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My thoughts on the Squidoo HubPages merger

Updated on August 25, 2014

Many of the new members from Squidoo have been faced with outright hostility from the Hubbers from the moment that the merger was announced.

I get that some of you are a little apprehensive after Squidoo went down... but I ask you to just give the Squids a chance. What you might not know is that some of the Squidoo people are also experienced Hubbers, too and that quite a few of us have actually been writing online for quite a while. Speaking personally, I'd been writing on Squidoo for three years before we had the rug pulled out from under us.

In those three years, I saw a lot of changes. Many of the changes weren't for the better and I found myself in a position where I was trying to turn Squidoo around as best as I could while being caught on the hop with a lot of my content. Changes were coming in overnight and I was unfortunate enough to see my lenses (what you call hubs) drop from 100+ right down to 86 overnight. Many of the lenses I got unpublished were new ones that I'd published the week before. There was nothing wrong with them except that the rank was "too low" for them to remain published anymore. How would you feel to wake up one morning and find that you'd had 20 of your latest hubs suddenly unpublished through no fault of your own - and the reason why is because your score isn't high enough?

Even some of my oldest hubs placed me in a position where I just didn't know what to do because we were severely limited on size towards the end... and I knew that they were "too long" yet at the same time, I didn't want to make them shorter because they were real good quality pages and shortening them meant that my readers weren't getting access to information that can, would and does make an impact on the quality of life for those who suffer from an illness that reduces your quality of life.

The fact that Squidoo went down isn't our fault - we'd done our level best to keep it going and many of us were in shock when the announcement came from nowhere late in the day. The changes weren't easy and the timing of everything was poor to say the least. Now that the sale has gone through, we are in a position where we not only have to take down our own content but build it back up to a condition that makes it usable here on HubPages. We don't blame you for the fact that Squidoo went down and all we ask for is a fair chance to prove ourselves - which is what you would have got had you been sold out to Squidoo or even if you'd ventured over there.

We were taught differently

The reason that you might think our work is "sub standard" is because towards the end of our time with Squidoo, size limits were introduced and we found that we had to dissect most of our work to make it short enough to fit in with the new capsule limits (and sometimes word limits).

For a good number of us, this meant that we had to remove pretty much anything that invited reader participation in our hubs and tighten down those niches as tight as possible. Obviously, it wasn't ideal for the longer pages that dealt with more complex topics, but we did our best to comply where possible.

Should we be labelled as bad authors because of this? I don't think so! At the end of the day, our work can be bought back up to where it once was if we have time to sit and work on it.


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    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 3 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Hi, I am a Hubber that is happy to welcome you all over. I can't imagine the shock you felt when the news was broken, and the work that is ahead of you all converting your lenses to viable hubs. At no time would I label any squids as inferior writers. The preferred format of Squidoo and Hub Pages seemed to be opposites. Here I think they class 1200 words as the optimum number and at least three photos for each hub. Most of the hubbers I know here are welcoming and not apprehensive about the move. I advise against using the forums as your preferred form of information as there are often rude and obnoxious people in there. You are better to read and comment on people's hubs and most of them will be more than helpful. Good to have you here.

    • Dressage Husband profile image

      Stephen J Parkin 3 years ago from Pine Grove, Nova Scotia, Canada

      I had worked and kept all my lenses above the cut off, which was I believe 150,000 however what it was does not matter. I feel strongly that we should have been told about the impending sale sooner and that the transfer needed to be faster than it is. I am unable to edit and update any of my lenses still as they are still on the Squidoo site.

      I did try to set up the transfer on the first day, but it did not work as I had an old Hubpages account on the E Mail address that I used. They should have known this might have been a possibility, and allowed the accounts to be merged.

      Between the two sites they have made a lot of work and did not seem to care that they have blocked a lot of us from making what little we did from either site while they sort out the transfer issues.

      Once again the top writers (based on the internal ranking) won out over those lower ranked (note they could even be better writers) lost out just because they did not have the same quantity of lenses/hubs.

      If they really wanted to be fair, and still kept it secret, they should have found a way to transfer everything over first and then one day just told us it was a fait accompli and turned Hubpages accounts on and Squidoo off. This would be possible with the technology available, and they could have resolved all the issues without creating problems for the writers.

      If this could not have been done then maybe they should have reconsidered the idea of the sale?

    • Linda BookLady profile image

      Linda Jo Martin 3 years ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA

      I believe that the event you wrote of, where a lot of our lenses under 185,000 lensrank (or whatever that cutoff point was) were suddenly remanded to WIP status - was probably done in anticipation of the move to HubPages, which we weren't aware of at the time. This assures HubPages that it will import as "published" only the best 185,000 pages. The rest, which were substandard apparently, will have to be brought up to quality standards to be published here.

      I too had quite a few lenses fall into WIP because of that move, but honestly, I didn't even care because I knew they weren't my best work and weren't making money for me. And all we needed to do to fix them was improve, improve, improve (add more written content worth reading) and then republish. I could have done that but never did.

      I'm sorry it affected you differently and that it upset you.... possibly because you didn't have as many viable lenses as I did at the time. (I don't know; I've never seen your lens collection, that I know of.)

      Anyhow, my point is that because of the recent 185,000 lensrank cutoff change, HubPages is far less likely to be adversely affected by the import of all of our Squidoo lenses, and the WIP lenses will still be in our accounts here, waiting to be republished. It will all work out well in the end.

    • junecampbell profile image

      June Campbell 3 years ago from North Vancouver, BC, Canada

      I'm also a squidoo migrant but honestly I don't think that most of the negativity to lenses being transferred is directed towards us personally. What I am seeing is that people here are worried that the lens transfer will hurt HP's rating with Google. And that 's a valid concern. I wonder about that myself. Oh we'll, we will carry on and do the best we can. Good luck to you and to all of us.


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