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My Story of Earning Money Online

Updated on April 13, 2016

#1 Introduction to My Story

Internet is one of the best ways to use your skills and make a good social circle. There are many ways you can use Internet. Some ways are the educational resources, movies, music and social media networking.

There are also other ways which can help in starting a earning working from home doing simple tasks. Initially you will not be getting revenue, but as you start understanding using the web, you will start earning money online. This hub introduces the ways I have started earning from 2008 till now.

I may not have all the means, but some of them were really helpful in the walk of Internet Earnings. Let's get started.


#2 Writing in Blogs

First Step in my writing career

Till October 2008, I didn't have any idea of what blogs are and how people earn money online. I completed my Masters in Computer Applications in 2008 and joined one of the top telecommunication companies. We initially had three months training where I met some of the best technical minds during the training months. That was not only turning point in my professional career, but also a turning point for my career online.

I came across one of my training friends writing some articles in one of his blogs. At that time I didn't even know what a blog is. He was surprised that I don't even had an idea of blog and taught me some basics of blogging. I then understood blogging was only one way to get some money during your free time. There are many other ways to earn money online which you can read in hub 10 ways to earn money online from web

That was my first step in trying to research using Internet for starting earning. I started with a free blog from (Google provides free account). If you are looking for some tips on how to earn money from blog, read the hub Tips to Earn from Blog.

I learnt how people earn money online blogging and also through writing. I have in these years developed my own personal blog which is developed on self hosted wordpress. I have become a consultant for many people through my blog.

It is good to share our experiences with others and share our opinions. As the first step in writing career, I will suggest everyone to start a free blog and get a feel of writing online. Here is one of my hubs Blogging Tips for Newbies which can help you to start with a free blog.

Blogging Books for beginners - Useful starters for beginners

Blogging is very useful in getting ideas on how to write. You can get good number of ideas when you blog online. Given below are some books which you would love to start if you are a beginner in blogging.

These books are worth reading and you will definitely develop yourself after reading this book. If you are interested in getting some useful blogging books,do contact through SriramRaj Blog Contact page and I can share a few.

Blogging For Dummies
Blogging For Dummies

This Blogging Book is for beginners who have no idea of blogging. Best suggested book for beginners


Important Blogging Tips

It is very much important to identify the best niches (ideas) to start Blogging. If you want to make Blogging as your business or to earn money online, then you need to know about genuine ways to earn money online blogging. I recommend reading this useful lens Earning Money from Blog to understand more about blogging

#3 Article Writing Sites

After starting with blog and writing a few articles, I thought of starting some articles in Top Article Writing websites. These websites not only give you an opportunity to write in their websites but also share some revenue when people read your articles.

Compensation may start from 1$ to 2$ per 1000 views. However it completely depends on type of articles you write and how much visibility your articles have. You can read the hub earning money writing reviews where you can get started on writing your articles for these websites.

If you are not aware of these top Article writing sites, read the hub 5 Top Article Writing sites to earn money online

Ezine Articles Expert Author
Ezine Articles Expert Author

Ezine Articles Expert Author

Expert in writing articles

As i started writing articles on some top niches such as search engine marketing, social media marketing and how they are useful for small businesses for my client and don't even have copy rights for the same, I thought why not share my expertise with public.

Then started my writing career in Ezine Articles. I went through their writing tutorials and understood what exactly makes an article more appealing and interesting to readers. I have written about 25 articles in Ezine Articles. Here is the link to my Ezine Articles. Do share your comments on my latest Ezines.

Once I understood the basics of Search Engine Marketing, how to use social media marketing for business and how to get found online, I started writing articles for my own websites. Given are some of my top websites where I write along with my friends

My Favorite Links in Web - Use them and share your comments if they are useful

Given below are some of the favorite links I like in Internet. Do use these links to know much about web.

I always look forward for some comments from experts. I know that i am not an expert still and have many things to learn. Help me in sharing your thoughts about my lenses and how i can improve them further

© 2016 Sriram Raj

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    • ksrpraj profile image

      Sriram Raj 4 years ago from New Delhi

      @aesta1: Thanks aesta. Looking forward for your comments and feedback in other lenses as well. Thanks for visiting

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Thanks for these tips. I have now followed you on twitter. I also checked out one of your sites and will check out others later. I do need to have more tips on the topics you blog on.