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New site? Sign up!

Updated on April 17, 2011

Hubpages says...

Consult the handy Learning Center, which should answer most of your questions regarding signing up, publishing your first Hub, and interacting with the community.

If you still have questions, feel free to post in the forums to get support quickly. You can also contact us if you're experiencing technical problems.

All hubs have to meet the site content guidelines set forth in the Google AdSense Program Policy, in the HubPages terms of use.

This writing and backlinking thing is like a game of checkers, you need all your pieces in place.
This writing and backlinking thing is like a game of checkers, you need all your pieces in place.

New to hubpages? Don't pay a guru to figure it out, use your head!!

Wheather here (hubpages) or anyother web 2.0 site you don't need a step by step How To guide when signing up. Rephrane from buying an ebook.

First, go to the FAQ or the Help. Read it all!

Ok, not every thing u'll want to know is there. genius only stretchs so far. the guys who made HP might have been clever to make a great site but its the every day users who learn How To get the most out of it.

So next go through some articles/posts of established and respected members. See what their doing, and how their doing it.

Publish an article of your own. Something that interests you. Something that you know lots and lots about. Research it well. Do you best.

Figure out how the features and functions work. Uploading images. Adding modules. Experiment. tweak.

If theres anything you don't understand or your having trouble with then go to the community. If theres a forum you can make a thread asking for help for that specific problem. Don't beat around the bush be specific and explain it to the best of your understanding. don't just have a forum title that says "help me" or "I need help". People get sick of seeing them all the time, you want to grab their attention.

Don't treat the forum as a place to promote your other pages or sites. keep it strictly to the site at hand.

Don't attack other people. if you don't like there politics or beleifs then either say it in a civil way or....get this.... OR (in capitals and bold so u know i'm sirious about this yo) just walk away and not say anything. its not worth it. in the time spent shooting at each other you culda written a whole other webpage. maybe said all the things you wanted to say but without the attacking. and make a billion dollars (jk LOL) from others visiting your page and getting all flucked up and fustered. but its not always about political or religous debate is it? sometimes daft pricks just can't help but stop attacking others and name calling. if you do that you deserve to be banned.

Read what other peeps are posting the forums. you don't have to make a reply, unless you've got something further to ask in an on topic thread. or maybe someone else has asked a question that you know the answer to, or you found the answer elsewhere.

Make sure that no matter what you do: your published article, questions, answers..... are all quality. This will build your rep as a team player. others will know you wish to become a part of the established community.

Some might feel that joining up to many new site is spreading themselves too thin. And if they feel that way, then their probably right (at least for themselves). On the other hand some may see it as a means of not having all their eggs in one basket.

You don't have to have the same level of busyness with each community. You may favor one site over the rest. But make an effort to drop in once in a while to keep up with new developments, techneeks and maybe even gossip with each community.

Are you new to Hubpages? Yeah? You want to be able to make your own hubpages for free? And making money on the internets! Sign up here!


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