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My Magical Hubhopping Tour: Day Six

Updated on February 24, 2011

why do fat burning exercises? by udlalindra

I have a knot in my stomach. I really don`t like to say anything bad about other people`s work. I have always subscribed to the ``If you can`t say anything nice, don`t say anything at all`` ideology, especially when confronted with the fruits of someone else`s labour. I hope my ``from-the-hip`` introduction on my last hub about the hub I breezed over hasn`t set off a chain reaction of hops to hubs of a certain calibre.

I`m pretty sure this author has some good points to make, and the topic itself is one I am currently interested in, which I will get into later. Really, the only problem with this hub that it reads somewhat illogically, full of what appears to be wordsalads and derailed ideas. I hope this is only due to maybe English being this author`s second language. Or perhaps he or she didn`t mean to publish it yet and it is still in its rough form, or his/her computer has a habit of changing words on his or her behalf (Mac’s seem to be notorious for this, i.e. my Ipad routinely signs my emails as “Nerdy”).

In any case, this hop has lead to another topic of interest for me lately and that is fat burning. After the 2 years and two months since my youngest child was born, I have almost reached my goal of pre-pregnancy (pre-first child weight, as there was only 9 months in between pregnancies!) weight. In fact, I only have about 5 pounds to go. Which should make me feel absolutely ecstatic (and don’t get me wrong, I AM happy about it), but the mirror tells a different story. Even though I may be near my original weight, I do have a ton more fat than I ever used to. Especially from the waist down. Part of me realizes that child-bearing has a tendency to do that to women (and men whose sympathies are to enmeshed with their pregnant partner’s plghts). I can live with the fact that my tum will never look quite like it used to, it was not exactly a six-pack to begin with. Another part of me understands that age also has a fiendish way of making fat congregate in certain areas of the body. But the biggest part of me, who also boasts the title of being the most logical one, sees the writing, plain as it is, on the wall. Or in the mirror I guess:

 I need to start exercising.

Which would be totally fine, if I wasn’t lazy. No excuses here, I just don’t like exercise. I don’t mind running after the kids, or taking them swimming/skating/walking, or hiking up and down the stairs with laundry all day long, I just loathe anything that even vaguely could be described as exercise. And I am not sporty or competitive. Never have been, never will be. But none of my daily chores are going to tone up my tum or tone down this bulge I affectionately refer to as my muffin-top. Not such a big deal really, if I didn’t have a wedding dress to fit into this year...

All that aside, I must say that I am not a vain person, but looking in the mirror I do recognise that my body is out of shape, and if it is out of shape, then it is not as healthy as it should be either. I have long known that exercise is a fundamental part of healthy living, I just need to find a way to motivate myself to get into the routine. I don’t have to love it, I just have to do it. Any suggestions?

Maybe that knot in my stomach is not about the hub I read, but what it has reminded:  I need to get my butt off this couch!

If interested, read more on the hub that inspired this one here.  


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    • RealHousewife profile image

      Kelly Umphenour 

      7 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      I've been stalking you!!!! Thanks for all the great hubs!

    • Nordy profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Canada

      I hear ya RealHousewife!

      Thanks for the tips Pixienot!

    • Pixienot profile image


      7 years ago from Clarksville, Indiana

      No, no Nordy, you have it all wrong. Although exercise is ultimately wonderful for your body and mind, it is not all it is cracked up to be.

      Eating right, and I do mean right, will reduce your fat tremendously. (Speaking as a mother of five here) Once you have reduced your fat, you have two things going for you.

      One, you now have the habit of eating right for living healthy (along with your kids) and two, exercise will not be nearly as painful.

      Having Fibromyalgia, I can only exercise in the water without hurting. However, I did not know that when my children were growing up.

      On to your hub; I suggest you re-read it. Some spelling errors. I always read my hubs out loud to myself at least twice before I publish. If I then have errors it is because I'm blinded by weariness. I should have waited. Not a criticism but a helpful hint.

      I really enjoy reading your work.

      Voted way up!

    • RealHousewife profile image

      Kelly Umphenour 

      7 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      I hear the same thoughts in my head! I justify this by telling myself that all that running around I do running up and down the stairs with laundry - driving the kids to tumbling/cheer/softball - why can't that count as my exercise?!?!


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