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How to Get Approval from Google Adsense

Updated on November 21, 2017

How to Avoid Disapproval by Adsense

How to be Approved By Google AdSense

Note: Google may decide to change the way of getting approval from them at any time

How can one gets approval from Google ADSense? Google Adsense is a programme run or carried out by Google, the leading search engine in the world, in order to help article publishers in monetizing their online written contents for profit. Adsense is very good because it has made many persons rich. It is used by affiliates who publish under publication websites to monetize their contents in order to make money in return. Irrespective of the fact that website owners and authors publish articles and apply for Google Adsense, they have been disapproved many times by the team which I was once a victim.

I decided to put down this topic to teach people on how to get approved by the leading search engine if they have been disapproved. The truth remains that it is painful whenever you apply again and see yourself disapproved again. During my own application processes, I nearly cried whenever I got disapproval message that wrote “unfortunate we were unable to take you into Adsense at this time because you have insufficient content”. Sometimes this message is usually send automatically when Google computer or machines does not comprehend the information sent to it. During my own encounter, my problem was not insufficient content but because I did not follow the due process required of me as someone that publish under It is a publication website for writers who are paid by the revenue generated by their content or pages.

What to do to be approved by Google Adsense

In every organization, there are set of rules guiding them and any who goes contrary to the rules get penalized. Also, Google has set of rules that guide any website that want them to displace adverts and these rules must be obeyed to avoid conflicts between those websites and Google. How to get approved by Google Adsense is summarized under below headings:

Terms of Service: It is agreed conditions that exist between two parties. Reading terms and conditions of some organizations are boring because there is much to read. You are to read through all even if it will take you two or three days to complete. It is important to study all the policies guiding any organization you want to partake and understand every bit to avoid “had I know” if any negative consequence arises as a result of your ignorance. In teams of

servicebetween you and Google Adsense, there is a portion that points out certain words you are not permitted to use. I would have mention them here but becomes an offence if I do so.

Publication: How many words per page do you think Google easily approves for advert? The truth is that they need long form write-up to place adverts and that is what any who needs their adverts should abide with to avoid disapproval. It is advisable to make each of your web pages to be more than 800 words to get into business with Google. You can break your topic into subheadings to create long-form article which gets approved easily. When you lack much to write on a particular topic, search for textbooks and spice up the article. I did not say you should copy but read the text and make your note from it. Again, make sure that you have up to about fifteen articles on your website before you apply for Adsense though some get approved when they have less of the mentioned. When publishing any content, be careful not to use any word that Google identifies as offensive and some of those words are mentioned on their policy.

Grammar: This is where many online authors fail as many who are not good in a particular language easily get frustrated when they applied multiple times and get no approval. It is essential to make sure your grammar is properly edited when you write online as you does not only receive disapproval from Google but keeps your readers frustrated. Yes, it makes them get tired of reading what you have written online and results to low traffic. It is not that you must be perfect but show accuracy standard. A publisher that wants to write excellently can ask someone to proofread his work when he must have written. He can install automatic proof reader in his computer. I make use of online grammar checker in proof reading my articles when I am done with my writing and so you will do if you wish.

Originality: How will you feel if you were not made original from birth? I have not seen any which is duplicated or photocopy of the other since I was born, even identical twins have some difference and not duplicated. Copying work created out of another people sweat is not good and Google does not place adverts on such content. It is essential to be yourself and create original content instead of copying what another man has made.

Opening Google Blogger: If you have your own website and Google have been refusing approving their adsense so that you can earn from your articles, opening Google blogger can be a source of help. What is Google blogger? Google blogger is a website operated by Google which publishers that have Google account (email) can open and start publishing on it. With just five articles on your blog you can get approval from Google adsense. When you are approved, you can then shear your publishers ID with your main website and start earning from Google. Go to for more information on how to go about it.

My journey with Google Adsense on and advice

Glory be to God that I have Google Adsense running on my account which is where I publish my articles. It is a site where writers of various categories publish their articles and earn real money in return. You can signup on Hubpages as they pay well. It appeared as if it was a dream when I saw that happened. “Insufficient content” I was receiving from Adsense was out of my own mistake and I know that many hubbers (those that publish on must have been making the same mistake. The “insufficient content message” continued to come whenever I re-summit my application until I decided to monetize my youtube videos which directed me to create new Google Adsense account. I did this using different Gmail account instead of using the one I used for applying for Google Adsense on I was waiting to receive disapproval message from them but to my surprise I saw approval message from Google Adsense team. You can upload some videos on and apply for Adsense through it maybe the method will work for you as well. Honestly, I think this is one of the easiest way of obtaining adsense approval.

The problem I was having was because I was trying to link my hubpages account with Google Adsense when I did not have Google adsense approval. Before you link your account with Google, you must login to your account on, move to my account (located on the top where your name is displayed)→ my earnings (still located on the top of your account)→ settings→ Google Adsense Settings. When you get to this point, click on configure and you will be taken to Adsense where you then associate your account with Click “no” when a radio button appeared if you do not have Google Adsense account to create a new one and the problem becomes solved automatically. You must follow this sequence when you publish on hubpages because you are working under them. Do not go straight to Adsense because the website is not purely your own but owned by hubpages. They just issued sub-domain to you meaning that you are not the owner. Make sure you follow the complete steps that Google required from you so that you get your Adsense account active on If you are successful with the application, you will be taken back to hubpages website.

I will like to write more on the postal code column at this point as a lot of new member find it difficult here. The postal code required is that which will be used to send cheque to you and not that of Search for the postal code of any area in your country through Google search engine. If I want to search postal code of university of Cape Town, I will type in Google search engine: “postal code of university of Cape Town”. I will then be directed to the website of my country’s postal service where I follow the required steps.

Also, make sure necessary information needed by Google Adsense to send your cheque to you is delivered to them. If you give wrong address to them you will not receive any cheque as your earnings will be sent to the wrong address you provided to them, so be wise and careful when filling Google Adsense form.


Google Adsense has made many people rich through internet writing and marketing. There are millions of people who are living comfortable because of the opportunity provided for them by this programme. The amount of money you are likely to earn from it is dependent on the number of articles you acquire on the internet and how much traffic they generate. This page detailed out how to get approve by Google Adsense, how I got approve and associated my account with it and advise to those who are seeking for approval. Getting approval from Googled AdSense is a bold step towards accumulation of wealth through the internet. It is important to know that Google is dynamic and can change the method discussed here at any moment.¾


So many things have changed about Google Adsense for the past few years. In that regards, you need to make additional research to find out other things that work. But that does not disqualify the points delivered in this article.


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    • Uzochukwu Mike profile image

      Uzochukw Mike 2 years ago from Oba

      The first is originality of your content. If your articles have been copied from any other website, you will not receive any approval from AdSense. But if you are sure that they are originally written by you, then keep writing and apply again later.

    • profile image

      John-paul 2 years ago

      hi dear, i have tried everything in my site, yet adsense team do bounce me. please help me. what should i do? Look into my website and tell me what to do.

    • profile image

      paul 2 years ago

      hi there, i have tried everything in my site, yet adsense team do bounce me. please help me. what should i do? Look into my website and tell me what to do.

    • Uzochukwu Mike profile image

      Uzochukw Mike 2 years ago from Oba

      Keep on publishing more articles.

    • profile image

      Fawaz 2 years ago . AdSense says insufficient content. please what do I do?

    • profile image

      tj 2 years ago

      hey its not been easy o but at last has been approved

    • Uzochukwu Mike profile image

      Uzochukw Mike 2 years ago from Oba

      Search that postal code of the state you filled through Google.

    • Uzochukwu Mike profile image

      Uzochukw Mike 2 years ago from Oba

      Search for the postal code through Google

    • profile image

      tyler 2 years ago

      Umm I didn't see any postal code for my address

    • profile image

      Kasim. 3 years ago

      Well done guy. More grease to your elbow. Visit this site, If it makes any sense, kindly drop your comment. Thanks for the useful info.

    • profile image

      DevangPatel 3 years ago

      i can create adsense genuine account without silly trick and after that you need to pay half payment and half will be after 2 months…