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Getting Involved and being Dedicated Makes all the Difference

Updated on October 10, 2011

Reading Listening and Researching

As I reflect back on the past twelve months since I've been on hubpages I've often wondered why so many more hubbers were soing so well. I admit that some of my hubs did not even meet my own standards because of my compulsion to write. However there were lots of subjects that worried and concerened me that I wanted to discuss. One of these concerns was the influx of perscription drugs and the nemerous lawsuits they caused due to mental anguish, pain, damage, ongoing suffering and death. Not only drugs but sergical implants. I was non to happy that some people did not find this helpful but amusing. Why? Over the past months since I wrote that hub there have even been more lawsuits, deaths, and more drugs found to have been causing problems. I recognized that to patiants who wanted to be healed and felt desperate, they may have felt that this was their only hope to try these drugs and implants. My belief was that drug companies and manuafacturerers were taking advantage of this as well as making money. I believed that this posed a danger to the general public.

Another Ecample was my concern about religion. I believed that if you depending upon God, whomever your god ming be, that it could make you fall into a dependant state and not willing to face up to the realalities of life, not willing to use your reasoning, education and common since.

I talked about technology and the common threat it posed to everyone. Indeed Wiki Leaks has elvolved and has threatened the very secutiry of not just this country but others as well by leaking sensitive information. I had stated that if in the wrong hands that technology could divide us and cause a lack of trust thus having a sort of domino effect. Lose trust and creat paranoia by spreading and innuendo and what do you get? The beginnings of total destruction.

My suggestions as to what to do about job loss is infact being done. No not because of what I wrote but because it makes since. Task Rabbit is a new websight that is locating people who have skills to people who need work done. How dows this relate to what I said? I talked about people using their skills and imagination to bring new jobs to the community.

I expressed my concern about the seeming lack of caring for the common, everyday American. What has happened? People are fed up with Wallstreet and Washington as just selfish peo; who only care about themselves.

So why aren't my hubs as popular and mainting a consistant score? The answer is simple yes powerful. Presenting your hub in a way that gets people to read and take you seriously about what you want to be understood and important to you as well as to them. This requires reading other people's hubs that are doing well, listening to and taking the advice of others in the hub community through forums, Finding out what topics really interest people. In other read, read, read. Get involved an discusions and feedback, Find out what's on peoples minds, Learn how to write well,

Overall I just wanted to get my opinion out there and let it be heard but I found I really wanted to feell good about what I had done by getting feedback from a lot of people who understood me.

So choose a good topic, get involved with the community, Make a good presentation, be doncise and on point. Give good examples. Not just catchy titles and taking chances to try and delve into interesting and controvercial topics but make your point be recieved.

So over the next 12 months I will take my time in preparation of hubs while I do more studying, research and cummity pertisipation.

In conclusion it is not what you have to say its how you say it.


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    • Deborah Demander profile image

      Deborah Demander 6 years ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

      I agree, it's not always what you say, but how you say it. In addition, I have found being involved in the hubnuggets forum always brings more interest to my own hubs. My advice, get your name out there.