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Updated on February 1, 2013

The Funniest Lensmaster on Squidoo

GuyB is the Funniest Lensmaster on Squidoo, and also one of the most respected. Heck, just the other day he asked for people to make a lens about him. Who else would be cool enough to do that? So here I am making one (even though I feel unworthy of the subject). It's almost 8:00 pm (20:00 for you military types) and I haven't fed my kids dinner yet, but GuyB wants a lens about him so that is my priority. That's the kind of respect GuyB commands around Squidoo.

Don't Forget to Pay Your Respects... - How has GuyB impacted your life?

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    • Morgannafay profile image

      Morgannafay 5 years ago

      People must of felt unworthy to comment in your most aw inspiring presence! I was brave enough to look into the light and give you a thumbs up :)

      Why Even the intro photo felt unworthy and had to take a bow! <3 love ya man

      You're hilarious by the way! I really enjoy your posts while I'm lurking about SquidU. :)