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Jan T's Loves/Hates?

Updated on April 7, 2016

The list!

All you ever wanted to know about Jan T

(says who?)

all about my hubs and other stuff about:

what I do and

who I am and

what I like and

what I don't like and

who I love and

where I live and...

Right: one of my art quilts.

Reach for the Sky 1990, 3' x 4' A three sided boomerang is flung up into the sky to reach for the southern cross above the dunes.

10 things I like - at the moment

  1. my husband, Bob
  2. teaching people things
  3. making art quilts
  4. The Mentalist — not because Simon Baker's from Oz
  5. the How-To channel. Can't get enough of decorating
  6. Australian native plants
  7. old fashioned cottage gardens
  8. WordPress® 4
  9. chocolate — but it looks like I might be allergic to it (how terrible)
  10. me!

Being grateful for the good things in my life

Recently I have been absorbed with art journalling, and have been using the prompts from journalling websites to "get going".

It's very hard to say nice things about yourself, even in a painting. It's much easier to say nice stuff about others. My list is kind of about me, but more about what's in my life at present.

The list of likes is only ten because there are way too many good things in my life these days. The list could be hundreds of things.

He's my man
He's my man

Teaching people since I was 10

And I just turned 70!

Because I was a bright little thing, my teachers were always challenging me, sometimes by sending me down to the Infants section of school to teach the littlies, if someone was away.

Looking back on my life, I have been teaching people, students, neighbours, friends and others, how to do arithmetic, sewing, handicrafts, crochet, knitting, accounting, life skills, art, patchwork and quilting.

I love the Yes! moments that happen the pupil "gets it". I think it's called (so-and-so's) Theory of Revelation. I call it the Aha! theory. My favourite part of teaching.

In the hub Cancer Council Quilts, linked below, you will read about two tiny girls whom I taught during that project.

Students of mine in Tenambit NSW 2008

Birthday class for a bag each
Birthday class for a bag each
Birthday girl, Sophie
Birthday girl, Sophie

A few of the 200

Thirty years of quilting

Making quilts, writing about making quilts.

Designing quilts, writing about designing quilts

Inventing shortcut method for patchwork, writing a book about that

There's more than 200, from 1½ inches square to 12 foot square.

4 published patchwork/quilting books, hundreds of articles published

10 things I hate - at the moment

  1. the quilt police
  2. bad spelling (Signwriters should take spelling tests!)
  3. inconsiderate drivers
  4. rude sales people
  5. quilts with wonky borders — unless they're art quilts, and meant to be wonky.
  6. neighbour's noisy barking dogs
  7. pencil lines 'embedded' in a quilt, they just won't wash out! (No I'm not one of them! )
  8. being late
  9. terrible listeners
  10. hives — I've been suffering since Christmas...

(That was 2004. 2016 update. Turns out I had Chronic Urticaria which went after three years.)

I'd love to hear what you like or don't like, or the rest of it

Leave me a note - please...

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    • ojahyazid profile image

      ojahyazid 6 years ago

      very nice collection of lenses .. I'm a newbie at website designing (for my own) so a bit inspiring to see yours :)

    • JanTUB profile image

      Jan T Urquhart Baillie 7 years ago from Australia

      @anonymous: Thanks for the blessing, Susie. Are you the Christmas angel?

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Wow! What a wonderful lensography.

      You do love quilts (I do too).

      Blessed by a Squid Angle...


    • JanTUB profile image

      Jan T Urquhart Baillie 8 years ago from Australia

      [in reply to rms] Thank you so much!

    • aka-rms profile image

      Robin S 8 years ago from USA

      Congratulations NEW Giant!

    • JanTUB profile image

      Jan T Urquhart Baillie 8 years ago from Australia

      [in reply to 0ctavias0fferings] My motto is: You have to have fun, or you have to go home! Otherwise life will kill you! Thanks for the you know waht!

    • ctavias0ffering1 profile image

      ctavias0ffering1 8 years ago

      :) I think you know what I've done LOL this is a wonderful lensography and you have such a sense of humour. Good luck with your progress towards Gianthood, I'm sure you'll make it. Angels can't keep away from your lenses ;)

    • JanTUB profile image

      Jan T Urquhart Baillie 8 years ago from Australia

      [in reply to spirituality] Thank you again. And I am blessed.

    • religions7 profile image

      religions7 8 years ago

      Wow, you're moving fast. Great lensography & welcome to squidoo. Blessed.