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How To Make A Good Lens

Updated on June 22, 2013

What Is A Good Lens

A good lens is a well structured lens that interacts with its readers. When I think of a lens, I think of a building or a city because its yours to keep, and it can attract a large crowd. The Taj Mahal is a castle in India that is a well constructed landmark that is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the region. However, the Taj Mahal needed a good base and time in order to be built. A lens needs to be nurtured with a good base, and then time will allow that lens to be built to its fullest potential.

About Me Module

Don't be a missing person in the online world. You must offer an About Me Module in all of your lenses. I have an About Me Module on all of my lenses because it promotes other lenses and tells the reader who you are. You can't miss out on this one.

Pull Off A Quote

The Sticky Note, Blackbox, and Talk Bubble Modules are all great ways to pull off a super quote. If you want to highlight a main point, then use this method because your reader will instantly look at this because it is in a different format. These modules aren't the regular white background, but don't use them too much or else they will lose their effectiveness like an exclamation point.

Don't Give Up!

"You have to sit by the side of a river a very long time before a roast duck will fly into your mouth."--Guy Kawasaki

Top 10

On Squidoo, and wherever you go, everyone loves a top 10. Whenever it's the Top 10 Baseball players or the Top 10 Legos, everyone loves to see a top 10 of their favorite interests. If you want to show a top 10, then I highly recommend using the Text List Module to list your Top 10.


If you want to make a better lens and get more sales, then you need to have product descriptions. For example, I write about Legos, and I talk about each of those Legos. I tell my readers some of the features as well as why to buy and so on. Descriptions on a product make your lens look better and will lead to more sales.

Original, Quality Content

Nothing beats original quality content online. If you want the best Squidoo lens, make it about a topic that you're good at, and you can provide YOUR own content without looking at any references. Original content with great quality always wins on Squidoo, and if you want the best lens, then stay on that path.

Nurture It

If you want a great lens, you have to come and publish it a lot. Some of my best lenses have a lot of quality content, and if I don't maintain that content, my lens ranks will crash down on me. If you want a successful lens with great content, then it is very important to nurture it. Acorns don't become oak trees in 1 day. You have to water it, tend to it, and care for it which is where we get the saying, "TLC-Tender, Love, and Care". That's the only way to see successful lenses. Some of the least successful lenses usually have little to no content, or they haven't been updated for a long time.

Give It Traffic

A lens cannot grow without traffic. Your lens could be the greatest kept secret or the biggest success story. There are a lot of ways to give your lens more traffic. A common way is to promote it on Social Media and the SquidooHQ Forum. Those are good methods, but in terms of Social Media, many people overlook YouTube as a great way to promote a lens. When I promoted a lens on YouTube, it got a lot of views even though it was new. There are countless ways to give your lenses more traffic, and the more traffic they get, the better the lensrank. As the lensrank gets better, content will be a powerful force in making that lensrank even better.

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