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My New Year resolutions 2014

Updated on January 1, 2014

My New Year Resolutions

I have never done a New Year resolutions lens or blog before, nor have I ever written about what I would like to accomplish in the new year ahead.

2014 seems to me as a very much round number, so I choose 2014 to write about my New Year resolutions.

You won't be reading about future fortunes, or villas in the sun on a tropical island, or the latest technology I want to purchase.

All I will write about is what I hope I will accomplish in 2014 and follow-ups on what I have started and not finished yet.

I hope you'll enjoy reading the lens as much as I enjoyed writing it.

1. Optimal weight

I have started this battle a few years ago, as you might have realized if you've read any of my weight related lens. I have come so far in this battle, I've never felt prouder of myself and of my strength as I feel now. In 2014 I am still left with a long and painful road ahead, but this year I promise I will get there. I promise to the world, I promise to myself, I promise to people who know me and to those who don't, I promise to my child, I promise to my husband, family and I promise to God.

If I would measure my confidence on a scale from 0 to 10, a few years ago my confidence was 0, whereas now I would grade it as 7. Not perfect, but a huge leap forward for me and a proof that you and you are the only one who can change the way you feel about yourself, as I did. And for those who didn't believe in me, so be it, it's their problem, not mine ( including my husband).

I will tell you a little story. Before I started my weight loss journey, I was feeling depressed for years and years and then I found SparkPeople which is an online community, free to register and use. In the last year I got 20 people refereed to the community, anonymously even I am not sure who they are, without any material gain of my own, just the reward that I managed to reach to 20 people who were where I was once and I hope they are doing as well as I do. Being ashamed to go to the gym, where I would sweat like a pig in front of so many strangers ( I dreaded the idea, even now I feel the same) I was looking for ways to lose weight from the comfort of my own home. So I told my husband about Sparkpeople . I was so excited about all the inspiration and motivation there that I had to share with someone, who better than the one I share a life with. I would jump up and down, knowing I found something to take me out of that misery I was living in, but the disappointment came as soon as he started laughing at what I said and showed him, adamant to the idea of losing weight without any professional help, or by following some videos at home. Again he didn't believe in me or what I can achieve. It got me upset, of course, but I took it upon myself to prove to him I can do it, without any help or support from him. So that's how my journey began, on the 27th of June 2010. I have started tracking my daily calorie intake, my daily fitness minutes, my daily water intake. I got to the stage where I was looking forward to the next day. And it felt good. Than my first weigh in, I got surprised, then loose trousers, more loose than previously, then my husband asked me ' Are you losing weight? ' . At that point I did smirk and told him I don't need his support or help, I don't need him to believe in me, I believe in myself and that's enough. He didn't like it, but I felt more devastated when he didn't believe in me. Moral of this story : Don't you ever let anyone say you can't do it, because you can do anything you set your mind to, you just need to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, believe in your abilities and believe in your strength! It's true, it takes time, it takes hard work, sweat and tears, so many mean comments from people around you, but YOU CAN DO IT!

My weight loss journey had its ups and downs over the years, to the point where I made some really bad decisions which I completely regret now, but it made me who I am, and I am learning from my mistakes every day. Those mistakes didn't stand in my, more, they made me better.

I will tell you one mistake which had a huge impact on me, still does.

My weight stagnated, so I decided to take drastic action. I decided to follow a restrictive diet. I have started following the diet in October 2011, the Dukan diet. In the first stage, no fruits, no vegetables, no starches, no fat, only protein from extra lean meat and 0% fat milk and derivatives. First week, I felt fine, first month, I dropped considerably in weight, 2nd month 1 size down, 3rd month more weight loss, but then I started feeling tired, I was not able to exercise at all, my performance at work was lacking. Soon, all my work colleagues, my managers noticed my sudden weight loss. It never felt better, except for my health. After 4 months into my diet, my hair started falling considerably, I am still trying to recover from that, and worst of all, I developed a breast infection. I fought the infection with prescribed antibiotics and I carried on with the diet. In June 2012 I decided to stop the diet. I had a second breast infection. Went back to the doctor, told the doctor about my diet and soon the doctor was not surprised as to why I had the infection again. Because the diet was very restrictive, didn't get my daily vitamins and minerals from anywhere, so my immune system was down, unable to fight against infections. Even now, after so long I am still fighting with that infection. Lesson learned: there is no easy way to weight loss.

After I stopped dieting, I became scared, hearing stories about gaining weight faster than losing, after such a diet. What I did, I took 2 weeks break from everything, recovered and started healthy living. I have started exercising again and as you might know, after a sudden weight loss, without exercise, you are left with saggy skin. And then again, another issue my husband didn't believe I could tackle. But I proved him wrong again. Slowly, slowly, I am toning my body and getting more and more confident.

I am size 14/16 now ( I was 22 when I started) and my 2014 resolution is to drop 1 or 2 sizes, reach an optimal weight for me, tone up and look good. I will do it, because I know I can, I have faith and confidence I will get there, and I will.

2. Work performance.

In 2013, at work, there was a position opening as a supervisor. As I had experience in the area, I was looking for a bit of change and perhaps a promotion. I didn't really believe in myself, never do professionally , therefore I was reluctant as to apply or not. I never wanted too many responsibilities at work, because as soon as you are responsible, you are accountable.

In making my decisions, I always get a second opinion, or view, if you wish. I again reached out to my husband and asked for advice. Knowing my area of work, he pointed out the pros and cons of the new position, as well as the amount of pressure placed upon someone with that position. But then he added it is entirely up to me if I want to take that step in my career or I'd rather wait. It did take me about 1 week to decide whether or not I will go for it, but I eventually did. I informed my husband of my decision and he told me straight away I won't be successful. I kept quiet and carried on.

I had my interview, I was successful and started my training for the new role. I soon learned to love my new position. I enjoy every single bit of it. I enjoy the hard work, the responsibility and even the mistakes pointed out to me, so I can learn from them and improve.

My husband, now is very happy for me, although didn't think I will succeed But here I am writing about my new position.

And with new year, new work resolutions. As I am confident I can progress in my career, this year I will work towards stepping up in my role. I will improve my performance every day, I will carry on learning and accumulating information about the company and my department.

Although I was reluctant, I am not anymore because I proved to myself I can do it.

Motivational Books

Here are a few motivational book titles, if you feel you need a kick.

3. Private life

Currently, I have my daughter far away from me. It is really hard for me to know that she is growing without me being there. I have been trying so hard these years to get her here, but so far I didn't manage to do that. She is 4 years old and she lives with my grandmother in my home country. We go visiting about once a year and we talk over the phone often, but although I am very grateful to my grandma for taking such good care of her, she is still not with us. We love her to bits, and I don't feel sorry for me or my husband, I mostly feel sorry for Bianca, my baby girl, because she is growing up without her parents with her.

Slowly, we are settling down here, so I do see Bianca with us in the near future.

For those reading this and blaming me right now for doing what I did, you must know that it is brave for someone to place their child in the care of a family member so that they can try to build a future for her here. At least I know if I am struggling I don't have to put my child through the same torment as I am . If I stay in the cold, to save money on bills, I don't have to keep my child shivering. Do I feel guilty, you might be asking? Let me tell you, every single day I am without her I feel guilty, but then I have to consider the bigger picture, and I try to swallow it and carry on.

Things start to look better for me now, so 2014 resolution is to reunite with my child and be a family.

4. Sweet Bakes Mania

I discovered a while ago I love baking. So I decided I should have a blog, original content 100%. The blog, called Sweet Bakes Mania has only recipes tried and tested by me, with photos taken by me. It is fairly new, so for now I have just a few sweet recipes, but I am updating the blog almost daily. It is a joy for me to bake and inspire others to try my recipes.

Should I tell you a secret? OK, I will.. my husband is the main tester of my recipes. He loves sweets, I love baking, so there it is.. my Sweet Bakes Mania and Sweet Eat Mania.

So if you love baking and want to try some new recipes, you can visit my blog Sweet Bakes Mania .

Keep checking regularly, as it is updated almost daily.

Be a sweet bakes maniac!

My 2014 resolution is to get 100 likes for my new blog.

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    • inutzza21 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @SusanDeppner: Thank you Susan. And many thanks for visiting

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 

      4 years ago from Arkansas USA

      Wishing you a wonderful 2014. May all your resolutions and plans fall into place!


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