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My First Hub, Bang and Fear

Updated on January 29, 2012

My First Hub, Bang and Fear

Well here goes nothing, I guess you could say, after a month long debate of what my first hub should be I have finnaly decided to quit procrasinating, quit worring, and just plain write it. So here it is my adventures as a hubber has begun. It's about bang and fear, I guess you could say the tittle says it all.

The Bang

One reason for procrasnating like I have and probally the biggest reason (we all have reasons for procrasnating, its the best way to not get something done) is I wanted to come in with a bang. I wanted my first hub to be strong enough, well written enough, and appealing enough to the widest auddience possible. I wanted the hub world to stand up and take notice of the new kid on the block. I wanted to gain thousands of followers, and read oodles of coments about how great I am. I wanted to launch my freelance writing career with a bang. So I researched, I read hub after hub anaylising what works and what doesn't (still learning on that one) and then I came across a comment that was posted on one of those hubs about how it most likely won't happen overnight. I then relearned that it takes time to build a following, it is a process just as writting is a process that needs to be tweaked along the way. Sure some can start off with a big bang, but it doesn't have to be that way, and it surely doesnt happen that way often, sometimes it does, and to those who do I say "more power to ya man!"

So here it is I swallowed my pride and decided that I am in this for the long run. I'm not even in it for the money, yea some residual income would be great, but overall I am here to write. My bing bang ideology has transfomred more into a mediocre pop, which is fine by me. I hope its fine with you too. I found this to be very liberating for me.

The Fear

Then there is the fear which helped fuel the procrastanation. Me be fearful? I yelled "Never!"while quaking in my boots. Then I read "Getting Over the Fear of Writing Your First Hub". Then I decided to just do it. Although I suffered through the fear of the empty page, as all writers do, it wasn't parylizing, it just slowed me down a bit. The biggest fear I had in publishing my first hub was the bang factor. Would it deliver enough bang so the readers would continue to come back for more? What if I failed on delivering the bang? (this held me back more than anything.) So I half heartdly convinced my self that I just needed to finally get it over with. It's ok if my first doesnt quite bang, better yet I realized that I would be much better off if it just plain out failed. Why? The answer is simple, now that I have failed on delivering the big bang, I can accept failure as a possible outcome. (Wow, I don't belive I just wrote that.) I figure if I can get the failure out of the way, the sucess is bound to be around the corner. I can now say I tried to the best of my ablity, and it's now the time to let my fellow net citizens decide.

Disclaimer: (This is actually my second hub, my first I deleated, it was in protest of the sopha act, I plan on republishing it with a copyright infringment slant, it still needs work but look for it soon.)

Copyright 2012 Mueslinguis


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      Muselinguis 5 years ago

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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      kole69 5 years ago

      hub cute - wellcome to your