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A Protest against Pointless Queries

Updated on August 18, 2010

Seriously folks

I do not mind people who do not have my education or yours perhaps.  I enjoy answering those questions and gearing some of my work to the satisfaction of others and myself when the subject is interesting even if the grammar is a little on the rough side.  If you pay attention, however, you will find that you can tell the difference between a sincere question and those that splatter the Answers section like so much ketchup on the wall. 

I am always grateful for a good question.  They make you think about their subject and not the bad spelling, incorrect grammar, or incomplete thoughts, which leave you wondering if you should even venture an answer, least you, be wrong in anything you say from lack of understanding.  Any writer worth their salt is always game for a new idea and inspiration to charge their creative juices.  It is what writers live for even if we generally don't pay people for their bottomless pits of subject matter that are shoved at us without forethought every time to time we mention our craft in public.  It seems strange to do work on a subject, which is always purported to be a great idea, when they themselves refuse to venture their own work.

It boggles my mind then why I keep seeing pointless questions or prompts posted over and over by the same sources every time.  I can tell by the majority of the responses to a question I posted on this subject, that there are many here that agree even if they far kinder in their expressions of regret that this is even a valid topic for discussion let alone a hub.  Most of the questions I am referring to are so terribly phrased and were obviously splattered into existence for no other purpose then unrequited self-aggrandizement.  I was dismayed when researching the causes behind this mess that writers do it to boost some of their plaudits or to get notice for their work.  Whatever the case, reason, or lack thereof I cannot help but find it sad.  Up until recently I could not find the time or patience to shoot them down, even were I inclined to do so.  I am grateful that the flag option has become a lot easier to use of recent.  

It is often observed that, “man as fallible.”  Purportedly my religious feelings should cause me to be as accommodating as some of the others here where spammers are concerned.  I do not see this problem as a failing but rather an exercise of avarice.  I should not care how many people ask how they can make more money on hub-pages and cannot be bothered to check previous questions that have already been asked on the subject or use the search function that even some apes can comprehend; this still is not a failing this is laziness.  I shouldn't eviscerate people who post between five to ten pointless and unexplained questions a day without even a thought to those who might try to answer them, to not do so would leave me diminished through permissiveness.  I should give a pass to those who write questions only to pontificate on their vast stores of wisdom.  Arrogance was meant to be as a balloon rubbing up against thorn bushes.  I should not buffoon people who post arcane questions about subjects mean nothing to anyone but the poster and do not even make rational sense, most of these can be identified through the lips of the originator.  These last might be tolerable if the posters would have the decency to use the second dialog box to help ground their question in reality a bit but still I should understand such things.  I think not.  If one wants to make one feel good, there are easier ways that do not include abusing the eyes of everyone else in cyberspace.

If I did not care about the human race or even the painful if necessary process of education, I would hold my tongue or pen and keep flagging.  I am not that cruel however.  I was brought up to understand that correction, when applied to the proper ailment and befitting the problem, could be educational.  Education is always worthwhile.  I like this site and the uses it can be put to by those in this craft.  I covet those Hubbers who put together coherent questions.  I care enough for the content on Hubpages to do what I can with my pen to promote the general welfare of writers in general.  I do it because I know that there are those who are aching for something substantial to write about.  They covet such inspiration so much that they are willing to write about recipes and ‘how to's’ to pass the time and keep their writing skills sharp.

If you will pardon me I would like to reference a favorite poem, written by Robert Frost: :

"Say something to us we can learn 
By heart and when alone repeat. 
Say something!  And it says "I burn." 
But say with what degree of heat. 
Talk Fahrenheit, talk Centigrade. 
Use language we can comprehend. 
Tell us what elements you blend."

I acknowledge that there is little if anything more I can do that can change what people post and how many pages I have to sift through in order to find a prompt worth addressing.  It is hard not being able to post my gratitude to those who have also spoken out on this issue other then my tongue-in-cheek expression to the first person who answered my question.  I therefore do so now.  It has been my pleasure to rub up against so many great writers and to see that good literature has not died, it just came here.  As hubbers worthy of each stroke of the key it does us credit if we can find ways to educate and discourage question spamming.  Keep flagging if you would, hub hop when you can, buffoon away when you have the inclination and always have fun out there.  A little forethought and sincerity is all I am asking.


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    • Jaggedfrost profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Thanks Christopher

    • Christopher Floyd profile image

      Christopher Floyd 

      8 years ago from Kansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

      Here, here! Couldn't agree with you more.

    • Jaggedfrost profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Thanks for responding to the hub. I appreciate the feed back.

    • Diane Inside profile image

      Diane Inside 

      8 years ago

      okay, I read this hub, as per your question left on the answer board. I agree about the dozens of pointless questions that seem to be left. Especially when it is ten or so questions in a row from the same author, who ask pointless, seemingly unrelated questions, some of them I answer if I feel like my answer were a good one. Sometimes I don't answer simply because I don't know what it is they are asking. "Whatever." Anyhow I just ignore those questions. Since I obviously cannot contribute to them. Anyway I like this hub, I feel it probably as been brooding around in most of our head at one point or another.


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