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My squidoo-time well spent

Updated on April 14, 2013

Why I squidoo?

When I first found squidoo a few years ago it was not nearly what it is today. I built my first lens to try to promote my parents ebay store, and before I knew what hit me squidoo blew up to a very large website. In that few years I have build over 100 great lenses which I am proud of.

I enjoy being a lensmaster!

About Me

I am a hands on guy and work hard. I can fix just about anything. I own a metal recycling company that keeps me working full time and I am also I write on squidoo about building, business, movies, tv, and video games, I am not the best writer or speller though so my apologies for spelling and grammer (LOL). I still hope you can enjoy my lenses

Thanks for visiting

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