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Get More Traffic to Your Hubs

Updated on February 19, 2016

Keep them coming back by building excellent articles

Pushing or pulling more readers to a piece of content is totally up to the writer. Ensure whatever is published makes it worth a reader's while be supplying exactly what is needed.
Pushing or pulling more readers to a piece of content is totally up to the writer. Ensure whatever is published makes it worth a reader's while be supplying exactly what is needed. | Source

Ever write a piece of content, in this case a hub, which feels great but the traffic simply won’t come? This is certainly a circumstance faced by countless writers, great and not so great alike. The ultimate goal is to entice as many as possible with each post. This is not always the case, even with an article of excellent quality. Though, do not despair. There are a couple of things to do to to help fix the problem.

Freelance writers earn in a variety of ways. Sources of income are gained through direct client requests or more than a few with personal blogs and sites. The "go to" when all else seems to be in a rut is passive income. These are earnings derived from articles posted around the web which earn for months or in some cases, years after publication. Hubpages is a site where members have an expectation of getting the most from passive income as a method of getting the wallet to grow.

These ideas are intended as a magnet to draw in the focused traffic. Traffic focused on finding a specific piece of content are more apt to show up than simply waiting on a personal browsing the web to drop in. Therefore, the ideal reader is interested in discovering a specific piece of material. Having the piece as a personal Hub is a great spot to be in.

Think long term when creating content

One article is capable of earning for months and years to come if done correctly. This includes those few in need of a little tweaking from time to time. Most writers develop a knack for creating one with this idea in mind. Make it fit into a form capable of sharing educational or expertise for an extended period of time. Depending on the specific material addressed this is a difficult request. There are ways to make this easier.

Avoid subject matter which is dated

By tying it to a specific time period, it has a tendency to shorten appeal time and the window of opportunity to earn passive monies.Discussing the NBA finals for a single year or an art event taking place on in one year, even over an extended weekend, is not a great plan of action.

For instance, an article is focused on the 2017 Oscars is only good until it is over and done with. Once the event is done, so is the appeal of reader's desire to read about it. It is possible to have a stray reader here and there, but for the most part the appeal is gone. The chance of going viral is zero. Consider this when writing for passive income. There is a possibility of taking it and altering some of pieces to save it.

Revisit it and make some tweaks to work for more than this specific year or consider linking other articles to it. How about where are they now when it comes to the actors discussed? How about how changes seen over the years or compare them to the Tony Awards or the Emmy Awards. These are considerations when deciding what to writer about. There are times when this is not true. In other words the focused traffic originally coming in is more than most people get in the lifetime of an article. This is the exception to the rule. The rule is the former and not the latter.

These are not as elaborate or difficult as most people imagine. By taking a couple of minutes to look over some info a writer is capable of seeing an enormous increase in the amount of readers attracted to the material being produced. This is the ultimate goal of each piece of material published to the Hub.

Make it what readers are searching for

Hubs are pieces of content created from personal thoughts, ideas, experience, expertise or even research. Each one has the feel of putting your best foot forward. So the question remains why is no one reading this material? Is it what a reader is actually searching for?

Make an honest evaluation of a piece of content. Although it is impossible to be entirely objective, try get close to level of review. Look at it from the standpoint of a novice if written for this audience or from an intermediate value if this is the direction taken. The most important thing is seeing it from the perspective of the focused reader the piece is built for. Does it fill the bill?

When the wonderful title presents what the article pertains to and it when it delivers based on the keywords submitted in a search engine the magic is made. Combine that with easy to read paragraphs as well as subheadings and a star is born.

Make a promise with the title and follow through

When evaluating an article on Hub Pages take a look at the title and categorization of the subject matter. Does the title really stand out or jump up and say read me? I am exactly what you need and have been searching for. Some writers swear by the practice of writing a title for a piece at least half a dozen different ways while others like to say up to 10 times at least. No matter how many times it is said, does it deliver as promised?

Changing a title is the first step in tweaking the content in an attempt to drive traffic more traffic or page views. Make certain it isn’t too long. If so, find a shorter way to say the same thing. Once a good one comes along it is difficult for countless folks to let it go. There is always a way to say the same thing with fewer words.

Catchy or cute do not always play well. Depending on the subject matter these are workable. Whenever a serious or somber matter is being discussed, stay away from these categories. It is easy to offend a possible future member of an audience without meaning to do so.

Connecting Hubs to one another

Another way to get more page views is through linking. Connect wonderful hubs to one another. This affords an extra bump for more than one writer. If there are other articles around the site which make a richer reading experience for someone examining the work, link it.

Adding a link is explained in detail with editing resources on Hub Pages. Older articles have been found to contain capsules with likes outlined as personal titles or URLs. The extra something given to a visitor does not necessarily need to come from the same writer. There are more possibilities when utilizing associates work as well. Connect the best ones to one another no matter who wrote which ones.

It’s a great idea when posting to automatically take this extra step as part of a regular format. Avoid excess since the reader remaining on the page longer likely means an increase in personal income.

In conclusion

Try these various methods to increase reads or views to your hubs. I would try one method at a time to determine which works best.

Hubs formatted for any size screen work best when built to last. Amazon has wonderful tablets for looking over articles.

Make a Hub from what is simply lying around the site on any given day.

Answering questions or participation in discussions are wonderful ways to find topics to discuss. This is a nice way of getting focused readers out of fellow members.

For those discussion boards with tons of opinions and comments from all sorts of directions the possibilities are endless. Imagine which ones are possibly in a niche where a writer has lots of expertise and the combo is nice.

The experience and info is easy to find, locate and organize and the focused readers are close. Putting together a Hub or two with subject matter known to be appealing is priceless

Ideas are endless

Ideas are endless and so are the possibilities of what to write about.
Ideas are endless and so are the possibilities of what to write about.


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    • daskittlez69 profile image

      daskittlez69 6 years ago from midwest

      Thanks for the advice

    • Ebower profile image

      Erin Bower 6 years ago from Georgia

      I did not think of linking my hubs in this manner. Great advice! I voted it up and useful.