and what doesn't work in terms of attracting viewers although have had a few little diversions as a result of the contacts I've made through hubpages.

    Next year
    $150 a month from adsense
    $500 total Amazon Earnings
    And hopefully be well on the way to publishing my first book

    1. cuttler profile image60
      cuttlerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Wow...great goals. From the looks of things I can see you are on the path of achieving said goals. Wish you all the best, especially the book. My dad, a linguist, took ten years to publish his first book so I know how hard it can be. Good Luck

  8. Rosyel Sawali profile image63
    Rosyel Sawaliposted 10 years ago

    Wow! Congrats to you for achieving your goal for the year! I think I was just reminded to set my own goals for this year. Perhaps at the very least, a hub a month wouldn't be such a bad goal! But I know that I would need to do better than that!! Merry Christmas to you! ^_^

    1. cuttler profile image60
      cuttlerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      thank you so much...I am definitely sure yo can do better than that. But it all depends on your schedule, doesn't it? Merry Xmas to you and a prosperous hubbing new year.

  9. MarleneB profile image91
    MarleneBposted 10 years ago

    Yes. I had a goal of publishing at least 50 hubs by the end of my first year at HubPages and I did that. My other goal was to make payout on a consistent basis and that goal was met as well. Now, that tells me that what we believe we can achieve, we will achieve. I haven't set my goals for next year, but one thing for sure is that I'm going to set them a little bit higher, knowing I will achieve whatever goal I have set.

    1. cuttler profile image60
      cuttlerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      That's the spirit. Congratulations on achieving your goals and all the best with your new goals.

  10. GiancarloLorenzo profile image71
    GiancarloLorenzoposted 10 years ago

    Yes, I got a paycheck, so mission accomplished on that.  Now I just need to consistently get paid and become a Hubpages Apprentice.

  11. Barbara Kay profile image74
    Barbara Kayposted 10 years ago

    I reached my monetary goals, but I wanted to have a total of 200 hubs by the end of the year. I only have 165. Most of the hubs that lose the featured status, I move to my websites. At this rate, I may never reach the 200.

    I am doing really well with earnings right now, but I'm hoping the new year doesn't bring any surprises from Google. It seems every year they come up with something new that ruins our traffic.

  12. CloudExplorer profile image77
    CloudExplorerposted 10 years ago

    Yes indeed I have achieved many goals thus far this year, one of them was that cool 100,000 views accolade "oh yeah baby!", another was 20,000 views to a single hub, and I am reaching to hit 1,000 followers in 2013 sometime, but its not up to me on that one.

    Thanks for asking, money wise I care not how much I make, I care more if I learn to master my content delivery, improve my grammar, fully optimize my writing skills and old hubs entirely, and also enhance my effectiveness to communicate efforts amongst my fellow hubbers and in how I choose share everyone's content.

    Hopefully by this time 2013 all of these things will have come to pass, and they aren't to difficult to attain neither.

    "If the money is to pore in and in my direction, then let it rain!"

  13. Cardia profile image79
    Cardiaposted 10 years ago

    I wanted to get to thirty hubs by the end of this year, but I'm currently working on my 27th one. I'm not overly disappointed about this though - I'll just try my best to get to number 30 as soon as possible smile
    For next year, my goal is to publish at least three hubs per month, more if possible. I'm also going to try and participate on more Hubpages activities and answer and ask more questions.

    June 2013 is going to be my second anniversary on Hubpages, and I would like to have published 50 hubs by then.

    Good luck to everyone in the upcoming year!


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