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Making your Passion your Employer

Updated on February 16, 2015

Can Your Passion Fund Your Future?

I have always thought that it would be an absolute dream come true to make a living doing something I loved to do. Doesn’t everyone?

In the beginning of the year, I set a goal for myself and that was to find my passion and figure out a way to make a living doing it. I thought the most difficult part of this venture would be the latter, but I soon found out that finding my passion was just as much of a challenge and finding a way to make it work for me.

What I Have Learned So Far

As I mentioned in my previous Hub, I had been exploring the realm of paid emails, surveys, and phone applications. There are three additional survey sites that I explored this week: i-Say, Survey Spot and My Points. The main difference with these websites from the aforementioned is that they all use a point system to calculate your rewards rather than currency. I have also found these sites to be exactly what they claim to be; compensation for your opinion. Unlike Panda Research, Inbox Dollars, and Mindspay they do not send you partnered offers or send you to affiliate links. The surveys they have are all usually fairly entertaining and interactive.

I-Say has a fun feature at the end of every survey called the ‘Poll Predictor’ where they will give you a question they asked a certain sample of people and you have to guess what percentage answered in what manner (like Family Feud…”Survey Says”). Anyway, if depending on your answer you win raffle entries that you can use towards whichever promo they are running. I haven’t won anything, but it’s kind of fun and more interesting that just clicking on emails to earn $.01-$.10 per click.

I also delved in to Project Payday a little further. I am still going through the tutorials on this one, but essentially, it is trading "freebies". I have no reason yet to believe this is not legit. It clearly requires some work and you need to be extremely organized in order to be successful. The system is similar to that of Panda Research, Mindspay and Inbox Dollars minus the paid email option (really all I use them for).

Basically companies are willing to pay you to do trial offers for their products in the hope that the people who do the trial offer will like their product and continue to be customers. There are a number of different trial offers and if you are diligent enough in keeping track of when to cancel them then you stand to make some serious cash without spending much out of your own pocket ( in most cases, you will need to pay the shipping and handling fees, usually around $1-2.00). As long as you call and cancel the offer before the date specified, you will not be charged anything further. If you’re going to try to do something like this, I would suggest keeping a separate calendar for Project Payday offers and be sure to check it every day to cancel as needed.

I have concluded that although there is a small amount of money to be made answering surveys and clicking on emails, it was not enough to fund my creative exploration in search of a lucrative passion. So what’s next?

Get Organized!

It is a commonly accepted fact that those born under the sign of Virgo are huge fans of making lists. In addition to this trait, I also hold a great love for notebooks. There is nothing like a crisp new notebook to get my creative juices flowing. Those blank pages staring back at me ready to be filled with inspiration. I just love it!

Unfortunately this love for paper has left me with a stack of notebooks for each one of my projects. It was a good idea when I was only working on a few, but as the projects increased, so did the number of notebooks until the clutter began to slowly drive me insane. This is why I decided to combine my project collection in to a ‘Project Binder’ instead. This way all of my ideas would be in one place, making it easier to reference and add ideas as they manifest.

My Supplies

The Outline

To get started, I first made a list of my projects in outline form, with their appropriate subcategories. For example, I have an Etsy Shop (Rochelle Studios) and in this shop currently I only sell photos, but I will be expanding in the very near future to offer photo gifts such as photo pendants, framed prints, Key chains, and coasters. As well as Jewelry and other craft items. This section of my outline looked like this:

  1. Etsy
    1. Prints
      1. Framed
      2. Unframed
    2. Photo Gifts
      1. Photo Pendants
      2. Key Chains
      3. Coasters
      4. Phone Cases
    3. Jewelry
      1. Rings
      2. Earrings
      3. Bracelets
      4. Necklace
    4. Craft Items
      1. Pin Cushions
      2. Magnets

I used a 1 ½” binder with index card holder and 5 Dividers. I ended up needing additional dividers, but I improvised and used the dividers from several of the notebooks I ripped up for the project. After I labeled each of the dividers, I went through each one of my project notebooks, took out the pages with information I wanted to keep and recycled the remaining pages (I saved the binding of the notebooks for crafting later).

Four notebooks later….

My Project Binder!

Armor for my Quest

With this, in addition to my master ‘To Do’ list and clipboard (SucessintheCityBlog) I should be able to stay on track with all of my projects. Plus, it eliminated that clutter of notebooks on my desk! Now I have all my ideas or 'Passions' in one place. This allows me to easily organize and access all of my creative ideas and hopefully get a grip on which avenue will be the most lucrative in funding my future.

Happy organizing!


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