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My Magical HubhoppingTour: Day Seven

Updated on March 2, 2011

Bench Techniques By: Joshua P. Bigby (JBigby)

Now I am sure that the cosmos are leading me in this journey of personal transformation. Last hubhop led me to the topic of fat burning, and this one lands me on weight training. Clearly, powers from above are telling me that it`s not just my psyche that needs a makeover! I hadn`t counted on this happening, but since it has, I shall pay heed!

Now I must admit, I have never read anything about proper technique when it comes to bench pressing or any other weight training moves. Interestingly, although I am not an avid fan of exercise in general, weight training is the one thing I do truly enjoy. This hub is well-written, with very detailed instructions about proper form when lifting weights. I don`t know much about weight lifting, and have probably been doing it not-so-gracefully as the author instructs, so I won`t comment on the content of the hub.

What I can comment on is the style and literary merits. I must say, I am a visual person who frequently thinks in pictures and images, and am (much to my dismay) unable to retain or fully comprehend any material that I cannot convert into mental images.  This author painted a very visual description with his carefully chosen words; I was able to imagine myself actually lying on the bench, poised to lift the bar with finesse and vigour. Positive psychology tells us that the more you can visualise yourself doing some desired activity, the more likely you will ensure it comes to fruition. This hub seems to be directed towards those who regularly weight train and want to improve their form. As an added bonus, it depicts the art of lifting properly so clearly, that it makes the idea of weight lifting itself appealing to an amateur such as myself.

Of course, I wouldn`t be me if I didn`t see some philosophical metaphors in the author`s words, intended or not. The hubber begins his topic by talking about proper feet positioning when weight lifting, and advises the reader that:

`` Your stance in anything that you may do is crucial to your success``

Stance in this case clearly refers to one`s posture, but the word is also synonymous with attitude and point of view. Just as a good position is crucial to successful and non-injurious weight training, a good attitude is essential to bearing any weight that life may place upon your shoulders. The great Lena Horne once counselled: ``It`s not the load that breaks you down, it`s the way you carry it`. Watching the Oscars tonight with an homage to the songstress reminded me of this fantastic quote. And reminded me that the mental weight I am currently carrying is an affliction of attitude not circumstance. Equally, this author`s hub has reminded me that an improper stance not only undermines the physical gains to be had from lifting, but also leads to injury. An improper stance in dealing with life`s stressors and tribulations will do you the same disservice. It`s a funny thing, serendipity is.

So in reflection, it seems that this, my seventh hubhop, has simultaneously addressed both my physical and metaphysical needs for greater understanding and self-improvement. Thanks Jbigby for this hidden gem!

Check out Jbigby`s Bench Techniques here.


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    • RealHousewife profile image

      Kelly Umphenour 7 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      Hilarious! I actually found one of my old ankle weights - but just one:-) hahaha!

    • Nordy profile image

      Nordy 7 years ago from Canada

      Cheers and same to you! P.S. I have the weights, I'm just not sure how to get down to the basement to use them. They seem so far away. Guess I'll have to just think about it some more ;)

    • RealHousewife profile image

      Kelly Umphenour 7 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      I loved this Nordy - and I have been thinking about buying some small weights to start lifting - too bad I've only thought about it! I mean it - I'm really going to start tomorrow:-). I love your hubs - always so well written. Up!