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The Writing of J. Aric Keith

Updated on March 4, 2013

The Best Way To Find The Works Of J. Aric Keith

The goal of this page is to help you familiarize yourself with my writings. It will also give me a place to sell them when I get them ready for press.

Enclosed you will find the synopses and basic character outlines of all the works I have put together thus far.

I have started releasing my epic 35 novel series of Maraude about the rise and fall of Division M. Starting on July 11th, 2012 Maraude's first installment Operation: Astronomical will be available for purchase. It will be a 99¢ ebook until I release book two, Badger Down in fall 2012.

Operation: Astronomical - A Maraude Series Novel
Operation: Astronomical - A Maraude Series Novel

Operation: Astronomical

Maraude #1

Approached by his sister, his brother-in-law and an old friend, Dale Pennington finds himself ensnared in a new underground world where nothing is quite what it seems. Coaxed into continuing by his wife who seems to be swayed by the impressive payment for the jobs Dale is hired to perform, will he bend to the will of the Jerome Society? Will he find who pushes Fallfayer's buttons? And who are these kids?

André Chávez was appointed as a Champion long before General Nicanor slithered himself into the House Chávez stronghold of San Buitré. Can he survive long enough to find a way from this torture? Or will he be swayed by his young protégé?

The Maraude Series is at least 30 to 35 novels in length, and this is book one. J. Aric Keith's longest running design, spanning 30 years of planning.

Division M Logo
Division M Logo


As the original plot of Rich Sabre will not happen for several more books into the series, I felt I should let you in on the book that is nearly ready for publishing. I will add a link as soon as possible.

A story of how Colonel (then Lieutenant) Pennington was shot down in Korea by a Soviet Spetsnaz operative who later becomes a long-standing friend, is told in Back Burner Anthology #1.

Operation: Astronomical is the true start of our saga, although we will be using the Back Burner anthologies later on to delve into the history of the Trend council and the Council of the Magestra. I am also in the process of setting up t-shirts at Zazzle that will be displayed here when I have them ready.

Dale tells the story of himself in the present (1974) time when he is forced to let go of his military career and become a member of a Secret Society that inevitably works for a shadow conspiracy council named The Council of The Magestra. The third story is about a young boy who is the top tier of one of the regional "Blood Ring" (think Hunger Games for the Illuminati) and his house (or society) had been divided by the Magestra's Rival; Trend Council. The story ultimately completes itself when Andre meets Dale. But will they fight together or fight against each other?

Book Two will detail the friction of Dale within the House that has inducted him, and a House who has decided to make an example of him. Exandrov's House comes to his aid only to find that they don't need to. Find out why this fall, in Badger Down, told from the perspective of Laura Graves, Trio member and Lahab Guard to Dale Pennington

Tales From The Back Burner
Tales From The Back Burner

Tales From The Back Burner

The Keystone Antholgies

Five tales to give you a glimpse into the mind of J. Aric Keith and a place to find out something about his upcoming projects.

Back Burner is the first of a series of anthologies that will be published. This one is marked for a very special purpose. Every penny the this 99¢ download makes, goes to a child soldier advocacy group by the name of Project AK47. Please support their mission to pull these children from the front lines and educate them and put them back in a stable environment.

Find this collection of short stories at Smashwords

I will keep 0% of the proceeds of this book for the duration of Project AK-47. Visit their site at Project


My second go at Nanowrimo, flopped...

But the story continues. It only failed because I had only written 30,000 words by the end of November. Job and home issues kept me from making the time necessary to finish my 75,000 word book. The outline had been completed in August. Character arcs were complete, all I had to do was fill in the fluff...

Anyway, this is Stage part two. The story come to play with Adrienna Brey-Storen eight years after the kidnapping. She now runs SJ's old shop The Ax Attic and is married with a young son, Conner. As the story unfolds we find just how damaged she is from the events that punctuated the first book. She is a split personality. Ruled by her nine year old self. Everyone tries to help her, and she accepts but the more she tries to break free, the more split she becomes.

Her solution, create a new band and have them ready for Pageant and Red Tinted Zebra's annual stadium gig. Born of Renna bringing together a mix of inner city kids, Wyldheart becomes just what all five of them needed to bring the old life under subjection. But the troubles from those lives keep coming back to haunt them. Altonia's drug habit and fighting her mother for custody of her own children, Laikeshia's miscarriage, Kris' incident with a rival gang that nearly left him unable to play guitar, and Bryce accidentally shooting a rival gang leader's little sister.

No cover has been designed yet, I'm still writing at the moment. Heheh

Exerpt From Chapter Four

Kristofer Cooke

He brought the nub to his lips and drew in a lung full, then passed it to the next one in line in the back seat with him. The back seat buzzed from the subwoofers in the trunk. He let the sound give him a massage while they drove around.

The driver was a fairly new kid. His Cadillac STS smelled new, even though it was a few years old. He was bragging about it being chipped and turboed. He had laughed about the hack job of sandwiching that turbo in with the modular V8 from a Camaro. It did run though. The new kid did not want to get caught with his daddy's car though. So they poked around like grannies.

The girl in the passenger seat turned to him. "Hey, Cookie. I hear you play guitar. What kind of music?"

"Nothin you guys would care bout."

The girl was the new kid's little sister. Brandi. "Try me."

He handed her the mix CD from his leather jacket pocket. The two guys on either side of him started in a routine of, "No way, don't play that crap."

Kristoffer Cooke cringed at what this cute girl would think of his playing. A drum machine clicked off a normal drum and bass rhythm complete with hard hitting bass buzzes emanating from the trunk.

Then his part started. He felt his hands become like ice cubes as she strained to hear. She did not have to strain when he started. The scream of a thumb muted pick harmonic of an E minor rang through the car, followed by a flurry of dark scaled notes. Cookie's voice thundered from the speakers in a huge growl.

She watched him in the make up mirror on the visor as he mouthed the nearly unintelligible words screamed and growled through the song. Then he broke into a punkish rap break down of the lyrics over a wicked slide rhythm guitar complete with the obligatory chugs.

His normal cohorts were holding their ears. Brandi and her big brother were nodding their heads to the back beat. "They're digging it!" he thought to himself as the cutie in the front seat closed her eyes and mouthed his words in the chorus perfectly.

One of the boys next to him screamed, "Where are we?"

The driver turned down the music from the controls on the steering wheel. "We're on 38th and Alvarez."

"Crap, get us outta here!"

A cover by him playing Killswitch Engaged's Fixation on the Darkness, as the back window shattered. The driver flipped a switch on the dash and floored the accelerator. The glass perched on the rear deck was forced out the open hole, as they were pressed into the seats.

More shots erupted from the left side, peppering the car. The tires blew. More guns from the right. The girl in front of him grunted as a small hole popped out of the seat back.

The car was now out of control, sideways covering the whole road. With the home built nitrous system engaged there was no letting up on the accelerator until the bottle was dry. The nose went into the sidewalk. More shots pelted the passenger side of the car.

His friend now slumped over on him, lifeless and bloody, the car careening toward a stoop full of people, tires burning the pavement. Brandi's brother sawing on the near useless wheel, trying to gain some reasonable control. Suddenly his window exploded and he fell over toward his sister.

His other friend in a panic, drew his pistol and fired blindly through the only unbroken window left in the car. Emptying the clip of the gun, he kept trying to pull the trigger. His efforts were met with another blast from the same shotgun that killed the driver.

The car slid backward into something solid and launched forward again. Completely out of control it gained thirty-five miles per hour even with the flopping tire on the passenger side, before plunging head on into the wall of a building on the opposite side of the street, effectively destroying the motor.

Barely conscious from the series of jolts he felt himself and all of the occupants of the car pulled from the wreckage.

Over his head he heard a conversation that caused him to wonder if he would survive his.

"Yo, check it out. She was cute." The shot gun pumped and fired. The shot echoed down the now empty street.

Another voice said, "Not no more."

Three more shotgun blasts in rapid succession, then someone kicked him in the head and he moaned.

"Yo, Moffitt. Dis one still be kickin."

"Kickin." And the four or five voices that had gathered started laughing.

They started kicking him all over his body as he lay motionless. Eventually he quit feeling the pain. He heard the sirens, but he knew the difference between Police cruisers and ambulances. No one would make it to him in time.

He did feel them stomping his hands. His fingers.

The Caddy was now playing his cover of the Scorpion's Rock You Like A Hurricane. Probably the only part of the car that still worked. It was mocking him. He'd never play that song again.


Nears completion of first draft

The story is set in a world 60 years from now. The United States has suffered two huge catastrophes. First, the great Pole Shift of 2024 moved the north pole to the middle of Manitoba, causing extreme earthquakes during which both mountain ranges in the US became much larger and beachfront property. Then the earthquake of 2053, followed the New Madrid Fault and brought the Gulf of Mexico up to the Ozark Mountains, sinking Louisiana, Arkansas and most of Mississippi and a large portion of eastern Texas under a new inland sea that they now call The New Madrid Sea.

The world has been ravaged by these and other problems, but the new economy was driven forward by the three new super powers, China, Russia and Brazil. The Triumvirate of United Nations.

The remaining humans, frightened by the thought of nearly becoming extinct, start relying on the help of robots and super computers for the more mundane things in life. A new breed of robot called a Bio (very similar in story to movies like Surrogates) is called upon to be controlled by the population to do the things humans just didn't wish to risk life and limb for anymore. Since there was only about sixty million people left on the planet.

Then something happened. Someone released a bio-engineered nerve virus, designed to eat the spinal cord tissue, leaving the human to no longer control its body and die unable to breathe. Only a handful of humans were immune. And a smaller number still had the resources to cleverly come up with a way to control robots from a cryogenics chamber.

This story focuses on a handful of Immunes -- 8 kids who's parents taught them through an aging Bio named Mother deep in the woods of the Smokey Mountains. It also focuses on two scientists who used the electro-stimulus system to control two huge trucks, outfitted for anything they might come against while in cryostasis. Still able to control the vehicles and the robots around them from a dreamlike state frozen inside the trucks, Doctor Randal Reeve, a neurosurgeon, carries in his truck four other coffin like stasis chambers that house his family. And Dawson Kramer uses his Truck as a home base for 6 female Bios that he calls his 'Girls' even though his own daughter is an Immune.

The group must endure the onslaught from a decaying robotic race that survived the near extinction of the humans to continue to run the vital elements, but were not given enough Artificial Intelligence to continue to create. The Triumvirate control has been relegated to a single super computer called Zver (Anglicized Russian for Beast, by the way) who now is bent on totally eradicating all chances of the virus being spread, by killing the remaining Immunes. Using it's force of spy satellites and Bios called Shadow to direct it's force of Scavs (scavengers who's primary job is to find part from the mass of decay, and put down any small insurgence). Any instance that isn't contained with the Scav Bios Shadow then employs Dagger, a force of armored robot vehicles and Bios, designed to be the new military.

The group is essentially on a road trip to a hidden bunker that is thought to be where Mother's control transmissions were coming from. The kids want answers and the trucks want a cure.

And to make matters worse, Evan Wihr, the mastermind behind the virus, has left a legacy of a new super computer that threatens not only SpeedBreaker, OverDrive and the kids, but Zver, Shadow and Dagger as well.

To read it in all of it's unedited glory, be sure to drop by and leave comments at

Placeholder until the coverart is finished
Placeholder until the coverart is finished

An Excerpt From Chapter One





He felt a jagged pain go through his right arm, then numb again.

He couldn't remember what day it was. He was waiting to start waking up so that he might look out the window to see whether it was daylight or not.

Dark. Tasteless. Odorless. Numb.

He struggled to force himself into a sitting position.


He couldn't even feel his heart pounding at the strain of this very awkward new psychosis. Or was it just an over whelming claustrophobia?

Still; Nothing.

He tried to force himself to remember what he was doing here. Nothing. Couldn't even remember his own name.

Was he dead?

There was a thought.

But he had planned in his own that the after-life would be so much more than this empty, lonely feeling.

A pain shot through him from shoulder to foot on his right side. A cramp-ish pain. He felt very weak all of the sudden.

It also hit him that he felt very nauseous. But he could tell how he knew that. He still was not feeling a thing.


That's it! His last name.

He remembered!

Doctor Randal Reeve. He was a neurologist specializing in repairing the tiny electrical impulses in the human body.

The pain now forced itself into a new completeness. is entire body felt like he had just stuck his finger into a light socket. But he saw a flash of light as it happened.

But it went black until the pain intensified once again. Then as if staring at a computer monitor, albeit a fancy big one, he started to remember what had happened.

Not in large chunks. Little puzzle pieces. But his mind was weak and ill equipped to continue.

At first the image in his mind was fuzzy. Like a camera out of focus.


Camera out of focus?

He remembered a program subroutine that he had written at some point to control a camera focus with one's mind.

He wasn't sure why he had written this computer code. It wasn't something he pictured himself needing to control.

But he had allowed for pan, tilt, zoom, and several other commands. Including night vision, optical zoom, and even some heads up display, making it look very much like a first person shooter video game.


So he tried it.

He tried to say aloud, but only managed to think it.

The camera clarified. It showed him a garage. Nothing much else.


He zoomed and panned the camera around and nudged it silently into the cold corner of the room. When it came into focus his mind hit a stark realization.

He saw he was in a garage-like space about 40 feet by 40 feet. The concrete floor was covered with a pristene white and grey flecked vinyl tile, waxed to a high gloss. All of the cabinets were stainless and he was seemingly surrounded by electronic and robotic tools and equipment.

But in the center of the room he stayed. It didn't seem like he had any kind of mobility.

The clock on the wall had stopped. The robots in the room seemed to have run out of battery.

The screen flickered and another camera from behind him jumped into view on this screen that seemed to be his vision for now.

In the pale light that filtered through the window on the other side of the building, he saw the only blinking lights in the whole room.

Life support status for the stasis chambers. Four of them.

Barrel shaped beds that sat atop a gurney-like stand. Only three had flashing LEDs. The forth had a solid red LED.

He of course knew what this meant.

For what ever reason the occupant of that chamber had passed away.

He continued to wrap his mind around it. But no good explanations would come.

That's when the panning camera caught a reflection of what was sitting in the middle of the garage/lab, taking up most of the space of the room.

A Porsche Guard's Red 1968 Oshkosh 6X6.

The truck.

The truck he had modified to be a 'go everywhere' camper before...

Before his son contracted the nerve virus. Before he went on a frenzy to try to find a cure. Before he caught it from his family.

That was his family in those stasis chambers.

The camper was here because he was going to try an experiment.

An experiment that seems, for now, to have succeeded.

He made the Oshkosh into his own stasis chamber and modified the chamber to reanimate only his mind.

The chamber had been redesigned so that he had full control of the truck while he was awake.

The truck was to have been modified while he was in the works of reanimating so that the truck would now be his research center, but also be capable of doing all of the jobs that he might need to do.

The truck's massive hydraulic system was needed so that all of the robotics and such could be self mounted.

He was essentially a 6 ton human now with 6 wheel drive.

He was starting to remember it all now.

The lights in the lab should be on.

The stasis chambers would have enough battery power to last of several years but how long had the electric grid been off?

The robots were self searching when it came to them finding a power supply to recharge. All of them were at a charging station but none had any power.

He tried to wake up his mind enough to remember the commands for starting the truck, because it was possible he wouldn't have much battery left either.

He initiated the glow plug sequence and turned on the fuel pump. The massive straight 6 monster roared to life with a puff of black smoke wheezing all over the lab.

He cranked out a robotic arm and pulled the latch on the garage door, and forced the door upward.

The sight in his rear view camera should have been familiar, but it wasn't.

He lived in the country. Fifteen miles from the city outskirts.

At least he used to.

A drought ravaged prairie was all that remained of his 250 acre farm. Robot constructed, purpose build shelters, containing who knows what, obstructed his view of what used to be his horse pasture.

He wondered if the robots would be considering him a risk now.

A fear drenched over him.

He issued the command to reverse from the building as quickly as possible, so as to shut the door, but he had to reconnect the solar panels on the roof before any more of his family perished.

What was he thinking? He should have based this whole thing on one of the humanoid robots, so the robot could have left the building, probably unnoticed.

This huge of a truck was going to be a barn sized bulls-eye for what ever the robots had become in the absence of humans.

Just then he wondered if he was the only one left.

Characters of SpeedBreaker

Randal Reeve - Neurospecialist and nanosurgeon but loves to program computers. Thinks in code. Built the camper and stasis chambers that house his family and himself. On a final quest to find the cure to thaw him and his family.SpeedBreaker

Dawson Kramer - Psycologist and Neuropathologist. Followed Randal's advise and built his own similar stasis controls into an old airport firetruck. OverDrive

Olivia Kramer - An Immune that had never held any job training because when the virus struck she was still a small child.

Robert Penshew - A microbiologist working for the University of Utah and colaborating with the CDC when the Triumverate shut down his research on the project. He then went into hiding and took his research with him along with several other collegues. Sent the children away and taught them long distance by a Bio affectionately known as Mother.

Kelsey Penshew - The devoted leader of the kids. Robert Penshew's daughter. Specializing in tactical warfare, mechanical, and understand much of the microbiology behind what Dawson and Randal discuss from time to time.

Derek Ashgrove - Love interest for Kelsey, acting command of the kids but always listens to Kelsey. Loves flight but understands anything mechanical.

Holly Ashgrove - Derek's twin sister. Specializing in Electrical and Mechanical.

Michael Rush - Was taught computer code and loves to fly.

Ember Wills - The tender hearted of them. Was taught inner spirituality by her pagan father. Loves tending plants and animals.

Shannon Orion - Was taught cooking in all various ways from survival to serving a banquet for thousands. Loves plants and gardening.

Lydia Holmes - Insightful artist. Also a brilliant strategist. Understands the mechanics behind Artificial Intelligence too.

Amanda Wihr - No that isn't a typo, but you aren't supposed to know she is Evan's daughter until almost the final bell. Deep thinker, also a prolific writer, journals all of the various adventures.

Eve Wihr - The Bio created by Evan Wihr to stop the kids from reaching Penshew's bunker.

Evan Wihr - the creator of the virus and the mastermind behind the present volley for control of the robot populace.

Zver - an in-human, in-humane machine, bent on iradicating the virus by killing all Immunes for a purpose to be revealed later.

Terri Reeve - Clothing Designer before the human race died out. Randal's loving wife, currently in stasis until the cure can be found.

Heather Reeve - Randal and Terri's oldest daughter. In stasis

Foster Reeve - Randal and Terri's middle child - in stasis until he can receive proper burial.

Cassie Reeve - Randal and Terri's youngest daughter. In stasis

The Robot Caste System

In this series you will hear various divisions, much like the racial titles we use now. This is a brief explanation.

Triumvirate - While no longer a United Nations governing body, the massive super computer Zver is responsible for controlling the three largest populated countries left on the planet even if it is a robotic population.

Bio - Robotic composites built to replicate our daily lives in every aspect. (See movie: Surrogates) But with no one left to control them they become targets for rebooting by anyone who comes along to reclaim them. The first generation has no mind of their own, the were meant only for control by a operator. Second generation Bios were designed to allow for task execution (see movie/book: I, Robot). Evan Wihr's Third generation Bios are designed to take on a more human A.I. approach and actually start thinking for themselves.

Scavs - Or scavengers. Bios who's sole duty is to find parts and bring them back to a processing facility for storage, use, or melt down for new materials. But as new production as halted, the stockpile only grows.

Shadow - The new tactical "CIA" used by Zver to enact the only peace keeping needed: Ethnic and germ cleansing of the human race. Typically only heavily armed Bio scouts usually using a small attachment of Scav Bios for support, and directed by the network of GPS satellites still in orbit.

Dagger - The military might of Zver. Robotic armored vehicles and heavily armed Bios that are dispatched to eradicate any opposition to the Triumvirate. Becoming more and more obsolete as there is really not much for them to do. Yet.

Immunes - Remaining humans. Somehow immune to the nerve virus and have survived in the wilds. But many are now dying out as they are experiencing high levels of mental fatigue from deprivation and psychosis. Immunes very often are more dangerous and unstable than the Bios. Many of them are only children twelve years or younger and have survived by becoming animals themselves.

Pets - What is left of the animal populations. Typically only certain species of animals, fish and insects were immune to the virus. Now the earth is replenishing those stocks.

Traversaurs - Not much is yet known of this mythical nomadic tribe(s). They are said to ride around in huge machines that are built like small cities. Not known whether they are human or robotic, or real for that matter. It is just a story passed from Immune to Immune across the plains of what used to be the United States.

More will be added as it becomes available


The day in the life of a rock band

Enter the band Blown Pageant. A well liked three piece, but they feel they are missing something, or at least the guitarist/agent/vocalist of the band thinks so. While listening to a local rival band at a regular haunt of theirs, they spy a young lady who could possibly take them to the top.

The three young men quickly take the young lady, fresh from divorce, with a young prodigy of a daughter in tow, into their band. They struggle to add her to the band for a short time, but with determination she conquers the song list and they have their first gig together, which turns out to be a monster breakout performance for them.

They struggle through the temptations of contracts and sponsorships but they are only truly happy as an independent label band. The rival band that she left keeps causing trouble as do the club owners and such, but in the end, the family ties they have forged cannot be broken.

Three brothers, one sister, and one little girl. And their Blown Pageant.

An Excerpt

Pauly came through the door at 3:15 the following Monday, Andria in tow, rolling a 4-12 Hartke cabinet and a Peavey head while she toted her case for her headless bass. The other two had already plunged into checking cables on the studio equipment and tuning the other instruments.

Paul looked back at the young lady in white shorts and a pink tank. Nothing like what she was wearing at the club. A small tat of a dragon on her right bicep and a scorpion on her left shoulder, but no other true punkish trim.

Also no flip-flops for this band chick, she was all business in cotton ankle socks and cross-trainers. Under the tank was a joggers grey sport top.

Her ashy, but still blond hair cut was mildly short but long enough for the side to be pulled up and blended with the back.

She wore a brass, small caliber gun shell on her necklace, and had no ring indentations on her fingers, not even the married finger.

Just a few cords and she was set up and tuning, but quickly set her fresh tuned bass down and started looking around for something.

"Whatcha looking for?" Paul asked.

"I thought this was a full audition," Andi stated inquisitively.

"Yeah, why?" Shawn countered.

"I do vocals too."

Shawn winked at Ric who was already looking at him with a knowing smile. From behind his Line6 head sitting on a Marshall double 4 by 12 stack, Ric pulled a custom stand with a Shure wireless microphone, that had already been setup. They were ready for her.

"Yeah, I was Teen Challenge champion of the church talent shows where I grew up. But I push my vocals a little different now than I did then. I have a wider range now and can pull off several vocals that could be beneficial to you."

"I can see where that versatility could be beneficial, but we haven't heard you yet." Paul was pushing an almost angst level.

"Now, Pauly, don't judge a book by it's cover. She has been used as more of a stage prop. It will take her some time to get adjusted to actually being a part of a band rather than part of the light show. You guys know that stage stage shows and talent shows are just as important as actually getting up and playing something." Shawn redirected the tone. "What kind of training have you had?"

She couldn't believe the hospitality, or maybe, desperation of these guys. But it was obvious that they were prepared to get warm. Ric was sitting behind his kit clad in a wife-beater and cut off jeans. Shawn was shirtless and in a pair of flamed boxers. Paul was in a Pageant T-Shirt and cut off sweats.

"I have been mostly bass at church and with Vile. I have had multiple piano teachers and a drum teacher at one point. Which really helped me with my timing. My guitar work rarely gets out of rhythm studies, other than some major scales and a blues riff or two that connect the boxes together."

Pauly was tired of hearing talk. He wanted action. He picked up a Warlock 4 string that had been tuned to low B with a set of over sized flat-wound strings on it. He hit the switch on the back of his amp and thumped his low B. The window frames rattled.

Shawn picked up one of his guitars, a cherry red Aria Pro II with gold hardware. His amps were already switched on. He threw out some warm up scales He stepped on some pedals and got a sweet distortion tone.

His pedals were so road worn that the painted one's were polished metal and the plastic one's had chips and some places that were worn through.

She looked at Shawn's Gibson SG that she had just fitted to her neck. I t was well worn. Most of the spots were bare wood, with screws missing. The whole rear tremolo plate was gone, showing the five springs.

Paul shoved a monitor her direction and they popped the power amps for the PA. Shawn threw some effects boxes around for her and she put them in order and started playing with her tone.

She would strum an open string and play with the knobs around her until she had a setting she liked. She chunked around on some death metalish power chords to fine tune then said she was ready.

Shawn signalled a one to Ric, who clicked off a four count. Shawn finger-picked the all too familiar D-chord riff to Sweet Home Alabama. She simply grinned and followed at the perfect spot.

Core Characters For Stage

The names that make the story go around.

Paul - The guy the the girls are after, mostly because he has made himself available and gets them into the gigs. The underage one of the band. Many issues, including getting pushed back into the corner by the new guitar player...

Andria - The new girl hired because the band needed the versatility of a female vocal, but she plays guitar and bass. Pageant will have many unruly impasses with Vile, the band that she quit when Pageant came to her.

Ric - The drummer and spiritual heartbeat of the band. His dream is for each of his friends to find the meaning in life as he has, but he meets heavy resistance from Pauly and Shawn is too middle of the road to care.

Shawn - The brains of the operation. Blown Pageant is his brain child. He has the most invested, the building they house they band and later where they will all live is his, bought with the money from selling his late parents estate.

Renna - Andi's 8 year old daughter, becomes Pageant's poster child in many ways. Because of her mother's urging and love for music has become a rock and roll prodigy. A drummer at heart, but she can sing and play some wild guitar too.

Steven James Grey, luthier - Owner of the music store, affectionately called SJ by the members of the band. Later to become a mentor by proxy of many members of the band.

Other Stories Yet To Be Realized

Care and Feeding of Dragon Children - A co-write with my friend R.T. McAuliffe. CIA undercover operative is targeted in a car bomb in Romania. When they miss him, female assassin Terese Sala is sent to kidnap his children. Happy-go-lucky freelance car builder, Ollie McDowell, has been forced to baby sit his two young nieces while their mother goes to Romania to bring their daddy home from the hospital. Until one of them goes missing and he has to call his Detective girlfriend. Will Amber survive? Can Tabby and Ollie make up well enough to help Detective Wise find Amber? Will Ollie's sister choke him to death for losing Amber in the first place? Find out fall of 2012!

SunDay - Two families thrown together in the midst of a global calamity, saved by the kid who once was shunned for being "too prepared." A rich real estate mogul, his wife and young daughter Chey, and a construction worker, his girlfriend (who just happened to know Chey's mom in college) and backward son, Ben, stumble through what could only be described as hell after a huge Coronal Mass Ejection licks one half of the Earth, causing billions to die instantly. They start out on foot from Florida trying to make sense of what has happened and trying to make it to what they hope is greener pastures on the cold side of the Appalachian Mountains.

Unshadow - A gruff and drunk ex-CIA agent gets evicted and has one last favor to call in to a buddy for a job. The job his friend sends him to is for a taxi company. This company assigns him a limousine and for his first job he is to drive a champion state gymnastics team and their coach across the country to the National meet. Along the way the coach stumbles on a mob hit.

The Path Chronicles

The Vigil - Once again centered around a family of mercinaries but the story's similarities to maraude die there.

Ry Anders is a driver for Function, a crazy woman who works for the New Union. Ry's story follows through to meeting the single runaway Chandler triplet Monica, who as it turns out is the daughter of the boss of his boss. Chandler is the guy who runs the New Union. Ry's job then becomes to reunite the triplets, Monica, Tyli, and Reighni and their older brother, Forrest. In so doing ends up hurting the father. Function then takes control of the core of New Union and continues to try to kill the kids.

All the while, Ry and the kids are trying to find out the supernatural reason behind Chandler's wife's death.

The Virus - The continuation of the story after Function and her Master is finally put down.

Ry and the crew run an agency that does some government dirty work while running a cover as a reinvestment firm.

This story actually came first in my research into Basement's Dr. Barnhauer character. So there is another similarity here. A burst connection through a solid hack of the very real Virtumonde trojan creates a file on people's computers that allows this perpetrator to control the minds of those who use the infected computers.

The Death - A very complicated story that all of the details aren't worked out for yet. But it deals with the death of Ry's new wife and child at the hand of a mind damaged Monica after she was infected by the virus in series two.

Rug - A story of an unassuming young carpet crew, who deal with living the lives of an underpaid construction work crew. Until one of them snaps.

Leaving a trail of serial killings in his wake one of them is the killer, but which one.

SpeedBreaker - A story about life gone horribly awry. A disease that destroys the nervous system, leaves only a handful of survivors in the entire world, and the robot population to try to maintain what the humans had in place after the world nearly made itself uninhabitable. Three unlikely survivors gather together with children who are somehow immune to the virus to find out just what is happening to the robots.

More to come!

Where are my writings at?

Most of them are at

There are some things I'd like to play with here and there with my writings. More later, but one is a voice-acted pod cast for one of these writings. Other options are web comics, or flash animated or full blown anime. Let me know here what you'd like to see!

More? - Let me know what you think!

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