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How to Make the New Squidoo Work for You

Updated on May 31, 2013

Don't Let the Monsters Scare You

Whether you are a old lens master wondering how to figure out squidoo plus or a new lens master wanting to know how to succeed and make Squidoo work for you then you have come to the right place. Here we I will cover some of the exciting new changes and even some of the old features in Squidoo so instead of being scared my these new monsters you can make them work for you and succeed.

level 75 squidoo monster
level 75 squidoo monster

Climbing the level ladder

If you aren't familiar with RPG games you probably aren't use to the level's and experience. In those games you do things to get experience to gain a level. Squidoo is just the same. You may be asking why would I want to gain levels and how? First I will answer your question why. By getting levels you don't only get the reward of yes I went up a level but you get rewards such as new quests, side bars, tools to use for your lenses, and even a lens rank boost.. Not only are levels just rewards it is also your reputation lens masters that have been here longer and are more experienced are higher levels. The answer to how that is simple Squidoo. Participate in duels, like lenses, build your own lenses, comment on other lenses, and go to squid U, You might thing this is simple but to make Squidoo work for you get levels as fast as you can. This will lead to you building more lenses and getting more rewards and through your experiences not only become a better lens master but have a bigger reputation on Squidoo. Why not get a head of the game and check out the squidoo level guide.This is extremely important if in SquidU this let's others know you are serious and experienced.

Green Squidoo Monster
Green Squidoo Monster

Let's start with a Quest

Quests are an amazing new feature especially for you newbie's. Quests are an optional side feature that you can choose to do if you want but I highly recommend doing them. You may be asking why would I want to be doing something optional when I can be building more lenses. I say this because quests point you in the right direction. Haven't you always wanted Squidoo to come out and say if you want to succeed do this and this and you will not only really enjoy your time on Squidoo but succeed. Well that is what quests are. Most are fairly flexible and can teach you new things. They also have rewards such as points and even a rank boost. Personally there is no reason not to do the quests they are fun, you can learn a lot, they are flexible, and you can level up at the same time. You may be saying again thanks for the explanation but how do I succeed with them. Is how you make Quests work for you. First you need to do the quests but take them seriously think why would Squidoo want me to do this and get them done. The more quests you do the more things you will learn and become a better lens master while getting the rewards and tools you need to help you on the way.

Squidoo Monster King
Squidoo Monster King

Go for the Gold by getting Trophies

You looked at this and either don't know what a trophy is or are wondering how can trophies actually help me in Squidoo they are just a reward. Well first trophies are awards for accomplishments Squidoo thinks is worth rewarding you for. Most come from milestones such as how long you have been a member but others come from being lens of the day, having over 100 lenses, and even being a Giant Squid. Most people are just happy to get these awards while they are doing quests or just building lenses are happy with them which they should. I give you the challenge to be better though and make trophies work for you. How do you make a reward work for you if it's just saying you accomplished something? I will tell you. First find some trophies that you don't have that you want. For newbie's or non Giant Squids I recommend this trophy. Then make a SMART Goal, and achieve it. By setting this goal and succeeding it you will learn new tricks as a better lens maker in that area of target and while you are doing it level up.

Did this Lens work for you?

Squidoo Monster with Cookie
Squidoo Monster with Cookie

Help me help you let me know if this lens has helped you. If it hasn't live some of your tips in the comments I should add or things you would like to see on this lens, or tell me what you think of the new squidoo features.

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How you Make Squidoo Work For You

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      OrlandoTipster 5 years ago

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      This is a very informative lens. I received a lot of valuable information from it. Thanks

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      very informative thanks!

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      Fiona 6 years ago from South Africa

      I've enjoyed reading this - never thought about Squidoo being a RPG game before

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      kopitozie 6 years ago

      I wanna try trick for my new squidoo

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      KokoTravel 6 years ago

      Great information on Squidoo! Thanks!

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      Joy Neasley 6 years ago from Nashville, TN

      I enjoyed this lens. Thanks.

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      Thanks for this lens... just a little advice though... you need to edit the grammar in some places. :)

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      Neat lens. I would add the phrase, "Folks lining up outside; just get down" to this lens to get more visits.

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      Great Information loads of help