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Make a Million Dollars Exclusively of Squidoo

Updated on December 2, 2012

Million Dollar Squidoo Challenge

This lens is dedicated to a public challenge I'm setting myself. The challenge is to make a Million Dollars Online using only the Squidoo platform. I'm starting this challenge to motivate myself to work as hard as I possibly can and to have a longterm goal to work towards. I think long term goals are important as the short term is very volatile and influences beyond your control have much more impact. I'll be settting small milestone goals. Like monthly challenges but they are not so important in the bigger picture. Just a way to have some fun.

Squidoo is not very well suited to documenting a challenge so you can follow the Million Dollar Challenge Blog here. There are also a few useful articles on there regarding to Squidoo and I'll keep building on them.

Matt Cutts on Goals

Ready to Join in?

State your goal! and make it a big one, you think you can't make but maybe... if you push yourself...

Why work on Squidoo?

Working on Squidoo over other platforms (hubpages, wordpress, etc) to attain this goal has my preference for three reasons.

  1. Squidoo donates 5% of all revenue to charity. A minimum of $50.000 will go to the many great Charities Squidoo supports (if I reach the goal) and being able to donate additionally to charities like "Young Inventors International" and "Worldwide Educational Resources" at will is just awesome. Big plus over other platforms.
  2. The second reason is that Squidoo takes all the technical aspects of managing online media away from me. Which is a huge relief. I want to write and communicate. Which are my strong suits. I don't like having to design and program because those are currently my weaknesses.
  3. The third but very important reason is that Squidoo has a large, hardworking and loyal community that is working their ass of to put out quality content. I like to be a part of that and I think everyone in the community is making eachother stronger. Together we are drawing more and more traffic. All of this is happening in a positive and casual environment. Which are big plusses when you are basically there every day.

graph projected Squidoo Earnings
graph projected Squidoo Earnings


Current Goal: Hundred Lenses

As a first milestone on the road to a million dollars I'll put creating a hundred lenses. Receiving a payout takes at least two months. And getting a decent one even further so this seems to be a good first milestone that will help greatly catapulting my Squidoo earnings forward. The graph above is a representation I have drawn of how I think my earnings on Squidoo will develop over time.

Just so you know I don't have a headstart. I'm at 0$ right now. I started Squidoo less then 2 months ago and have not had a payday as of yet.

This Milestone has been hit.

New Milestone

I will build up a set of 7 lenses around my top 5 most succesful lenses (traffic wise) and be ready on november 30

Will I make it? - What are your thoughts or tips?

Do you think I will make a Million through Squidoo


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