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Lensmaster of the Year

Updated on October 31, 2012

Lensmaster of the Year

With the 2012 Lensmaster of the Year Awards I want to start a new tradition on Squidoo. Squidoo is a community driven site full of highly personalised content and full of Lensmasters that have enormous dedication to their business but also to protecting and representing their community. I feel a yearly award for the most inspiring, influential, succesful Lensmaster should be a natural part of that community. I hope you feel the same way and if you do please nominate a Lensmaster you feel is deserving of the honor and recognition or vote for him or her. There are three different categories and the criteria will be explained below. There will ofcourse also be a symbolic prize for the winning Lensmaster that is yet to be determined.

Lensmaster of the Year 2012 Criteria

This is an award that is determined by peers so the criteria are highly flexible. You can determine what you feel are deserving qualities to receive the Lensmaster of the Year Award. So this is not necessarily about most Lenses created, though if you feel that is a great job done to expand the reach of Squidoo and set an inspiring example then by all means take it into consideration. If you think a Lensmaster did all that but maybe not as much this year you should propose him or her in the lifetime achievement award section. This is for 2012 achievements.

  1. Did the Lensmaster create a lot of great lenses? Lenses with Purple Stars and perhaps even Lenses of the Day? Or maybe not those awards but still you feel he contributed greatly to the content on Squidoo?
  2. Is the Lensmaster an inspiring influence and helpful to young Lensmasters? Perhaps in the forums or on Facebook or somewhere else...
  3. Is the Lensmaster a huge commercial succes who shows how to work with the Squidoo platform to make a great income.
  4. Maybe the Lensmaster generates a huge amount of traffic for Squidoo or inspires many people to join?
  5. Think of reasons why you feel a Lensmaster should be Lensmaster of the Year 2012 and vote accordingly.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Basically the criteria are the same as for Lensmaster of the year 2012 but consider Squidoo since you have been on here and who have been most influential and inspiring since that time.

Rookie Lensmaster of the Year 2012 Criteria

The Rookie Lensmaster of the Year 2012 Trophy is an encouragement for a young lensmaster who just started. Vote for a Lensmaster who only joined Squidoo in 2012. The criteria are again flexible. Chose a lensmaster that impresses you, you feel is talented, will have a great future on Squidoo, Shows promis with their first few lenses, Attained many great honors like purple star, lens of the day, etc within their starting year or anything else you feel should be considered when giving the award.


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