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My Yard

Updated on February 14, 2013

I Love My Yard

Not everyone can say they have a yard like mine. My house sits on a lot that is 125 X 140 feet. It has 40 trees on it, and the house basically sits in the middle of the yard. In fact, in the summer, you can't even see the house.

We didn't buy our house for the house, we bought it for the yard. It was already fenced in, and it's much bigger than most of our neighbor's lots. In this lens, they'll be pictures from every season so I can share the love I feel for it.

Photo copyright by Shari O'Leary

A Yard For All Seasons

It doesn't matter what season it is, my yard always has something to offer. In the spring, it's the lilacs, and the trees all growing leaves, and my lilies. In the summer, it's my garden, and my son's garden. In the fall, it's watching the leaves change colors, and in the winter, it's the beautiful scenes the snow paints. I take pictures year round, and share them wherever I can.

Photo courtesy of Microsoft.


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Do You Love Yours Too?

Do you love your yard too?

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    • ismeedee profile image

      ismeedee 5 years ago

      I do have a yard, but it's so tiny I can hardly move out there. I've struggled to find space to plant vegetables, just in some small containers and to have room for the bikes, the wheely bin and the recycling bins. But, hey, life could be worse! Yours looks very pretty in all its seasonal glory!

    • profile image

      prince-george-dentists 5 years ago

      I simply love back yard where you can simply seed few plants and enjoy gardening.

    • happymonkeyz profile image

      happymonkeyz 5 years ago

      thanks for sharing your nice yard pictures.