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Making Page Views Work on the Social Networking Site Digg

Updated on December 27, 2014

Social networking or bookmarking sites are being used more and more each day by freelance writers to get views to your article content. The big two Facebook and Twitter are well-known. However, there are some up and coming social networking and bookmarking sites that provide millions of visitors and traffic to view your content.

Digg is one of the fastest growing social networking sites online today. Writers have discovered Digg as a terrific way to showcase their talents. In order to be successful with Digg there are some things that should and should not be done.

Don’t waste your time, its precious, click on authors articles you do find interesting or that you digg. Many members of Digg review and leave a valid comment on article information reciprocally. A quickie “great article” is not sufficient. Take the time to leave a valid well considered comment concerning the Digg information actually reviewed or read.

Do find followers that are actually going to help you build a community. Review people that have viewed your articles. On the Digg board, select “my news”. You can select “Digg” on the content of these writers. You can follow other writer’s content on the site. Adding followers is great because these are people that will typically follow you back and read your content. You are building a community on the site.

When you do select that you Digg another writers content, you should actually read some of the content they are submitting. Leave a nice comment after reading the content. Your comment should be polite and insightful. If the author wasn't reading your content before, this is a simple way to bring attention to you as a writer which in turn will bring readers to your content.

You may not receive a read for every piece of content that you refer to the Digg site. However, by building a decent following of Digg readers, a community, you will get page views from this traffic.

When you are creating content for other writing sites, such as Hub Pages, refer your same article to the Digg archive. The more article content you have on the social networking site the more page views your content typically will see. In addition, the more followers you have the more exposure your information will receive and the more views.

Digg separates itself from Facebook and Twitter because it is dedicated to written content of all types without the restriction of having a follow first .

Twitter provides your followers with snippets in a relatively short space and Facebook only allows you to post to those that are already following you (your wall). Both of these sites are limiting you to share your information with those that are already following you. Digg content can be seen almost in its entirety by any one whether or not they are following you and leaving a comment is fairly easy.

With over 900,000 views per day this site is definitely up and coming.

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    • profile image

      sakib 5 years ago

      how to earn page vew work

    • Barbara Kay profile image

      Barbara Badder 6 years ago from USA

      I've never followed anyone there. That must be why I haven't gotten any traffic from them that I know about. Thanks for the info. Good article.