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Guide to Space Shopping

Updated on June 13, 2014

Guide to Space Shopping

The great thing about shopping in space is that you literally cannot shop until you drop. There is no gravity in space and, therefore, you cannot drop.

If you are shopping for something in particular, then let me know and I will display it here.


Editor's Note -- I am often criticized by other people for not being commercial enough. I don't care. I write for the sake of writing. I don't care about things like SEO and analytics and sales. This lens, however, is about shopping and so I wanted the maximum amount of items for shoppers to peruse. Naturally, the following happened --

"Amazon Link Limit

This lens exceeds the limit of 20 Amazon links per lens. As a result, some links are no longer being displayed."

This new rule defeats the purpose of this lens -- shopping. What kind of store has just 20 items? One in Soviet Russia perhaps. Squidoo is creating a community of masochists (people who enjoy pain). I do not enjoy pain and so I rarely come to Squidoo any more. Any way, I did not mind trimming the number of offerings in another lens with a similar problem but I mind here because it was difficult finding space items in the first place. My preference would be to list only items that one could only buy up in orbit. That is not possible yet but I have revamped this lens to include more "only in space" items.

men are from Venus, women are from malls - or it it Mars?

same difference


space banks

Unlike the green movement which has spawned green banks, the space movement has not spawned space banks for consumers. There are space investment banks but no banks for you the space consumer.

Not yet. But when there are some, I'll probably be the first to report it. Heck, I might be the one who starts a space bank.



space books - and one magazine

space channels

As I find them, I will add space TV channels here. This includes broadcast, cable, internet and, naturally, satellite channels.

space-related domains for sale

This is virtual space but when space real estate comes up for sale, I'll put it here.

Space Age dresses

click on image to magnify it

Space Age dresses

click on image to magnify

Space Food

If this is what NASA has in mind, then I say let the French spacionauts be in charge of restaurants and supermarkets in space.




Guide to Space Food

Editor's Note -- Be sure to leave comment there suggesting content that could be added including gastronomy in space, links, scientific studies on food in space, space agriculture resources, and even recipes that could only be cooked in space. Nathan Myhrvold take note!

space magazines

Among the better magazines about space are Astronomy magazine and Sky & Telescope.

space movies


2001: A Space Odyssey - Leonard Rossiter's scenes



space music

Editor's note -- There is space music and there is space music. Most of what is passed off as space music is neither spacey in sound nor about being in space. All of these selections pass muster on both counts.


space restaurant - McDonald's or something more upscale?

space party supplies


WIRED SCIENCE | Satellite Shopping | PBS

Wired Science : Space and Flight: Satellite Shopping

One segment of this program is shopping for satellites. Not shopping via satellites but shopping FOR satellites. The rest of the show is not about shopping so you can ignore the rest. The satellite shopping is the first fourteen (14) minutes of the video.

space schools

under construction

space ships - this one is the Dream Chaser

It is built by Sierra Nevada Corporation. Booster not included. However, batteries _ARE_ included.

space ships

posing in front of the Dream Chaser


space shopper

space shopping at Wally World

actual space suits

editor's note -- Don't play with these people. They sell real space suits for real travel in space. No joke. Their usual customers are NASA and the Department of Defense but they will sell to anyone with the money.

space travel

space travel agencies

under construction

The Universe Seasons One-Three [Blu-ray]
The Universe Seasons One-Three [Blu-ray]

topics include - Deep Space Disasters , Parallel Universes , Light Speed , Sex in Space , Alien Faces , Deadly Comets and Meteors , Living in Space ,Stopping Armageddon , Another Earth , Strangest Things , Cosmic Phenomena , Edge of Space



What would you want to shop for in space?

See results

a space theme party

The Menu:

1. Crab because it looks like a facehugger. Also, in Star Trek, Klingons have a thing for pipius claw (king crab and lobster).*

2. Calamari because squid looks like a chestburster.

3. Dry ice in drinks will boil, give off fog and keep drinks cool but warn guests not to stick their tongue on it.

*I'd leave gagh alone because the closest real life equivalents are snakes, electric eels and intestinal tapeworms. This is food that fights back.

The Entertainment:

If you hire actors to scream for dear life on cue and hire professional special effects people to help with bloody prostheses, then you could have a Halloween party that your guests won't soon forget. Don't tell your guests what you have planned but have them sign waivers not to sue if anyone has a heart attack from fright and have an AED handy.

Automated External Defibrillators (AED's) are light weight, portable devices used to restore regular heart rhythm and improve survival chances when patients experience cardiac arrest at places other than a hospital, such as offices, shopping malls, schools, and homes.

A Note on Ethics and Food Safety:

Do not play with the crabs live nor play with the squid live. Kill them and cook them quickly. If you play with them, then you are cruel. They are not smart but, like all life, they deserve respect because you eat them to live. Jewish people already know this but gentiles need to be reminded of their obligations to other life forms. Also, do not be tempted to eat them or any animal food while it is still alive. Not only it that cruel but you risk infection from parasites (they come out of the ocean, humanity's cesspool). Some people are allergic to seafood, a third reason to cook thoroughly.

I personally have no problem with eating squid as food, calamari, but I draw the line with larger species of octopus. Octopus are smart. You do not eat smart creatures because first, anything with intelligence should not be eaten period. Second, smart things tend to be at the top of the food chain. Things at the top of the food chain bio-accumulate toxins. That is why we avoid eating carnivores and predators. You might get infected with prions too.

And do not put a live octopus on your face (or a dead one for that matter). Don't do this with a pet octopus and don't do this with a wild octopus. Pets should not be abused. A scientist who studies octopi would know better than to touch an unidentified species and since you are probably not a scientist, you might put a deadly venomous species on your face. Your local poison control center does not have blue-ringed octopus anti-venom because it does not exist. Common sense would tell you to keep an octopus off your face but this is the 21st Century and all the common sense has been bred out of humans.


image: Creative Commons

a note on ethics and food safety



This is a blue crab.

What do you want to sell?

space shopping - What do you want to buy?

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