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Loving Squidoo

Updated on September 9, 2013

My Thoughts My Love For Squidoo & Mabell

Who's maybell you ask? And why do I love Squidoo. You will have to read further to find out and I would like to ask you a question how do you like this lovely picture that a friend let me use to just brighten things up a little bit. I know when I look at my wife it makes me think of all the good years we have had together I just love her what can I say I am just a softy. Keep reading and I will just keep writing and oh yes come back often.


Smokey And Mabell

Hi they call me smokey. How did I get a name like that you say? I replied I was on here every day when mabell ask me what I was doing so I told her I was squidoodlen on squidoo. Who's mabell you ask? Well I replied she is my wife and I love her so much that I just kept writing about all the things that I thought she would like to read. Found out that she did not like every thing I wrote about but some things she did. Like how I was going to win her over and one day I was going to pop the question! What question mabell asked, I replied you know! Why are you out there and I am in here, writing my heart out. Well I guess by now you know I must have popped the question at some time even though sometimes I can't remember when! You see mabell and I are best friends too. So now you have met mabell and me, and I want to thank you for visiting my lens here on squidoo.

Don't go just yet, my name is Joe and I really do appreciate your every visit! Take a look around, check out all the great offers they have here. And if you have to leave right now please bookmark my lens or add it to your favorites. Those are some of my favorite tools I use them all the time. Why don't you stay awhile I will write about something else if you stay. Thanks for sticking around you will be glad you did. Can I call you my friend---- ok! Thanks I have many friends that I call my own and most all are here on squidoo. Some are at home really, reading this like you are and some are on other lens. Checking out all the good stuff at squidoo You know they are the nicest people they will let you make a lens too! If that's what you want, some of us did just that, first time we were here. You know I like to write just about anything that comes to mind and so could you. I realize that some people like to just read and injoy the stories being told, and to find the information on what they are looking for, and to locate a certain book to read such as their favorite recipes and home improvement guides, some are looking for home and garden supplies the list go's on and on. Well I won't bore you no longer thanks again for stopping by and remember to come again and see what else I have written about.

Hey I'm Back On Here

I'm back again to let everyone catch up on what I have been doing. First mabell my wife! said you need to get something done around here today. What? does she think I have been doing with my free time, goofing off! Well I did what she said I'm back on here writing to all you good Friends. Did you know Love is the goal of every person's heart. Whether it is love of a mate, or a family, or respect and recognition from peers and fellow workers, love is the ageless pursuit. The mystics say that love is the sole purpose of life- to give love and to find it. So has anybody told their husband, your wife, girl friend, or friend just how much you love them. Go ahead do it now I'll wait------ ok your sweet and I bet they said that they loved you too. With that job done I will take a look at that other thing she was talking about getting done around here. You see that is only one reason, I love squidoo. Thay let me write my love for mabell and squidoo, killing two birds with one stone. Oh and more about how I got that name smokey next time you visit. I will catch you all up later when we meet again on your next visit.

Hi its me again !

Well its about time I let you know how I got that name smokey. You see it started a long time ago when I was young and full of life with no care in the world. I bought myself a car, not just any car but a sure nuff 1957 chevy belair. Oh it looked great but it smoked like a freight train. Every time I drove it down the street neighbors just sighed and said nice car smokey. Some just laughed and proposed I should get rid of it before it just caught on fire. I Loved that old car and wish that I had it back. Knowing what I know now I would have kept it. You see when I purchased that old 57 chevy I gave $50.00 for it in 1969. Hard times hit and I had to put food on the table for my family so I sold it for what I gave for it. Now this same car is being sold around the world for a whopping $20,000 to $150,000 I hear. Yes it became a classic worth lots of money. You see that's why I love squidoo for allowing me to write about what I love and why I love doing it for my friends . I guess by now you figured out why they call me smokey!

Come again.

Great Stuff on Amazon


Being Young Being Happy

Living A Young Happy Life

How many of you can remember doing this when you were young and being very happy without a care in the world. Catching fireflies and putting them in a jar to see how much they would light up the jar. This is how kids in my day would pass the evening a way and have so much fun chasing these critters for a couple of hours. Believe me when mom or dad said its time for bed we were ready with fireflies dancing in our heads. We would hit the sack or bed what ever you wanted to call it back then. Thats really the first time I met maybell the love of my life.


Halloween We Just Love It

We just love Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and we are getting ready to put out all the Halloween decorations the temperature is still hot in the daylight hours but our nights drop into the upper fifties daytime hours lower nineties but when Halloween night it usually turns cold and the trickery tweeters will normally bundle up while going door to door in our neighborhood to fill their baskets with candy. And here goes Smokey and Maybell as grandparents chasing after the young ones to make sure they are ok and having fun. Yes the old folks will be having fun with our grand children


Hey I Am Back T0 Catch You All UP On Smokey And Maybel

Yes after poping that question maybel said Yes To My Proposal

All come on what proposal you ask? The one where i was to ask her to marry me well she did! And we have been together 41 years now you see she is the love of ny life and would not know what to do with out her and still don't what to do with her. Since keeping her this long i suppose i will have to ask for her advice on this. So maybell what do you think about you know me and you being married this long do think this thangs going to work being married and all? Her answer was i put up with you this long smokey don't see any harm keeping you longer mind you i did not say forever but just longer you treat me right and we just might make a go of it. Anyway the way you are always in here telling how much you love squidoo i figure that is one way i can be right in the middle of things you know showing your love for me and squidoo. And Smokey when you stop loving squidoo i know thats going to be along time so i will have a lot of love from you smokey and squidoo what more could a gow want out of life to beleive in your love for me and loving squidoo. Us girls will all love you smokey and squidoo for making our lives better you see we have something to talk about it's you smokey the love of our life. Aaa Gosh cant be that i got maybels love what about you squidoo.

Squidoo treats everyone nice, they let you build a place on the web where you can express your love not only to squidoo but the world.

Tell Us Why You Love Squidoo! - I think all lens masters should love squidoo don't you?

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    • smokeyjoe409 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @Dave Lynch: Thank you for your comment on my lens loving squidoo you have the talent for writing great lens.

      Thanks again Smokey

    • Dave Lynch profile image

      David Edward Lynch 

      5 years ago from Port Elizabeth, South Africa

      I love Squidoo because it is a great platform for writers and bloggers to express themselves in the written word. Thanks for your comment on my bio!


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