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My Squidoo Lenses

Updated on May 16, 2013

My Lenses

An image from my own Mac. Those are my priceless masterpieces, my lenses. I treat each one with care and update them daily! I hope you love my lenses! I started with 1 lens, then I rushed on to having 14 lenses with good content. I try my best with my lenses and am always happy with them.

As of now, I have 150 lenses. That list will keep on growing.

Lego Station

This is my first lens I ever made and is my first lens to be 100% complete. Over 20 squids have squid liked this lens, including a couple of Giant Squids. The Lego Station includes reviews for each Lego Set as well as good deals on Amazon. As of today (2/29/12), the Lego Station has a 10,632 lens rank and a 1,135 ranking for its category (Hobbies, Games, & Toys). These are the stats for my Lego Station lens, and now you also know how I talk about awesome lego sets on the Lego Station.

As of today (4/2/12), This lens is a Tier 1 lens!

Squidoo Tips

My lens for squidoo tips is the best resource for newbies and is even a good resource for experts. Squidoo Tips is designed to show you the uses of the best modules, how to get a low lens rank, and how to have better content on your lens. Of course, there is so much more on tips4squidoo. Get the best out of your squidoo lenses now!

Yugioh Cards

It's time to duel! Like it or not, Yugioh is the most popular trading card game ever! With card reviews every day as well as low Amazon Prices, this lens is the perfect destination for anyone who loves Yugioh, wants to learn more about the game, and for someone who wants to get the best cards for the lowest price.

Angel Blessings

The three lenses above have received angel blessings. The Yugioh Card lens received one awhile ago, but the Lego Station and Squidoo Tips lenses both received their Angel Blessings last night when I was sleeping. So, Angel Blessings can happen when you are asleep, and they give your lens a turbo boost for that day only.

The Squid Angel who blessed my two lenses yesterday is Close2Art.

Pi Day

Pi Day is celebrated every year on March 14. Pi is an irrational number with no end point, but a whole lot of numbers. Pi is the best example of an irrational number and is used to find the diameter, volume, and more from circles. Pi Day was founded by physicist Larry Shaw, and it has been a part of our culture ever since. Jump into the world of Pi and Pi Day because in the number and holiday, there is no end!


Learn many fascinating facts about the birds we all love-penguins. Penguins slide on their bellies, eat fish, and do many more things. Penguins are funny to watch and there is so much to know about them. I make learning about penguins easy with fun facts that are sure to astonish you.


Peacocks are fascinating creatures with great abilities as well as elegant feathers. There are so many things to know about the peacock. For example, did you know that the peacock is a symbol of immortality? You can learn more by visiting the site above!


Enrich your vocabulary now and learn new words. This lens updates daily and offers a rich source of vocabulary for anyone who gives it a try! So far, I have listed a word for each letter of the alphabet. That list will eventually reach letter z soon.

Squidoo Lenses

When is the best time to create a lens? What should your next lens be about? Why should you have so many lenses? All of these questions and more will be answered by clicking here

Learn the best tips about squidoo lenses and more by clicking here

Flick Home Run

Flick Home Run is a video game app for the iPhone, and people have been buying it like crazy. This popular game involves hitting baseballs out of the park, but it is not as easy as it sounds. The baseballs move in different motions. Some move up, down, sideways, super fast, super slow, and more! Don't be fooled by the baseballs and play Flick Home Run now!

Inspiring Quotes

Everyone needs inspiring quotes every day. I want to give you the chance to access the best inspiring quotes every day on this lens. See an image of who created the quote along with the person's name. Get and feel even more inspired by clicking here now.

Yugioh Synchro Monsters

Synchro Monsters are a new group of monsters in Yugioh that have changed everything about the game. The most dominant group that we know as Synchro Monsters are extremely popular in Yugioh. Learn all about Synchro Monsters, get summaries for the best ones as well as Amazon Deals for them all by clicking here

Yugioh XYZ Monsters

XYZ Monsters are the newest group of monsters that were introduced by Konami less than a year ago. Learn all about the best XYZ Monsters, how to use them in the most successful ways, and what makes the new group of monsters awesome!

Baseball Mascots

Whenever you know the game of baseball or not, then you have most likely heard of Babe Ruth and Ted Williams. However, have you ever heard of the baseball mascots? You might know Mr. Met and the Phillie Phanatic, but you may not know them all. Learn the facts about the baseball mascots and who they root for during the baseball season.

Top 10 Yugioh Cards

There are so many great Yugioh Cards in the game, but what are the Top 10? Find out the Top 10 Cards based on my own Decks, card categories, and more by visiting the lens above.

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is an addictive and fun game on the iPhone in which an elephant jumps up on platforms to go higher and earn more points. Use power ups that allow you to jump even higher, but avoid the monsters, obstacles, and whatever you do, don't fall down! Get all of the information now at the above lens.

Soccer Cleats

Soccer Cleats make a big difference in soccer that it is mind boggling. Learn how to get a stronger kick in soccer even when you make that new transition. Don't get confused before the soccer game and get used to your new soccer cleats before the game. These are my new soccer cleats, and my kick strong kick was unaffected by the new change.

Squidoo Trophies

Everyone wants to collect all of the Squidoo Trophies. Well, at this lens, you can see what those Squidoo Trophies are and how each one can motivate you to run the extra mile on Squidoo. Learn what each trophy is and how to unlock it right now!

My First Sale!

I got my first sale ever on my Lego Station lens! The item that my customer bought was over $300, so I will be getting about $14 on that item. I wonder how that is going to affect lens rank (and my pay check). I am so excited to have made my first sale with one of my lenses.

Teens on Squidoo

Did you ever see that Verizon commercial about the young girl Susie who has her own lemonade business with hundreds of workers? Well, in a way, you can be like her as well, even if you are a teenager. Writing on Squidoo is a beautiful experience in which you write about what interests you while getting money and giving back to charity at the same time! Learn about the benefits of starting Squidoo at an early age and see all of the advantages that you will have. Squidoo can pay off a year's worth of high school expenses and do so much more for you!

Yugioh Dragons

Dragon Type monsters are an important part of any Deck. Through my analyses of many Yugioh Cards, I have come to the conclusion that Dragon-Type monsters tend to have the highest ATK and great effects. Blue Eyes White Dragon was the first Dragon-Type monster ever, and it is still in use today in the newest Structure Deck. Click Here to learn more about Yugioh Dragon-Type monsters.

Giant Squid

Level 25

A few days ago, I nominated myself to become a Giant Squid. I will get the results back this week, and I am anxious about what will happen. I created 45 lenses before applying for the Giant Squid Level 25 just to make sure I would be accepted. It would be awesome to be accepted, but until that happens, I have my fingers crossed.

Please Help

Any kind of contribution to keep this and all of my lenses up and running would be greatly appreciated. You can make a small donation by clicking here

All donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your generosity!

How Do You Like My Lenses?

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    • nguberti profile image


      6 years ago

      I enjoy reading them and learning from your lenses. Thank you.


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