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how to get a adsense account without a site of your own the legit way .....never told before

Updated on October 21, 2011

hi friends ....these days google adsense is in its high demand . there is many reasons behind the scene .some of them are following :-

1. you can earn money with google adsense with your own website if you have 2. you even can earn money from google adsense if you don't have your own site it is called google adsense revenue you have to show your talent of writing as well as the efficiency of your brain to give answers of question asked by the user in the site . but at last point is if you have a google adsense account you can get paid for show your talent....

Now i come to the point...if you have not a adsense account ...follow the steps ..and surely you will get a finished with a google adsense account in your pocket lets start :-

1. go to 2.sign up ...and be active and start give answer asked by the other members ...(Note..don't be desperate ..answer less but good enough to be choose as best answer by the asker. 3. give up to 50 question answer ... 4. after then you will get automatically invitation to open an adsense account from in your email inbox.. 5. and final step accept the invitation and open a google adsense account of your own.. Now as i told you have google adsense account.... now earn from it as like you can. thanks for reading ..please reply your experience.


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    • Ployie profile image

      Ployie 6 years ago from Bangkok,Thailand

      I have never hear of this before, as i tried to register google adsense without own any website.. Its kinda hard and not working for me problably :/ but this is a good advice thanks for this i may have to recommed to friends :)