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Information Lenses VS Sales Lenses

Updated on June 22, 2013

Everyone Wants To Make Money On Squidoo

Everyone wants to make money on Squidoo, but the amount of money you make here could depend on the lenses that you write about. I have seen debates and voiced my opinion about whenever it is better to have a lens focused to get sales or if it is better to have a lens focused on informing your reader. I have analyzed my lenses that make the sales and inform my readers with a how to style and stories of success.

I have been a lensmaster for almost a year, and I have created over 100 Squidoo lenses. I have earned over a thousand dollars on Squidoo so far, and I have learned many lessons about Squidoo lenses along the way. I am going to show you how some of my lenses are doing right now--information packed lenses and sales lenses.

Lens #1

Lego Station

Those earnings look nice for a single lens. The total for this lens is close to $500 in about 9 months which averages out to about $54 a month. This lens went to Tier 1 only 2 months after it was created which is very rare. This lens goes back and forth between Tier 1 and Tier 2 after 4 solid months of Tier 1. Now this lens' monthly average ranges from 4000-5000 which is not where this lens should be. This lens gets some weeks of really good traffic while other weeks are not nearly as good. Although this lens has never hit 1,000 visitors per month, it is my top earner, and there is 1 reason for that: the Legos on this lens are expensive, and that's how I get a good commission. This lens also has over 200 Squid Likes and over 100 comments.

Lens #2 - Tips4Squidoo

These statistics aren't what you would call consistent, but there are many interesting factors that make this lens incredible. This lens consists of a lot of information about Squidoo that help newbies out, but it has never had a Tier 1 payout (although it has been in Tier 1 multiple times and was really close in October). There have only been 642 lifetime visits in about 9 months, but the statistics I will provide next will give you a good appreciation for information packed lenses. There were only 642 people who visited this lens and it only gets about 20 visits a week, but it has almost 400 Squid Likes so far, over 200 comments, over 50 Facebook likes, and over 100 tweets. That means over 50% of people who visit my lens gave it a Squid Like, almost 33% of people commented, 7% of people gave it a Facebook like, and many people have tweeted about this lens as well.

Right now, this lens is in Tier 3, but with a lensrank under 15,000, this lens could reach Tier 2 very soon.

What The Statistics From These 2 Lenses Show Us

Sales lenses will get more amazon commissions because they naturally make more sales. However, visitors on a informational lens are more engaged, and my Tips4Squidoo lens has been squid liked by over 50% of the people who visit this lens which helps lensrank a lot.

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When Sales Lenses Thrive

Sales lenses tend to thrive around Christmas time. One of my lenses went from earning $10 a month from Amazon sales to now earning $50 a month because of these sales. This lens is also in Tier 1 which results in a good payout in that regard as well. Since everyone is Christmas shopping, this is the ideal time to have a sales lens. Make sure you have a lot of sales lenses at this time of year.

When Information Lenses Thrive

Information packed lenses don't thrive the way sales lenses do. Information packed lenses thrive through visits, comments, and so on versus just getting sales. When Christmas ends, the number of customers will dramatically decrease because Christmas shoppers are all done shopping by December 25. Spring time is a when sales lenses thrive because there aren't any special events in spring when parents are looking to get their kids something extra special like they do during Christmas. When presents aren't on the top of everyone's mind, people are always trying to do something, and information lenses allow that person to do what he or she needs to do. These times are when information packed lenses thrive.

Purple Stars

If you want a lens with a Purple Star, informational lenses are the way to go. Two of my lenses have received Purple Stars, and none of them have converted any sales or have products for sale.

Lens #3

Yugioh Cards

Ouch, that hurt. This lens is about Yugioh Cards, and in the month October, this lens had over 3,700 visitors. December is much different with under 500 visitors (these stats are from December 20, 2012, so this lens could easily reach over 500 visitors by the end of the month). However, with the way this lens is moving, it is unlikely that this lens would reach 1,000 visitors for the month of December. To reach 1,000 visitors, this lens would have to get over 50 visitors a day. In October, this was no problem, and I had some days where this lens got over 100 visitors per day. Asking for 50 visitors a day would be asking for a lot especially because this lens hasn't passed 50 in over a month. I still believe that this lens could easily bounce back, but when a product becomes unpopular, one of your lenses talking about that product becomes unpopular too.

Lens #4

Top 10 Yugioh Cards

This lens is about Yugioh Cards as well, but this lens is doing much better. During the first month, this lens had under 150 visitors that month. This lens slowly got more visitors until it hit a huge traffic increase in August. This lens went from about 700 visitors a month to about 2200 visitors a month. The next month, I got almost double my visitors putting the rate up to over 4,000 visitors a month. The highest this lens has been was at over 7,000 visitors in 1 month. This lens has been going slightly downward, but at 6,700 visits a month most recently, how far down is it really? This lens had under 150 visitors during its first month, and today, this lens gets over 150 visitors a DAY.

Contributions For Lens #4

Lens #4 got a lot of traffic in a short amount of time. Here are some of the important factors:

  1. The title of the lens alone helped out a lot (who doesn't want a Top 10).
  2. Some updates, but each update consisted of over 10 modules.
  3. Pinged via Squid Utils.
  4. Cheap, high quality Yugioh Cards was a constant pattern throughout the lens leading to a lot of sales.

Lens #5

Constant Payout (See which one in the description)

Although this lens has had an up and down lensrank, this lens is constantly a Tier 2 lens. During the first month, this lens already had a lensrank of 13,000 which is incredible for a first month. The payout for this lens has been constant, and now it approaches Tier 1 as well. You might be wondering what kind of a lens this would have to be. A lens with a constant payout that only gets higher. The answer to that is both. Lens #5 is an informational and sales lens. This lens is about making money with Legos by buying them and selling them for a higher price when they retire. This lens is informative because it tells other people how to make money online through this method, and it is a sales lens because people buy the sets that I recommend. I sell Legos that are soon to retire, and this lens has made over $100 from sales alone in only 8 months. Now that this lens approaches Tier 1, it will get a better Tier payout which will turn this lens into an earner of over $100 a month!


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