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My Magical Hubhopping Tour

Updated on February 12, 2011

I once read somewhere that mental health workers have a greater propensity towards schizotypy and magical thinking. I have no idea where I read that, and despite my best efforts at googling, have found nothing to confirm that hypothesis. So, maybe I made it up. I, for one, have always been a magical thinker and it would be comforting to think that my comrades share that trait. I have two sides to me. One side is deeply logical and knows that you find what you look for, that mystical experiences are a function of perceptual distortions. The other side sees the connections in coincidence, the messages in spontaneous phenomena, the writing in between the lines. I ask the questions and listen for the answers with my eyes, ears, and heart. Cerebrally, I know that life, the universe, and God don’t communicate with us directly through any medium. Intuitively, I know they do.

Which side is right? Probably both.

My ‘being’, my experience of life, has always been one of perpetual seeking. I seek to understand life better, to know what my path is meant to be, and to learn the lessons my soul needs to learn. Sadly, life changing “Oprah” moments are few and far between and I reckon that those momentarily profound inspirations become fleeting nuances of change rather than the real thing without hard work to reinforce them. At the same, opportunities for growth and learning are all around us if only we are open to them. Seek and ye shall find.

Hubpages, like so many other forums, presents a plethora of information on almost any topic you could imagine. Some of it is exceptionally well-written, jaw-droppingly inspiring, and beautifully heartening material. Some of it is mindless jibberish. But that is the beauty of it – everyone has a chance to tell their stories, opinions, theories and ideas. No one said that the only things worth learning about would be delivered in a nice, neat and articulate sonnet. The catalyst for change and growth may be inspired by a book, a song, a narrative, or even a hub. Maybe one hub can teach something you didn`t know before, and another simply teaches you that you didn`t like that hub. In any case, you learned something.

Preamble aside, I thought I would take the next 10 days to see what I could learn from Hubpages. I decided I would throw the dice (if you will) and see what comes up. Ten days, ten hubhops. A journey with no destination, other than to see where the road takes me. I expect nothing from this journey, other than to broaden my horizons and read some work of fellow hubbers I have not yet discovered.

So here goes...

Day One: Positive Parenting Tips: A Dozen Ways to Improve Your Parenting Skills by TPSicotte

Luckily for me my first destination on my hub-hopping journey happened to be written about a topic that I hold dear to my heart: parenting. If you were to ask me what my number one hobby was, I would answer you honestly: self-improvement. Which in a sense sounds a bit narcissistic and self-involved, but I am really fascinated with the whole idea of personal transformation, not just for myself but also for other people, hence my chosen profession is that of a therapist! However, this topic (above) has become the one aspect of myself I have been acutely focussed on since my daughter was born 3 and a half years ago, and even more so when my son was born eighteen months later. I am always searching, like I am sure many parents do, for ways that I can strive to be a better mom. Don`t get me wrong – I think I am pretty good at it, but I know I can do better (and anyone who denies this in themselves is in ... denial!). I have never sought to raise `perfect children``, but I do endeavour to be the absolutely best mom I can be to them, in order to let them naturally develop into the beautiful and amazing human beings they were designed to be at creation. This hub offers some fantastic tips on this endeavour. Many of the tips are nothing new to most of us parents, but they inspire in ways only a wonderfully articulated hub can; TPSicotte really hit the mark here. His last tip is the most important as far as I am concerned, and experientially have seen that observing this rule makes the biggest difference, at least in my parent-training. TPSicotte`s 12th and final tip suggests that Every Day is a New Day. It may sound simple to you, but I know how limiting its opposing philosophy can be. When I tend to look at things globally, I can become more disillusioned and beat myself up more for not being how I think I should be. Beating myself up has never made me a better mom. When I take each day as it comes, and say to myself at the start of that day: I will try my best to learn something about becoming a better mom, and then at the end of the day review the events and decide what was handled well and what could be handled differently – things just seem to go a little better. I know I can`t be a perfect mom, but I can get a little better some days. And days when I am a not getting any better at it, I can take my humanness and at least learn something from it!

Check out TPSicotte's wonderful hub here!


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    • Pixienot profile image

      Pixienot 6 years ago from Clarksville, Indiana

      Trust me, Nordy, I did not do it alone. He was with me all the way. I loved being a parent to little ones. They grow up and have their own. I love that too!

      Each stage in each one of our children's lives is important - even as they become adults and bloom.

      Keep up the good work.

    • Nordy profile image

      Nordy 6 years ago from Canada

      Thanks Pixienot, and wow! Five!? I just can't imagine how you run that show! And on top of the difficulties you have had. My hat goes off to you dear lady! Thanks for the feedback!

    • Pixienot profile image

      Pixienot 6 years ago from Clarksville, Indiana

      Good job.I can totally relate, as a parent of five. One can only do with the tools they have. As time passes, we gain more tools. Some never quite understand how to use the tools they do have, and that is sad for all concerned.

      You, however, have your eyes and ears open and are ready to improve with each day. I'm sure you are a fantastic parent!

      Great Hub review.

      Voted up and awesome.