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Giant Squidom - My Personal Challenge(s)

Updated on June 25, 2014

Reaching Giant Squidom - My Challenge(s)

After taking a break from lens writing for some months, I have returned with vigor to get those first 50 done and be a Giant Squid. So many thoughts are swirling and this is a good place to settle them. I hope that some of my lenses attain greatness, all entertain and many are profitable.

I hope you enjoy this poetic romp through my challenges and successes in Squidom.

All Poetry Copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah)

Other Squidoo Challenges

Here are some other goals

I'd like to reach someday

I'll let you know when the "horse foals"

Then I'll be on my way

-- Having an LOTD

-- Getting a Purple Star First Ever for Love Sonnets!!!

-- Breaking the 5K Tier Did it ... Yeah!

-- Breaking Tier 1 Did it ... Yeah!

-- Any lens in the Top 100 of its Topic Did it ... Yeah!

-- 100+ visits to any lens in 1 Day Did it ... Yeah!

-- Any lens in the Top 100

-- Any lens #1 in its Topic

-- 50 Fans ... very soon :) Did it ... Yeah!

-- 50 Squidlikes for any lens Did it ... Yeah! ... Love Sonnets

-- 100 Squidlikes for any lens Did it ... Yeah! ... Love Sonnets is now at 137 !

-- A visible Google PageRank for any lens Did it ... Yeah!

-- 100 Lenses Did it ... Yeah!

-- 150 Lenses Did it ... Yeah!

-- 200 Lenses Did it ... Yeah!

-- Giant Squid 100 Did it ... Yeah!

-- Be more profitable :)

Another New Challenge - The 2K Tier

aka Tier 1

Keep wanting to crack the 2K Tier

I have a lens that's gotten quite near

Love Sonnets - highest rank 2032

Just another small bump will do

Well, Well. Did it today, no jive

Love Sonnets -ranked 1935!

Well, Well. Did it today and I feel fine!

Love Sonnets -ranked 1349!

(#34 in Books, Poetry & Writing)

The Day after V-Day wouldn't you know

Love Sonnets cracked 1000 with an 809 to show

A few days more on a sunny morn

A "750" for Love Sonnets greeted my dawn

Well, right about Valentine's Day

A lens rank of "733" came my way!

Then Google yanked the traffic, lo

Back to Tier 2 & long way to go

New Challenge - 50 Fans

It's been weeks at 20 Fans

I'd like to get that higher

I need more clapping hands

This is a strong desire

I'm sitting at 21 this day

So I'm still not let to play

What? Today there are 23

After stagnation ... Yippee!

I noticed, suddenly, 25

Hit the music; hit that jive

Today I checked; it's 32

More than 1/2 way to

Now, by the way, it's 34

Every month a few more

I looked today and I've 36

Need 14 more to stat affix

Glory be! It's at 39

Eleven more will be just fine

Forty were the days and nights

Just 10 more and all is right

Today I checked, it's 43

7 more needed to say yippee!

At 45 I'm just 5 short

When I reach 50 I'll hold court

46 is the number today

Four more and I will shout hip hooray

I'm sporting 48 fans just now

Soon to be at 50 I will vow

'Tis 49 at this very hour

I soon shall have the 50 Fan Power

Another evening brings me to check

51 Fans I now have on deck!

As if by magic I have 53

Going toward 60 territory

Well, I waited a little bit

And now 60 fans I have hit

OK, this won't go any higher

Fanship has been retired

I Made IT!

And You Can Too

Here I sit taking in the glory

Of this apparent allegory

Attainment of Giant uplifts

Helps me to cross the rifts

Of other challenges ahead

So I'll sleep soundly in bed

You can do this too, with work

Do not fear the barriers that lurk

Voicing all the no's that can be said

Messing with the resolve in your head

Just make one lens at a time to start

Get it to where it's OK - Not a work of art

And then, maybe do another one

Remember to have some fun

Try different modules here and there

At some point the truth will be bare

You'll have at least 50 lenses that are

Good enough to earn the golden star

>>>> Read of my strivings below <<<<

Going the Distance

Going the distance isn't easy

A reward waiting does matter

Don't get choked up and wheezy

Don't succumb to the chatter

Find that dormant inner strength

Pace yourself, chunk up your task

Cut goals into measured lengths

Success will offer up its flask

I Challenged Myself to Reach Giant Squidom

I challenged myself to reach Giant Squidom

And came up with a method with sheer aplomb

Though time enough is hard to come by

I have much in my head that needs reply

So if I could well address sufficient topics

I might yet vacation in the sunny tropics

For I must increase the monthly cash

As I no longer have much rainy-day stash

Would be nice for my fan base to increase

Which should happen if I write without cease

Let the folks wait eagerly on my every stroke

My unique turn of phrase, the feelings invoked

Should you wish to do the same, don't be rude

Don't hog the urls with lenses empty or crude

Fill your lenses with wisdom that you possess

And you also will be on the road to success

A Marathon

I feel this is a marathon

To write what's in my head

But as another year's gone by

I can't do naught instead

Earning to pay the bills

And keep us all afloat

Will occupy our waking time

So all should well take note

But nonprofits are in a pickle

For charitable giving is fickle

So this lens earns for charity

An option made with clarity

Giant Squid Challenge

Challenge yourself to attain the title of Giant Squid

Have You Accepted the Giant Squid Challenge

See results

Satisfaction and Then Some

In addition to the satisfaction of 50 lenses done

I hear that there are bonuses to aid your Squidly fun

I'm on the road less traveled, to join the noble crew

When I attain that level, I'll have more news for you

It's Quite Chaotic

It's rather chaotic

To multi task so much

But I'm not neurotic

Success; I can touch

Over Time

I expect that over time

More content will I add

Change some parameters

Like TOCs and tags

I've Just Published

I've just published three lenses

That I've worked on as a group

But three won't be a sticky rule

THIS lens will have the scoop

After 47

After 47, there are 3 remaining

To get to this noble goal

Time is fleet & work is draining

Yet I will come out of this whole

At 49 There is One Left

At 49 there is one left

To reach the magic 50

But I won't leave the old bereft

I'll tweak all to make nifty

Just Published My 50th!

Just published my 50th lens

It's about the USA

I welcome all friends

To see what I convey

50 Lenses Now Are Done

Fifty lenses now are done

But work continues on

I'm still having lots of fun

The challenge has not gone

Today's the Day

Hopeful lenses are judged on the Quarters

To see if they're Giant material

Bonnie and Robin must be excellent Sorters

To separate the good from the ethereal

Today, the end of June, I've applied with 56

See; I've extra lenses for good measure

Hopefully at least 50 captivate and transfix

And are determined to be worthy treasure

And Counting

!!! 82 Featured Lenses !!!

Thanks for Visiting - Enjoy Your Lensmastering

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Loved the way you sang around your way to Giant- very inspiring and the goals met. Your poetry is simple yet charming and awesome.

    • VarietyWriter2 profile image


      8 years ago

      Congrats...Giant Squid :) Blessed by a SquidAngel :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Hey there! Great Lens! However I can't vote the poll. Thanks all the same.

    • Kyecerulian profile image


      8 years ago

      Definitely a unique idea. Looks like we're both aiming for that Giant Squid tag. Good luck to you!

    • Gamganny profile image


      8 years ago

      Love your writing...made me smile so early in the morning. Great lens 5*


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