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The Lenses of MerryM

Updated on December 2, 2012

My Humble Scribblings

When I went looking for a way to share what I was learning with the world, I discovered Squidoo and I've never looked back! Squidoo lenses are a creative, flexible platform for getting the word out about things I'm learning about, subjects I'm already knowledgeable about, and other random fun stuff.

My first lenses were about my passion for natural building, followed by lenses designed to educate and inspire knitters and crocheters. Before I knew it, I was building lenses about lenses! The new point system here on Squidoo is really pushing my creative boundaries these days. I'm entering Quests and expanding the subjects I'll tackle in a lens. It's a lot of fun! (And the monsters are super cute.)

Want More? - Vote For Your Favorite Cateory

Want to see more lenses created for a particular category? I'd love to hear about it. Write your request on a five dollar bill and mail it to...

Just kidding! Just vote below.

Which category of my lenses would you like to see expanded?

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Well, I hope you've enjoyed the tromp through MerryM-land. Feel free to leave any feedback you'd like. Except spammy feedback, of course. I'm allergic, you see.


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