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Music of My Life

Updated on March 28, 2013

Music - Growing up, living and learning

The Music of My Life -- I have very eclectic taste in music. A lot of people do not understand how I can go from Big Band to AC/DC! I just appreciate all types of music, can sing along and it usually brings back memories. When I was making my Curious Facts and Life Experiences About Me article, I realized the memories of moving around usually accompanied songs or singers. Funny how the brain works. I started thinking about each place I lived and songs that were popular or that my parents listened to, automatically came to mind.

So, this article is devoted to some of my favorite music (songs) and the memories it evokes. Sit back, enjoy and re-live your own memories!

I was born mid 1960's...

I don't remember a lot from that time but I do remember, sometimes in the evenings, my parents would put a record on the record player and dance around the living room. Their Song was Twilight Time by The Platters.

They married in 1959. Daddy was an enlisted man in the Navy so money was always tight. These impromptu evening dances were wonderful entertainment and I give my parents credit for teaching me about more than just the popular music I grew up with.

They danced as though they were lighter than air. I loved to watch them and wished I could do that too. Sometimes Daddy would let me put my feet on his and we'd dance. Great memory!

Twilight Time - by The Platters

Great Singing Voices

in my family

My dad was an all around talented guy. In addition to his intelligence, he has an awesome singing voice. When he was in high school, his music teacher called him "The Next Frank Sinatra".

Maybe this is where my obsession with Frank started. Today, I still listen and sing along with "Ole Blue Eyes" in my car. The gene for a great singing voice passed me right up but my baby sister (not so much a baby anymore at 36) has an incredible voice. Like dad, she can sing many types of music and sing it well. I have heard her sing Billie Holliday and bring tears to my eyes. Then, she can turn around and sing Bonnie Raitt. I am envious.

Me? In my head I am a star -- in reality I am lucky to carry a tune in a bucket.

**Disclaimer to the rest of my family -- I'm not saying you all can't sing... just not like Daddy and Heather.

Fly Me to the Moon - by Frank Sinatra

Does the following list bring any memories to mind for you? Here are some popular songs and why I remember them:

Being piled into the blue Chevy Station Wagon on a Sunday drive and all 6 of us singing along with the radio bring these songs to mind:

  • The Candy Man by Sammy Davis, Jr.
  • You are my Sunshine - old family favorite for sing-alongs
  • Sing, Sing a Song by the Carpenters
  • Delta Dawn by Helen Reddy
  • Put Your Head on my Shoulder by Paul Anka
  • Puppy Love by Donny Osmond
  • That's All by Nat King Cole
  • I Honestly Love You by Olivia Newton John

Being at my Aunt's (mom's sister) house for dinner in Washington state. My cousin and a I would sneak in and watch mom and my Aunt as they did the dishes standing at the sink, one washing -- the other drying -- and have Elvis blaring on her stereo. They both would be standing with most of their weight on the left leg and then bop their hips up and down to the beat of the music. It cracked us up! However, we would have been mortified if anyone else ever saw the spectacle. Ahhhhh, those were the days!

Late 70's - Driving to ballgames, practices and listening to records at home. Living in 5 towns in Washington State and the island of Guam. My parents always stayed up on the new music and would sing along!

  • Let's get Physical by Olivia Newton John - Listening to LP's on Saturdays
  • Do Ron Ron by Shaun Cassidy
  • Heartache Tonight by the Eagles
  • Wayward Son by Kansas
  • I Write the Songs by Barry Manilow
  • Blue Bayou by Linda Ronstandt
  • Reminiscing by the Little River Band
  • Funky Town by Lipps, Inc.(Teen night at Club Macombo at Big Navy on Guam)
  • Imagine by John Lennon
  • Babe by Stix
  • Take the Long Way Home by SuperTramp
  • Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac

Shaun Cassidy - That's Rock and Roll

Awesome Live video of Shaun performing "That's Rock and Roll".

The Early 80's

and songs I remember

Early 80's - I was in high school and a freshman in college. Those were carefree times -- no kids, no husband, just friends and the music!

  • You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC
  • Little Red Corvette by Prince
  • Open Arms by Journey
  • Keep On Lovin' You by REO Speedwagon
  • Tonight I'm Yours by Rod Stewart
  • Start Me Up by the Rolling Stones
  • Every Breath You Take by The Police
  • I want a New Drug by Huey Lewis and the News
  • Material Girl by Madonna
  • Walk Like an Egyptian by The Bangles
  • Centerfold by The J. Giles Band
  • Jack and Diane by John Mellencamp
  • Rosanna by Toto
  • 867-5309 (Jenny) by Tommy Tutone
  • Kokomo by the Beach Boys
  • Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top
  • Footloose by Kenny Loggins

I could go on and on. Music was VERY important during this time of my life.

My Wedding - 1986

My Wedding - 1986
My Wedding - 1986

Wedding Song

Tim and I danced our first dance to "You and I" a duet by Eddie Rabbit and Crystal Gayle.

What song or singer holds lots of memories for you?

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    • askformore lm profile image

      askformore lm 4 years ago

      Thank you for a 'great reminder' of old classics.

    • captainj88 profile image

      Leah J. Hileman 5 years ago from East Berlin, PA, USA

      Ecclectic is right! I have about 6 genres I shift back and forth in. You found a way to embrace at least one good song from every major music genre throughout your lifetime. Kudos!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I adore music and love singing too, usually the old charming melodies are my preferred tunes. Music is life, without it I just cannot imagine how the world would be,

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      What a fun walk down memory lane, thank you.

    • Wednesday-Elf profile image

      Wednesday-Elf 6 years ago from Savannah, Georgia

      This lens has been featured on and lensrolled to my "SquidAngel Blessings by an Elf"

      lens. :-)

    • Grasmere Sue profile image

      Sue Dixon 6 years ago from Grasmere, Cumbria, UK

      A fun selection- I think I might copy your idea! I go back quite a lot furthe thought, so It could take 3 lenses!

    • DecoratingEvents profile image

      DecoratingEvents 7 years ago

      @Wednesday-Elf: And here we are again! LOL It is quite amazing how much we have in common. I like the Kingston Trio too! My parents were so good about introducing us to all types of music and I laugh today when I hear mom singing along with Shaun Cassidy or Michael Jackson. I will have to check out Bobby Shane...

    • Wednesday-Elf profile image

      Wednesday-Elf 7 years ago from Savannah, Georgia

      There are a lot of songs (and singers) which hold a lot of memories for me for a variety of reasons. I'm partial to many of the songs you've listed here (Candy Man by Sammy Davis, Jr. being one of my favorites and most anything by Frank Sinatra). But the 'folk music' of the late '50s and early '60s "speaks" to me the most. When Bob & I were dating, he used to sing Bobby Shane's "Scotch and Soda" (The Kingston Trio's leader) to me and every time he'd get to the line "All I need is one of your smiles...", I'd spontaneously give him a great big Smile! Then "Greenfields" by The Brothers Four became OUR song! So - guess most any "Folk" group of the early 1960s holds a lot of memories for me, but, like you, I have a wide variety of interests when it comes to music. Lensrolled to my Kingston Trio story.

    • profile image

      jbraithwaite3 7 years ago

      I am a greatest fan of Michael Jackson. I really love his musics. When I am listening to it, I feel comfortable.

      vocal range | learn to sing

    • jctatum profile image

      jctatum 7 years ago

      Great lens! Very well rounded selection.

    • JoyfulPamela2 profile image

      JoyfulPamela2 7 years ago from Pennsylvania, USA

      I love a huge variety of musical styles, also! You have a great selection put together here. :D

    • glenbrook profile image

      glenbrook 7 years ago

      Your list of 80's songs brings back memories. Nicely done lens:)

    • profile image

      WeirdStuff 7 years ago

      Nice nostalgia for me :)

    • DecoratingEvents profile image

      DecoratingEvents 7 years ago

      @seegreen: Will check it out! Thank you sooooo much. I had a blast writing this lens, traveling down memory lane. I am so glad others enjoy it too.

    • profile image

      seegreen 7 years ago

      Enjoyed your lens. I've lensrolled it to My Life Soundtrack and if you are interested I have a plexo there where you can add this lens. I also enjoy a lot of different types of music, but my favorites are Blondie, Green Day and The Clash. Still enjoy Sinatra though! Oh yeah, Blessed :)

    • NarrowPathPubli profile image

      NarrowPathPubli 7 years ago

      I grew up listening to the Beatles with my older brother, so it's not a big surprise that I'm a huge John Lennon fan. My tastes in music are also eclectic, though....everything from big bands to modern rock.

    • Ramkitten2000 profile image

      Deb Kingsbury 7 years ago from Flagstaff, Arizona

      Oh, I can definitely understand how you can go from AC/DC to Big Band music. I'm the same way. In fact, I recently finished a lens on my ten favorite live concerts, and they ranged from James Taylor to the Scorpions to Neil Diamond and The Eagles. And there were many others in different genres I had to choose from. I'll lensroll this to that one, since they're both equally eclectic.

    • DecoratingEvents profile image

      DecoratingEvents 7 years ago

      @kimmanleyort: Thanks Kim, I rolled ya back! I LOVE your "Fly me to the Moon" lens. I was sitting here singing away while reading! I'm a goofball... :P

    • profile image

      kimmanleyort 7 years ago

      Well, as you know I'm a big Sinatra fan, but my tastes are very eclectic too. I share many of the same favorites as you. Lensrolled to my Frank lenses and Baby Boomer Music.

    • annieangel1 profile image

      Ann 7 years ago from Yorkshire, England

      oh - so hard to pick but probaby Elton John - there again it could be James Taylor or...

    • awakeningwellness profile image

      awakeningwellness 7 years ago

      Reading this I was reminded of a lot of great music that I had forgotten about...lovely lens!

    • michelleart profile image

      Michelle Collins 7 years ago from Florida

      I am the same! Love the platters too! I am LR this with my Time Travel With Music lens!

    • michelleart profile image

      Michelle Collins 7 years ago from Florida

      I am the same! Love the platters too! I am LR this with my Time Travel With Music lens!