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Frugal Coupon Combining for Freebies

Updated on January 24, 2013

Combine Store and Manufacturer and Store Coupons

Ever wonder how people are always getting free stuff, because they are frugal, and you just don't get it. Its not that hard to get if you know where to go and how to get there! I did an experiment yesterday, redeeming food shopping coupons from all different sources. If they don't say limit one per customer, you are golden. You can use them however you wish. The easiest way to do that is to join some websites that give you free coupons. All you will have to pay for is ink and paper, and you can be well on your way to saving money weekly with coupons!

Mix coupons up with store and manufacturer coupons. As long as they don't go over and equal more than the price of the product, its free! Also, participate in store rebates including the same products and actually make a profit! Rite Aid has lots of savings programs and I would check out Proctor and Gamble for coupons and rebates. Rebates happen through specific stores and companies themselves like Olay where they have you send in a receipt and UPC to get a check. General Mills does this alot.

Rite Aid - Great Place for Savings!

This is one of my favorites. They offer lots of rebates, coupons, rewards, and its a prime hunting ground for matchups! They often have dollars off coupons for any Rite Aid purchase, for particular product purchases such as beauty products, and more.

Kmart & Sears - Shop Your Way Rewards!

Get rewarded for shopping at Kmart & Sears. Use your Shop Your Way Rewards card on purchases and use applicable coupons and get points to save cash on future purchases! Its dollars off via a card, kind of like electronic coupons. Its a great way to save money and a great way to bank cash for a big future purchase!

Target Printable Coupons - Print Coupons Online to Match Your Manufacturer Coupons

Check out's coupon section. Match up their coupons with your manufacturer coupons from both online and from the newspaper and save boatloads of cash for food shopping, toiletries, and more!

Coupons & Freebies

Get free coupons & free products!

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