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Hubpages make money, Make money with hubpages

Updated on November 14, 2016
Hubpages reviews - blog. Writing an article for publishing online.
Hubpages reviews - blog. Writing an article for publishing online. | Source

What is hubpages?

Writing for hubpages

Hubpages is a website which provides authors to publish articles on it. You need to create profile and then start publishing your articles. Hubscore and Huberscore are two important parameters which I noticed are important to be maintained good. These two factors distinguish the author and article from spammers and score shows the quality of work produced by the author.

When I published my first article I came to know many other interesting features on this website. Some people have mentioned that it is even more fun to write article and maintaining your score than to have active social networking account. I do realise this by myself. Forums and discussions are present on the site. Authors are the active users which keep on replying to the comments and queries.

It is also referred to a content farm. It produces so many articles published on it in neatly differentiated categories. Articles present on the same topics before you published on the site also helps to increase your hub page rank on search engine. This is an additional benefit for new authors and results in instant traffic fetching. It also increases the confidence of the author. Writing patterns followed by the fellow authors also provide a meaningful manner to learn from them.

Hubpages reputation

As the time passes on hubpages I get to know many new things that quality and uniqueness of articles matter more than writing too many articles. It might be the case that your blog or hub gets less traffic but uniqueness can give more payments from the ads shown on your article.

Being an author you need platforms and I guess blogger and Hubpages are good options to start. For learning to produce quality articles I will suggest to publish few articles on Hubpages first. By seeing those score which I mentioned above you get continuous idea of your progress.

Another important feature which I noticed on hubpages is the earning potential of an article. It is mainly represented by the $ signs. The more number of $ signs the better the chance to earn more. The algorithm based upon many factors but mainly quality of content matters. It is not the exact estimation but it gives the rough idea of your article.

Whenever a new article you write and get ready to publish it, hubpages provide it a score which represent the quality of work. It is often know as the starter score, it keeps on changing after publishing the article. As the traffic trend follows similar to that your hubscore will move. So far I have three hubs on hubpages and all of them are above 50 hubscore. I also noticed that as the hubs are getting older so is my hubscore increasing. After 24 hours of time my one hub has crossed the hubscore of 65. As the hubscore of hubs are improving so is mine hubber score or profile score on the site.

Display interface of website shows the profile picture along with score of the author. Author community watching your each move that is why producing good articles gives you some recognition between the communities. Author communities are well active and you can find many authors working on their articles and when they publish their work you can notice them on your hubs feeds

How to make money on hubpages?

Earning potential of the site is also good. It works on the policy according to which you will see ads displayed on your articles which visitor clicks resulting in your earning. Now 40% of times the hubpages ads will be displayed and 60% of time your google adsense ads. It is like 40:60 divisions of ads and so is earning. But getting quickly indexed in search engines make this not a big problem.

Learning these few important tips I decided that I will try to produce unique and quality product.

Are you addicted to write online on hubpages for publishing?

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    • sabrani44 profile image

      sabrani44 6 years ago

      Great hub, I thoroughly enjoy Hubpages. Its a great website to learn all the ins and outs of writing.

    • sagarsharam89 profile image

      Writer 6 years ago

      thankyou @alipuckett :)

    • alipuckett profile image

      alipuckett 6 years ago

      I really like HubPages because of the social element. It's nice to actually interact with other authors like you! :)